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Life Line by SuperSaiyanD Life Line :iconsupersaiyand:SuperSaiyanD 42 1 Gristle - The Fiery Lancer by SuperSaiyanD Gristle - The Fiery Lancer :iconsupersaiyand:SuperSaiyanD 23 1 Silvermist by SuperSaiyanD Silvermist :iconsupersaiyand:SuperSaiyanD 16 0 Manic - The Proud Brute by SuperSaiyanD Manic - The Proud Brute :iconsupersaiyand:SuperSaiyanD 22 3 Skyboom - The Witty Fool by SuperSaiyanD Skyboom - The Witty Fool :iconsupersaiyand:SuperSaiyanD 16 0
Break the Walls Down Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Castle Escape
Canterlot Castle: Luna's Tower
Five minutes ago
" ce... una?"
"...rincess Luna?"
"Princess Luna!"
"H-Huh?" Cyan eyes flashed open as the Princess of the Night was abruptly roused from here trance. The blue aura around her horn vanished, the spell that allowed her to walk through the dream world ceasing as the physical realm faded back into existence around her. She shook her head for a moment to clear her sight, the interruption of her spell leaving cobwebs in her vision akin to suddenly being roused from sleep. Shifting her front hooves to her right she turned over her shoulder to the white-coated pegasi guard behind her. "For what reason have you disturbed me from my duties, corporal?"
He bowed swiftly as Luna addressed him. "Pardon your highness. I wouldn't have done so if it weren't absolutely necessary. I don't know i
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Night Flare by SuperSaiyanD Night Flare :iconsupersaiyand:SuperSaiyanD 14 0 Night Flare's Cutie Mark by SuperSaiyanD Night Flare's Cutie Mark :iconsupersaiyand:SuperSaiyanD 4 0 Umbra by SuperSaiyanD Umbra :iconsupersaiyand:SuperSaiyanD 24 1 Umbra's Cutie Mark by SuperSaiyanD Umbra's Cutie Mark :iconsupersaiyand:SuperSaiyanD 5 0 Ultimo - The Disciplined Heart by SuperSaiyanD Ultimo - The Disciplined Heart :iconsupersaiyand:SuperSaiyanD 18 0 Canna Thorn by SuperSaiyanD Canna Thorn :iconsupersaiyand:SuperSaiyanD 34 7
Break the Walls Down Chapter 2
Chapter 2: The Other Side
6:26 PM
Robotropolis Citadel: Command Center
Eggman’s deranged laughter echoed across the walls of his fortress. He’d done it. At long last he’d finally done it. His decades-long nemesis Sonic the Hedgehog was gone. Whisked away through an endless void in space. Now, there was nothing that could stand in his way. The world was now his for the taking. When his laughter finally subsided, the doctor quickly stepped towards the main control panel and clicked a few buttons. The force field deactivated with a quick hiss. Edges of metal rose up around him as his Egg Mobile lifted him into the air. With another press of a button, he sent a command out over the audio.
“All Badniks, assemble to fleet stations! We move to take Metropolis immediately!”
Shutting off the signal, Eggman reveled in his victory. Grasping a fist as an intensely wic
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Break the Walls Down Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Hello and Goodbye
The planet Mobius. A world far, far away in the distant stars. Covered with sprawling green valleys, arid deserts, twisting underground catacombs, and ancient temples that floated in the sky. And populated by not only human beings, but all manner of unique, anthropomorphic creatures. Truly a wonder of a world. On the outside one might call it a paradise. Peaceful and beautiful. But like many things, despite its serene looking surface, it wasn't without its dangers.
Far beyond the natural wilderness, there lay a dark city. Stretching as long and far as the eye could see. Dark and gritty. Thick with the iron tinge of machinery and the ever present odor of pollution. It was essentially a city of factories, continuously billowing toxic fumes into the sky. Refuse created from its endless production of robots and weapons designed for conquest.
At the center of this mechanical monstro
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The Dragon and the Dying Stars
Once upon a time, in a world far distant, the night sky grew dark. Slowly, at first, the stars grew dim. The king’s philosophers at first thought that this was nothing more than the action of passing aeons, and that more would burn anew. But ere long their numbers dwindled, and the naked eye saw plainly what no telescope could: the stars were consumed.
     Troubled, the king sent out his greatest knight upon a steed of chrome. Agravane was that knight’s name, and in his hand he bore a sword born of a dying star. Never would that blade break, and never would its edge grow dull. For many weeks Agravane rode through the void, and for as many weeks the king watched through the seeing-stone that stood before his throne.
    At last, Agravane found his foe, and the king at last saw who it was who plucked the stars from the aether like grapes from the vine.
    It was a dragon, vast as his kingdom and black as the void.
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