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Break the Walls Down Chapter 7
Chapter 7: In Plain Sight
12:29 PM
Southern Desert Region

Turning wheels rattled over the straight, metal rails, the Friendship Express rolling through the bone-dry desert. Inside, the school children chattered jovially to each other, the experience of their field trip still giving them a fresh bout of excitement. In one booth, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom all sat together.
“What a great time!” Sweetie Belle chimed. “We finally got to see somewhere cool outside Ponyville!”
“Plus no, Diamond Tiara around to cramp our style.” Scootaloo added, prompting laughter from the other two fillies. Then the trio gave a celebratory triple high hoof.
“An’ best of all, I got a great souvenir!” Apple Bloom beamed, her newly acquired gift from Silver Star perched proudly on her head. That is, until it slipped down, covering her eyes.
“Don’t yo
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Break the Walls Down Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Rolling Around at the Speed of Sound
11:57 PM

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!
A pair of dull brown eyes slowly opened, the harsh, repetitive buzzing of an alarm clock rousing the pony from her slumber. The mare sat up in her bed. A long, unkempt mess of a mane hung in her face. Blowing the green strands out of her eyes, she numbly glanced around.
Her room, dimly lit from the traces of light that cracked through the blinds, was of course the same as it always was. The same room. The same alarm clock. The same door to her bathroom. The same striped sweater dangling over the chair where she had randomly discarded it the night before, not having the drive or care to put it in the laundry basket.
Another day had come. Another unremarkable day, that seemed to blur together with all the others. Each one as monotonous and stagnant as th
:iconsupersaiyand:SuperSaiyanD 8 1
Break the Walls Down Chapter 5 (Part 2)
11:53 AM
Over in Ponyville, this particular bright day on the green grass featured a black and white game board with an array of different pieces set up on a low table. On either side of it sat two colts. The first looked studious and attentive. The other… seemed far less happy about the current situation.
Button Mash groaned. “Pipsqueak, when you said you had a new game we could try out, this isn’t what I had in mind!”
“Come now, Rumble. If you can spend six hours at that arcade machine, you can play chess with me for a little.”
Button lifted his chin, looking at him morosely. “It doesn’t help when you’ve already beat me three times…” he moaned, leaning his a cheek into his hoof. “I barely know the rules of this dumb game… where’d you even learn to play this?”
“My nana would always have board games on a shelf in her basement. My other young rela
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Break the Walls Down Chapter 5 (Part 1)
Chapter 5: New Faces, New Places
10:56 AM
The streets of Baltimare were bustling. Ponies lively went about their daily activities, carrying on about their jobs and errands. Others simply conversed on the sidewalk.
And today, the local grapevine had a new inclusion to its usual gossip.
On a street corner just south of the Bronco-Seltzer Tower, a trio of ponies were speaking to each other. Two mares – an orchid unicorn and a white pegasus – along with a blue earth pony stallion, stood together while other ponies passed them by, deeply engaged in conversation about the matter.
“Hey, have you heard? About the alien?”
“Alien? What alien?”
“You mean you don’t know? There was an alien invasion in Canterlot last night!”
“Pfft, really? Alien invasion? Get outta here.”
“No, it’s true! They’re saying that some weird blu
:iconsupersaiyand:SuperSaiyanD 6 2
Break the Walls Down Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Catch Me If You Can
7:12 PM
Wonderbolt Headquarters: Barracks
Blue and yellow spandex pulled tightly around Spitfire’s leg. The front zipper closed the tight uniform snugly against her chest, and her wings stretched out dynamically through the suit’s two holes as she got dressed for the mission. She pulled her flight suit’s mask over her head, shaking out her frizzy mane.
A knocking on the wall suddenly interrupted her concentration, along with a boyish voice calling her.
“Hey, boss?”
Spitfire didn’t even need to turn around to know who it was, her expression barely changing.
“I thought I told High Winds to round up our best and await orders. What are you doing here, Soarin?”
The male pegasus just a few feet to her right entered, taking a few steps towards her.
“Oh, I got the order. I just thought there was something more
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Break the Walls Down Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Castle Escape
Canterlot Castle: Luna's Tower
Five minutes ago
" ce... una?"
"...rincess Luna?"
"Princess Luna!"
Cyan eyes flashed open as the Princess of the Night was abruptly roused from here trance. The blue aura around her horn vanished, the spell that allowed her to walk through the dream world ceasing as the physical realm faded back into existence around her. She shook her head for a moment to clear her sight, the interruption of her spell leaving cobwebs in her vision akin to suddenly being roused from sleep. Shifting her front hooves to her right she turned over her shoulder to the white-coated pegasi guard behind her.
“For what reason have you disturbed me from my duties, corporal?”
He bowed swiftly as Luna addressed him.
“Pardon your highness. I wouldn’t have done so if it weren’t absolutely nece
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