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Master Chief

This took a week to do, and I definitely spent too much time on details :/ 
Hit the download button for full resolution although it's a bit rough.

Here's a video showing most of the process:

A challenge was trying to get the armour to look right (I made it way too shiny lol), and trying to make sure the warm background doesn't overpower master chief. I thought the warmth would contrast nicely against the relatively cool armour. Then again, it's quite bright, oh well. It's based off the ending environment. I think I put too many lighting effects XD
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how did this not get in the semi finalist!!!
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:( Was thinking the same thing, oh well.
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Yeah man not at all what I expected.
I thought yours was one of the better ones and you even had a great process video.
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
In my eyes, you handled the Master Chief's armor just fine.  The environment looks amazing, and compliments the Master Chief perfectly.  His action pose is friggin' cool by the way.  The 117th Express is in-bound baby!!  Choo-choo!!
SUPERsaeJANG's avatar
Glad you like it :) Thankyou
Ph03n1x-Warr1or-Z's avatar
You're very welcome.
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Wicked dude! Good luck!
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I like the movement in this and your use of simple lines in the background
Also great rendering
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my god, this is stunning,
there's no such thing as spending "too much time" on details in my opinion! the time it took looks like it was definitely worth it. i also love the way it looks sort of blurry, it looks like he's actually charging at the viewer, awesome!
LoneCarbineer's avatar
I feel like I'm about to die haha! Don't mess with John, or you're gonna get Spartan charged all up in yo grill.

Excellent piece! :clap:
Lambidextrious's avatar
this is amazing dude!
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