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This a small drawing I did, thought the photo was lovely. I went back to google images to see if I could find out who took it but I could not find the image anywhere. I must be blind. So if any one happens to come across the original photo please inform me of who took the pic if you can, so I can put it here as a ref.
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2416x1644px 1.7 MB
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10/130 second
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7 mm
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May 12, 2009, 1:48:20 PM
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thats so simply wonderful.. just wonderful and simple..great work there friend :)
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Thank you very much mate. this was the smaillest piece of work I have ever done, but I adore just the same as my large pieces :D

Thanks again
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This deviation has been featured here [link] as part of #TheDeviantARTGallery's member feature. Enjoy :D
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I feature this wonderful work in my journal. [link]
Hope that is okay with you. If you don't want it there, please inform me and I will remove it immediately.
Bye Sunny
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Thank you very much, I went and had a look, it's a lovely feature, cheers :D
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:wave: Hi! I featured this deviation in my journal today --> [link]
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Thank you so much! :D
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LOVE IT! you are fantastic!!
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Thank you very much, I appreciate it! :)
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I see you are mates with my buddy Annie-Irene,haha...its a small world after all Sally.Thats nice.You're right this is charming and a lovely drawing to boot.^_^
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Yeah, we are great mates. Been chating for a little while to her, She's lovely an I always look forward to my messages from her.

Thanks for the compliment too! And all the FAVS.
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Yes she is,I was so happy when she announced she was here,you're right she is a charmer but you are too Sally.I have yet to meet an Australian who is'nt it.Don't change!haha....and Anni-Irene you don't either if you read this!hahaha
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Feel the same way about you. Must be something in the water in Illinois, North and South! Keep in contact Chris, because I really enjoy our chats!
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Oh that is a nice compliment now!I do appreciate and consider myself a rich guy when I can count friends as being from England,France,Italy,China,Sweden,Finland,Brazil,Africa,and now...Austrailia.Art brings people together,and that is cool is'nt it?I will and you do the same,what whereabouts are you from?I am in a small town called Anna.Rick is in Aurora wich is probably about 2 hours by train from where I am.
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Totally agree! An when I win powerball I'm flying all you guys over here and where going have a party! Art certainly brought us altogether, for reasons, who knows. I think those that have artistic tendancies understand each other alot better and perhaps thats what we look for, understanding. My family just thought I was weird! Maybe I am, but thankfully my husband loves me for it, accepts it, an above all, ecourages it! It's us weirder types that make the world go round anyway!
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Oh wow...haha!Thats great!...and so true,would be rather boring a world otherwise with stuffed shirts would'nt it?I would'nt think different I would'nt think at all I would be numb haha sure you could agree,your blessed your husband understands you need freedom to express your creativity,that is wonderful
SuperSal001's avatar
I cetainly am lucky, he asked me to do one thing today, and then said "enjoy". I love him for that!

And i do agree, If I thought differently I 'd be my mother! UGH!!!!!!
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This is so cute! I love it! :)Great composition!
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Thank you Aniren! Took about 3 hrs. It's pretty small. 21x17 I think. I'll have to measure Did it on high resolution ink jet paper. Which was actually nice to draw on. Got the image off google too, but I've left out the background and foreground. Really just wanted it to be about the elephants. cheers for liking it.
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Hmmm...sounds like you´ve been experimenting again. :D
Never heard of anyone drawing on ink jet paper. Glossy or what? :)
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Hey! thanks for all the FAVs too!
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