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EvE Online -Tornado

Deadicated to all those who played and still continue to play EvE because of internet spaceships.

Many thanks goes toward SHC and the guys over at Method.

Your welcome to download the original to see full view.

Bonus View
Second Bonus View

C&C's expected, fav's and watches appreciated.

And yeah, i'm aware of the whole upside down/back to front myrmidon/kestrel/dragonfly thing. :)
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JetPowerFIE's avatar
I can't believe this thing was your creation! I started =v=, began browsing throuh the ships, came across the Tornado and instantly decided I was going to get it.  I worked so hard to get this thing, and boy was it EPIC!   Such power was breathtaking to behold.  Such amazing memoreis with it!  (Then I got gate jumped by two tier III Rifters and lost all of my 200M ISK investment. :()
Overstear's avatar
This just has to be my most favorite boat in Eve, followed closely by the Cane.
dex7491a's avatar
Thank you for giving us Minnie players such a beautiful ship.
fusiondax's avatar
It's weird that Despite that huge contest of EVE online, there are not much EVE artwork on DA...
ManganMan's avatar
You gave EVE the Tornado.
To be honest: Great job & grats for winning. You got my fav :D
Alexander-Syros's avatar
You've really gone all out on this one! Amazing work!
titanfish1337's avatar
Tornado; the Suicide Gankers best friend!
StarbuckCloudhoof's avatar
Flying this right now, just finished turning it into a sniping platform.

Damn sexy.
maurice1997's avatar
oh my this is really cool
thone050's avatar d ship
Milkman411's avatar
I just wanted to say that the Tornado quickly became one of my favorite ships in EVE Online after it was introduced. It's fun to use, looks good, and most importantly ---- it's vertical.
Ironsky9's avatar
this ship is legit :) what does it feel like designing something and then actually seeing it come to life like this in the game, musta been a bit surreal aye..
HealingBlight's avatar
I have flown this ship.

Having just found out about this contest, just wanted to say something I'd figure the original designer would appreciate hearing. I'm aware that a lot of people have flown this. I am one of them, and it is cool. :)
therealjake's avatar
But maybe unfortunately it's a battlecruiser now and not a battleship... won't think of it as a battleship
HealingBlight's avatar
It hits like a battleship, feared throughout space and just like its namesake, the tornado does a lot of damage in a small amount of time.

I thin the creator would be proud to see so many of his ship on the killmails of fat and careless carebears. :)
how much fun is eve once you get deeper into the game?
VacuityMechanica's avatar
Depends on who you fly with. Eve-O's fun increases greatly from the MM part of MMO.
CommanderA9's avatar
This makes me want to fly my Maelstrom to fly true Minmatar again! :D
x32fzw's avatar
Just looking at this design on the Wiki thinking how awesome it looks. Great work. Going to be buying one of these shortly!
ShadowHyperreal's avatar
Every time I see one of these works of art pass by me on EVE I get goose bumps. Incredible.
7-Nation-Army's avatar
Congrats on the win!
wuestenbrand's avatar
Great Work .. :D ..
Insane-Randomness's avatar
One of my favorites of the glass cannon cap-ship killers. Ridiculously fast.

Also, are you happy now? There's no hurricanes anymore cause everyone wants one of these.
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