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1 Year Inprovement

Heh, I decided to rewdraw a picture from 2011. I'm still not finished but just wanted to do a comparison before I did a background and finish adding detail.

I'm pretty astonished. I never realized I improved so much. Of course though I am still taking notes on what still needs to improve and obviously not stopping here.

Recently, about a month ago I decided that I was going to take my artwork more seriously. All I'm really drawing are things such as this. It may be good but if I want to do more than a hobby I better start drawing more than just cute anime girls and such.

Now I do create serious and time consuming artwork but those don't step out of my art class. Today my art teacher asked my what I wanted to be when I graduated high school, went off to college etc. I replied ' Game development."

Knowing how hard that industry is to get in its about time I got serious and stop thinking like the average Joe who wants to get into game dev. Start doing more than that Joe.

Anyway getting my Wacom this weekend. Then I'll start testing the waters of digital paintings.

Also i'll start Commissions too (I haven't forgot!)
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That's a massive improvement, you deserve a cookie. :3
BTW, I don't think Cirno has a chest
StarblazeSprint's avatar
Everyone has a chest but I thinking you were gonna say breasts?
SuperParadox's avatar
A bit of chest won't hurt! o3o
RayFan9876's avatar
Wow, I'm really dazzled to see how much you improved in just a year. Well done! :)
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kittietheangelkat3's avatar
That is a nice improvement. It's fun to see how much you. Improve over a cartein period of time :la:
FarisKalin's avatar
Wow! You've improved so much in one year. I give it a "9". :)
Syyslehti's avatar
Indeed an astonishing progress you've made there. Hard to believe that the picture on the right would be only one year old. I must say, good job. You have really attained a personal style as well which is a great thing. I really like the way you're using colouring pencils to get various tones and shades of different colours. I oughta get myself practice with them again at some point though I am at the moment really loving watercolours.

This actually reminds me of when I checked out a drawing of mine from two years ago. I was surprised how my personal style had developed from realistic to a bit more stylistic. It's interesting always to see own progress in art. Especially when the change is this drastic.
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great progress o3o
I think I should go back to my pokeball and go learn the basics but too lazy for that :B maybe some day
FactoryHeadNoland's avatar
Hmm nice progress! O.o
Wonder what you'll improve by next year~ Hehee~ Can't wait to see you more improve by then~
Tianithen's avatar
Haha, usually the new pic goes on the right for this things, in the thumbnail I was thinking that I like the old pic more (old pic usually on left) then I realised you did it the other way round and have to say you have improved a lot. Digital painting is fun, but there is something really nice about traditional, I think just feeling the paint and getting a bit messy!
SuperParadox's avatar
Aha, I realized my mistake there too but when its 5am in the morning I seem to be careless and sloppy. Traditional has the same effect on me. Even after trying out digital painting I'd probably still enjoy traditional painting more.
Tianithen's avatar
Ah well no worries - what on earth where you doing up at 5am!- I don't think I could function to do anything at that time. And yeah, I need to buy some paints :D
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