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Evey single time. 
Leytala-Velnial's avatar
I've been thinking about getting a beta reader...this happens WAY too much ;_;
PristineSpaceCat's avatar
me: Yay Imma post mah drawing :DDD

notices that I either forgot to color a spot, forgot a detail on the character or the anatomy looks wrong

me after clicking submit button: F U C K
Roxasfan23's avatar
Me: *looks at art before posting* hmm looks good.

Me: *suddenly notices mistake afterwards* ugh seriously!?
pokemonsonicgirl123's avatar
I notice mine before lol
Legendary--Warrior's avatar
Me in a nutshell. I fix the issue and reupload it afterwards.
Eevee6's avatar
From all of my 5 /4drawing i already had this twice :(
shonni-etta's avatar
T_T So relatable!!!
K3Elliebear's avatar
That’s definitely me
maoshimellow's avatar
I always do that XD   using! 
Heimotoza's avatar
So true xD I immediately delete it and fix the mistakes xD ...Or I would forget and then notice it when I browse my art xD
Lycan-metal's avatar
Causing me to delete then upload again when I'm not lazy...
Pokemon-Ranger-Sumi's avatar
Yup. That's me.......
desteke's avatar
Meh too...;^;
Also, using...
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Arrow Up Arrow Up Arrow Up Arrow Up Arrow Up Arrow Up Arrow Up Arrow Up 
Don't you hate it when that happens to you?
EsorkZassinGonzalez's avatar
XD I can relate, except it usually happens after I po$t a comment..
XenoCreations's avatar
Me everytime ;-; X,D
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