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So, yep. Sorry for the crappy-ness. Same excuse as the last one actually.

So, meet Nsia. Her last name is long and hard to say. >> I might change it later. Fun fact of the day: Her name means "Sixth Child" in Akan.

She grew up in that desert over in Hoenn that needs a name with her parents and her multitude of siblings. her parents owned the one shop in the entire desert, but seeing as it was a desert, they didn't get much business. Her family acquired Sobek from a traveling Fossil hunter as a Kabuto. When Nsia decided she wanted to leave home, he was given to her on the one condition that she act as the store's business rep. on her journeys, and act as a delivery person. Needless to say she took the deal.

She acquired Nefertiti from a wealthy Jhoto family who was too stingy to pay the store cash. The also got rid of the prickly persian, so two birds with one stone for them, eh? Nefertiti and Nsia are pretty much polar opposites, and they didn't (and still) don't like each other. Respect, sure, but not LIKE. In fact, if Nefertiti's feeling particularly mean, she will disobey Nsia as if she were a beginning trainer.

As of right now, she's flat broke and, seeing as neither her business nor her training "adventure" are very profitable, she's settled for simply mooching off of anyone at hand. This could be friends, customers, or fellow shop-owners. Either way, it's frustrating for both parties and usually ends up with her butt in the street.

She's an expert at battling in rugged terrain. Her personality is just a jagged as her specialty. She's rough-and-tumble (not to mention rather masculine) and has absolutely no patience for stupid girly stuff. She's blunt and to the point, and isn't afraid to say that she's bored out of her mind. Which is often; if she's not in pain, she's not happy. Personally, I think it's because most of her older brothers are guys.

Growing up in a hostile environment has made her extremely superstitious and she carries around a virtual armory of good-luck charms. She also collects "lucky" objects obsessively. Although she doesn't entirely understand what it's like for "city-folk" yet, she fully expects everyone to share her tastes. Naturally, she sucks at giving gifts.

Now meet the team!

Never talks. Maybe it has something to do with not having a functional mouth, but that doesn't really matter. Sobek's as tough as his trainer, and incredibly loyal. Out of battle however, he is rather bashful and prefers not to associate with those he doesn't know. It's a mystery how he got his scar; it was there when he was revived. Sobek's the only one who knows, and he ain't talkin'.

Look familiar? She's ba-ack~ Really the best way to describe Nefertiti is "Cut-throat &!%@#". No joke. It fits her to a T. She's conniving, greedy, vain... the list goes on and on. Don't make the mistake of thinking she's a pushover, or doesn't want to break a nail, though. Nefertiti's the "hands on" kinda girl, and isn't afraid to beat the crap out of someone. After all, it's all good as long as she's on top.

Looooooooooooooooong. Sorry.

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That persian is seriously awesome. :O