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:bulletpurple: WE DON´T ACCEPT JOURNALS!! Journals are NOT art!!

:bulletblack: You can submit 3 artworks per day.

:bulletpurple: All styles of art are welcome!

:bulletblack: Please check the folders before submit your artwork, if you choose the wrong folder, we'll reject your deviation.

:bulletpurple: We don't accept WIPs or sketches. Please submit only finished works. No exceptions.

:bulletblack: We don´t accept photos. No exceptions.

:bulletpurple: All artworks must contain at least one supernatural creature: angel, demon, werewolf, fairy, elf, witch, warlock, vampire, mermaid, demigod and so on. WE DON´T ACCEPT HUMAN CHARACTERS. It´s a supernatural club and a human is not a supernatural creature, it doesn´t matter if they have superpowers, humans are just humans.

:bulletblack: We don´t accept tracing works, recolored manga pages, and recolored screenshots from anime series. References are allowed with appropriate credit.

:bulletpurple: Mature content will be accepted, except those artworks that contains excessive blood, gore, pornography, explicit or inappropriate themes (racism, political topics and so on).



Icon Image By Adriana-Pasos

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to new members!!!

I made this journal to remember to the older members and announce to the new ones the two most important rules of this group:

1. We don´t accept humans. No exceptions. This a group for supernatural OCs. However, half-humans are welcome.

2. If your OC doesn´t look like a specific race, I mean angel, demon, mermaid, elf, whatever, and if you didn´t write a proper description of what type of race is your OC, we will reject your submission. Last months I found submissions with clowns for "Angels", or very muscular women for "Demons" and is really hard to define why someone put their deviations in those folders. We can't check your gallery so you need to put a proper description or we are going to reject your art.

Thank you so much for understanding :heart:.



¡Feliz Año Nuevo y bienvenidos sean los nuevos miembros!

Hice este journal para recordarles a los miembros viejos, así como anunciarles a los nuevos, las dos reglas más importantes de este grupo:

1. No aceptamos humanos. Sin excepciones. Éste es un grupo para OCs sobrenaturales así que los humanos quedan fuera. Sin embargo, sí aceptamos mitad humanos.

2.- Si tu OC no tiene características físicas que lo definan como parte de una raza, entiéndase ángel, demonio, sirena, elfo, lo que sea, y tú no pones una descripción adecuada en los comentarios de autor, tu arte será rechazado. En los últimos meses me topé con muchos dibujos de payasos que querían meterse en la carpeta de Ángeles o de mujeres musculosas que querían entrar a la carpeta de Demonios y la verdad es que es cansado el tratar de definir por qué el autor quiso poner sus dibujos en esas carpetas. No tenemos tiempo para revisar la galería de cada uno en busca de información sobre el personaje, así que si no colocan una descripción adecuada en el dibujo, se rechazará la imagen.

Gracias a todos por su comprensión.

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Welcome to Supernatural OC's!!

A club dedicated to all supernatural characters. We accept angels, demons, vampires, mermaids, werewolves, etc. NO HUMANS HERE!!
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Love and illusions Ch 1Disclaimer: I do not own One piece, Bleach, Naruto, or Mortal KombatChapter One: KonohaAizen, Jade, Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi heads back to Konoha village. They headed to the entrance. Which he sees a big gate opened wide. Both of the leaf ninjas named Kotetsu and Izumo saw Team Seven and the magical warrior but sees an uninvited guest along as well."What Aizen! You're not supposed to be here in this village!" Kotetsu shouted as he sees Aizen."Don't worry, Jade had put seal on him that he won't able to use Kido in the village. He'll only use it when he's outside of the village or on missions with us." Kakashi explained."Well okay. He may enter this village as long he doesn't cause any trouble. You got that Aizen!" Kotetsu shouted as Aizen didn't say a word but understands it.Jade, Aizen and her team enters in Konoha villageEveryone in the village were giving glares at the traitor and whispering at each other. Aizen knows that everyone completely hates him for betraying the Soul Society, trying to fused the Hyogoku with himself and tries to destroy Katakura Town. He was defeated by Ichigo Kurosaki when the orange haired teenager used Zangetsu's final attack Mugetsu when he was in hollow butterfly form. Aizen survives but ended up being sealed by Kisuke Urahara.After being sealed by Urahara. Aizen was sentenced to 18,800 years but he gave attitude towards Central 46 which they decided to extend his sentence up to 20,000.Two years of being prisoned in Muken. Shunsei asks him to help him defeat Yhwach which he refuses after he got out of that chair that he sat in. Yet got attached on the chair and attacks Yhwach's minions.After Ichigo killed Yhwach when he used Kyoka Suigetsu along Renji with used Sōō Zabimaru on the tyrant. Aizen and Ichigo had a conversation with each other but he ended up getting sliced by Yhwach who is still alive.The two ended up being devoured but Uryuu saved them in a nick of time.After Ichigo had finally killed Yhwach. Aizen was sent back to prison and was sealed when he went unconscious.After being kept I don't know how long. He got tired of being in Muken. Aizen had finally escaped somehow from that chair, exiting out of Muken, leaving soul society and heads into a portal that no one can't find him ever.When they headed to the Hokage's building to meet the fifth Hokage Tsunade. Jade, Naruto, Sakura and Aizen stops down in the hallway."Let me go talk to her now that you are here. Aizen." Kakashi replied as he heads into Tsunade's office and talks to here. Now Jade, Sakura and Naruto turns their heads at Aizen."Okay Aizen. You promise you'll behave in front of Lady Tsunade." Sakura replied."Why is that?" Aizen asked."Don't try to piss off Tsunade. Trust me you don't want to her mad." Jade added."Seriously. Aizen. Do not wise up against Tsunade." Naruto added."Yeah right. I'm pretty sure that Tsunade will be happy to see me that I'm here with you guys." Aizen replied."Jade! Sakura! Naruto! Please send in Sosuke Aizen." Kakashi ordered as team 7, Jade and Aizen enters in Tsunade's office. They see Tsunade with Shizune, Tonton and Kakashi."Tsunade! We're back from our mission. And guess what Jade had found." Sakura replied as Tsunade sees a man who she recognized after she heard what happened and that he tries to control both Jade and Fennikusu two years."Aizen. What the hell are you doing here?" Tsunade asked."Oh hey Tsunade. I see you became the fifth hokage. I just wanted to see you." Aizen answered as laughed nervously realizing that he is screwed."Tsunade relax. I put a seal spell on him that Aizen only uses Kido on missions or leaving this village. I found him when I was looking around the forest when Fennikusu woke me up from my slumber." Jade answered."Well we ain't letting him in our village and your village after what he had done in the past. He has to go and sleep somewhere. The hotels would not allow him there especially that power he has within." Tsunade replied."Please Tsunade. Give him a chance. I know he's a criminal for what he did. But I know somewhere Aizen will change if possible. He can just stay at my house along with Dagger. I will keep an eye on him." Jade replied as Tsunade sighed that she doesn't like doing this."Alright he can stay. I will wrote the letter to your mother about Aizen staying here. But if Aizen causes destruction in this village. He's going back to Soul Society." Tsunade replied as Aizen knew if he messed up in village. He will be sent back to Muken."Thank you Tsunade. For this." Aizen replied."You know I'm still mad at you. But I'm giving you a chance that you can prove yourself better than what you did in the past. If I hear from Jade that you actually prove yourself. I will tell Fukai that you can visit her in Jade's village." Tsunade informed.After meeting Tsunade. Jade and Aizen heads to Jade's home. He follows the to her home which is just two story house. Her mother Fukai had to stayed at Mahō village in order to keep it maintain. So Dagger decides to take care of Jade while she's over there.Jade transform back into her normal outfit. She is wearing a dark purple kimono like dress, with black arm covers, stockings, flat heeled boots and her black long hair tied into a dolphin tail ponytail."So this is your home now right?" Aizen asked."Yeah me and my sister Dagger having been living in that house since I was fourteen years old. I took me a long time to get used in this village. Now I got used to it." Jade answered as she heads to the door and opens it with a key to the house which Aizen enters in."Dagger. I'm back!" Jade shouted as Aizen looks inside the living room, seeing nice furniture, decorations, and objects. A twenty year old woman wearing the same outfit like Jade's except it's Dark blue named Dagger came out of the kitchen."Jade it's great to see you." Dagger replied as she sees Aizen."Ummm why is Aizen here you with Jade?" Dagger asked."Sis let me explain." Jade answered as she told Dagger everything that Aizen got here in the first place."So he's going to be staying with us? Not happening." Dagger replied."Dagger. Tsunade is going Aizen chance that he prove himself. If he doesn't then he'll go back to Muken. Please sis." Jade begged."Fine he can stay he as long Aizen understands the rules of this house." Dagger replied as Jade hugs her."Thank you Dagger." Jade replied as she lets go of Dagger. The humonoid Xenomorph looks at Aizen."Okay there are rules you have to listen while being in the house that you're staying." Dagger replied."Go ahead. I'm listening." Aizen replied as Dagger explained all the rules towards him. Which he actually gets it."Now then. Now is over. We should probably have dinner." Dagger replied as she, Jade and Aizen heads to the dinning room to eat dinner.After having dinner. Jade and Dagger headed up stairs to their bedrooms that they can sleep but Aizen has no where to sleep at."Aizen you're sleeping on the couch." Jade replied."What now I have to sleep on the couch after being sealing my Kido powers." Aizen complained."Aizen you know you can just sleep outside in the cold. Now do you want that or not?" Jade asked as she was about to beat up Aizen for controlling her and Fennikusu."Fine I'll sleep on the couch." Aizen replied as Jade grabs a pillow and blanket for Aizen to sleep on and places it on the couch."Now Aizen. Hope you have great sleep tomorrow because you and I have to do some things. Unless you want to be back on that stupid chair that you sat in while being in Muken." Jade teased as Aizen gets mad at her but decides leave it be. He went to sleep on the couch with his Muken outfit.In Jade's bedroom Jade gets dressed into her nightwear clothes went on the bed and tries go to sleep."I see your making progress on Aizen that you sealed his Kido abilities, convincing Tsunade to let him stay in this village and you're letting him sleep on the couch in your house. You're not in love with this man aren't you?" Fennikusu asked as Jade tries to sleep."You're starting to piss me off." Jade warned."Ah yes I can see you're in love with Aizen. Even though he didn't noticed that. That man had used you and I as his lab rats for his experiments to kill your friends in the past. You may have kindness in your heart but do you think it is possible for Aizen to fall in love with you." Fennikusu replied as Jade finally went to sleep. Hoping tomorrow for a new day and that Aizen will change.
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Welcome to Demon School Iruma-Kun OC
IntroductionName: Devanna PhenexKatana: デヴァナ・フェネックスRomaji: Devu~ana FenekkusuNickname: Angel, Dee-chan Gender: Female Age: if human, around 16-17Species: DemonSexual Orientation: Pansexual Birthday: March 25thSeiyuu: Ami KoshimizuVoice Actor: Erika HarlacherAppearanceEye Color(s): Yellow Hair Color: Emerald Green Snakes Highlights: Scales on her face, neck, & shoulders Hair Style(s): Based on a bob Skin tone: Tranquil Teal Body type: Slim but athletic Height: slightly shorter than Ami Kirio Weight: 141 lbs. (63 kg)About him/herPersonality:Positive Traits Energetic- Even though Devanna can be a relaxed person, whenever the topics of music, the arts, and spreading fear to her enemies in the most sadistic way, her whole persona changes and tries to make others just as excited. Hardworking- Despite being a rebel at heart, which lands her into the Abnormal class, Devanna understands that to get ahead in the demon world is that you have to work for it. Whenever tests come up, she does her best to study every part of it to get a passing grade. Perceptive- Since she was little, Devanna had a keen eye on her surroundings. Her use of this ability has helped her through challenging situations like predicting a bully’s movement if they were picking on her to more recently figuring out someone’s motivation without using her family ability. Strong-Willed- Even though thriving off the fear of others is what she loves the most, one thing that Devanna has learned is how to control her urges, only feeling this when it comes to those she hates with a burning passion or who threatens loved ones. Neutral Traits Aggressive- Her being bullied as a child caused Devanna to become very defensive and almost got into fights. While she has gotten better at this, she brings this side out without hesitation or mercy if she sees her friends or loved ones in danger. Hypnotic- Because she is a Gorgon, it's only natural that Devanna lures people because of her appearance. It's not just her appearance, but this also applies to her personality, since when she's not obsessing with fear, she has an energy that isn't seen often in demons. Outspoken- If there is one thing that others say when it comes to her personality, Devanna isn’t afraid of speaking her opinion and staying true to it. She managed to develop it well through her years of being bullied and has used it to destroy them, often working. Stubborn- Whenever it comes to her beliefs or how she acts, Devanna is very sure of herself and won't let others convince her otherwise. This behavior to some think that she's childish, but she has tried her best not to let this happen all the time. Emotional- Although Devanna, at first glance, appears to be very confident and not afraid of anything, it's shown at times that she can be genuinely emotional whenever topics of her time being bullied or struggling with her fear fetish so that she's not a slave to it. Negative Traits Devious- If there was one trait that she is known for, stated by Kirio and her family and friends, Devanna is very cunning when it comes to her planning ways to make others fall into fear. When she does not think that, she primarily uses this ability of hers to find ways on how not to get into trouble. Though she is talented at it, some state that if she becomes devious too long, a terrifying side becomes unleashed. Sadistic- Much like Kiriwo, or other originators, Devanna takes pleasure in seeing others in misery to feed on her need to see their fear. Even though she has controlled her urges, there are times when she slips stating something horrible to her classmates, which they laugh, thinking that she’s joking. Blunt- Due to her being observant, Devanna doesn’t mince her words when it comes to things, especially on something she hates, which to others gives the impression that she’s rude and obnoxious according to other female demons her age. Compulsive- Though it rarely happens, there are times when Devanna gets so angry that any sense of logic goes out the window. When she's like this, she becomes vulgar, prone to violence, gives in to her urges, and any common sense doesn't register. Overly dramatic- Due to her fetish with fear, Devanna tends to be a touch theatrical to the point that it freaks others out. Not only that, if it's someone who has her attention, she also begins to drool a lot. Good Habit(s):punctual when it comes to events is a good listener knows when to keep her mouth shut handles stressful situations very well open-minded when it comes to new things Bad habit(s): gets overly emotional has a short temper drools when she gets excited about fear puts pressure on herselfhas panic attacks Like(s): listening to rock music theatre reading taking care of animals observing others Dislike(s): being alone high expectations put on her bullies classic music using her bloodlust Hobbies: tarot card readingwriting & making music taking private painting lessonsplaying her snake flute causing mischief to her enemies Fear(s): being alone & no one to love herStrength(s):Seduction- Despite her appearance, Devanna has an aura that makes it when she seduces possible victims of it; to them, it's both exciting with a hint of danger. While she was pretty decent with it, it wasn't until she entered the Succubus Battler that she gained proper training to hone these skills to better use. Endurance- Despite not having a ton of muscle, Devanna is strong for a demon her age; doing things like lifting boulders, lifting someone half her size, and is able to withstand large blasts of magic Poison Resistance- Hardened Skin-Adaptability- Weakness(es):Cold Resistance- Due to her being a reptile based demon, Devanna gets weaker either in the cold or is struck by ice related magic. When this happens, she starts to get drowsy and slightly delirious; not only that but starts to spout out demonic swearing and head twitches. Ravenous Appetite- Massive Temper- Pyrophobia- High Noise Sensitivity- Special Powers/Abilities: Poison Generation- Due to her being a snake-like demon, this gives her to use poison which is in her blood, for whenever she’s in a tough situation. Normally, when someone is affected by it they usually are paralyzed for a couple of minutes. It's only when she’s very angry is when the poison becomes very toxic and without an antidote, the one whose affected will die. Petrifying Gaze- Her family ability, known in the Netherworld as Serpent’s Eye, can turn anyone who stares into them into stone. However, activating this isn’t as simple as others may think. In order for it to work, Devanna has to channel magic energy into her eyes and focus on her target. 360 Vision- Because of the snakes that are on her head, Devanna can see from various angles and feel what they feel. In the past, she used this ability to avoid bullies coming her way the best that she could. Nowadays, this is helpful for whenever she’s in battle with someone or gathering intel. Claw Retraction- In battle, she can make her nails grow long to mimic cat claws to attack her enemies and leave a deep wound. Devanna doesn’t use this while in school but if she feels threatened or to see their reaction, she’ll use it if necessary. Wing Manifestation- Like all demons in the netherworld, Devanna can summon wings from her back so that she can fly far distances. However, unlike most demons, her wings are more bird-like than that of a bat. Weapon(s): XiphosLife Story: Born into a family of demons known as Gorgons, Devanna has always had high expectations. Due to her mother’s legacy of turning her enemies into stone and causing destruction wherever she went, many feared her and avoided thinking that she would be the same. Devanna didn’t have many friends throughout her childhood, the only ones being her sisters and her mother, who was busy due to her job as a private detective working around the clock. By the time she's a second year at the school, she's a pariah and spends many days by herself like a ghost. Others tease her for her appearance, some for her abilities, and others for her intelligence, thinking that she's not that smart. Though she wanted to make them suffer badly, Devanna decided to be clever about her revenge against her oppressors by studying hard to get good grades and improving her magic with help from her sisters. Whenever she's not doing this, she fantasized about finding a man that would love her for herself and not treat her as a freak and to become a rockstar and showcasing a new style of music rather than the same stuff from the idols. Despite this, it wasn’t enough for her to fill this void in her, a sense of disappointment that demons have lost their edge when it comes to intimidation and delivering fear. Devanna drifted like this for a while until one day, that would change things for her forever. It was a typical day at the school, and while she was relaxing in the courtyard, a group of bullies destroyed the prized flute that her mother gave to her when she was little. After she scared them away, she walked the halls, mumbling sadly about what happened. So lost in thought, she bumped into another student, and items scattered all over the place. Devanna, upon seeing him, thinking at first that he was cute in appearance but wasn’t impressed, so she decides to check out his power level using her family ability. What she saw both frightened her and yet excited her at once; a wave of intimidating energy that would make demons fall to their knees and cry for mercy was coming out of this seemingly kind-hearted man that was right in front of her. Devanna was so lost in thought of this discovery that she didn’t even notice him poking at her. Pretending to play dumb, she quickly accepts his apology and darts off before he could see her face that was blushing like crazy, not noticing that he wasn’t even afraid of her. Since this encounter, she started to help him with things in the Battler. Little did both demons know that these encounters would change their lives, and things would never be the same. Extra:She likes to paint in her room; her art is mostly battlefields bathed in blood-based off of the old stories that her mother tells her Does Tarot readings whenever she is confused by something Talks to the snakes on her head whenever she’s lonely Is secretly a good gamerDevanna sometimes helps her older sister Calliope with her work, such as model her latest fashion line Talents and DreamsAmbition/dream: She hopes to show others that she’s a demon that shouldn't be underestimated, to find someone who loves her and isn’t afraid of her appearance, and that having sadistic tendencies isn’t a bad thing Rank: Gimel (3)Daleth (4) (currently) Occupation/Job: Student (2nd year)- Abnormal Class Best Class(es): Seduction & FamiliarsWorst Class(es): Herbology Family and FriendsParent(s): Mother- Medusa (Gorgon)- Father- N/A- Sibling(s): Vasiliki Phenex (older sister)- Out of the two sisters growing up, Devanna didn’t know how to talk to her oldest sister due to her strict; almost militaristic behavior and her wanting to be a more ‘proper’ demon. It was like this for a while until she began her freshman year at school and Vasiliki noticed her getting bruises on her body. Despite Devanna’s protest, she helped her sister out and along with teaching her some basic medical things like taking care of her wounds, she stated that she was only being mean to her to see if she would break; revealing in her own version of seeing fear in others. The two bonded over this and the have become closer sinceCalliope Phenex (older sister)- Even though they don’t always see things eye to eye, especially when it comes to fashion, Devanna likes to hang out with her sister and help her with her work sometimes. Like her, Calliope does have a bit of a sadistic streak but only to the critics when she sees the look on their faces when she proves their reviews wrong. Relative(s): N/ABest Friend(s): Iruma Suzuki - Devanna’s relationship with the blue-haired boy is rather odd. While she does like him and sees him like a younger brother, which is a new experience for her since she was raised in an all-woman household, her mindset is that he’s a touch naive on the darker side of demons. She's fascinated by how he doesn’t allow his fear to take over, so she stays with him and the others, curious if his fear and determination will remain strong. She makes sure he lives so that he’s the first VIP on her list when she becomes a famous singer.Valac Clara- Her dynamic with the hyperactive demon is similar to that of a sisterly bond. Though Devanna is shocked that Clara doesn’t feel any fear and is bummed by it, she can’t deny how adorable she is. The two have gotten along really well since the meeting, and though she does have fun with her, she gets rather annoyed when Clara tries to play with the snakes on her head. Friend(s): Ameri Azazel- Like most of the school, Devanna has high respect for the council president for her strong will and presence. Despite this, however, she is slightly jealous of her due to others not viewing her as a freak. They weren't on speaking terms until she befriended Iruma. Though the two had a rocky start, due to Ameri being nervous around her, they have started to become friends with the other trying to motivate Devanna to better herself as a demon. Sublo Sabnock- If there was one word that Devanna would describe, her relationship with the bulky demon is awkward. Due to her demon subspecies, she’s used to others being afraid of her, but when she meets him, he doesn’t even flinch at the sight of her, which leaves her confused. When Devanna explained what type of demon she was, he was amazed that he never saw a Gorgon in person before. Sabnock likes her due to how he admires the fact that she embraces her heritage, and though the two argue, they do get along when it comes to getting things done. Ix Elizabetta- During her first days upon transferring to the Abnormal class, the one student that she avoided was the succubus Elizabetta. Because of her being bullied due to her looks, Devanna was jealous and thought of her as nothing more than an airhead but couldn't understand how she ended up in the class. It was like this for a while until Elizabetta decided to talk to her out of the blue. She was shocked by this, but she figured it would be an excellent chance to see what a succubus feared. What surprised her was how well-spoken the freshman was and that she didn't mind Devanna's appearance but was fascinated since Gorgons are a rarity in the Demon World. So much so that Elizabetta told her that she should try out for the Succubus Battler. Devanna was nervous about it but decided to take it. Since then, the two have become good friends and enjoy each other's company. Andro M. Jazz- She finds him to be an exciting guy, and she was nervous about being around him at first due to her appearance. Still, she was surprised at how chill he was about her being a Gorgon. Instead, he found it a challenge to see if he could steal from such a demon. She, of course, threatens him to turn him to stone if he does such a thing, but Andro doesn’t even flinch and throws a cheesy line at her. Despite this, the two have become good friends and never waste a moment to one-up the other. Crush(es): Ami Kirio- She first meets Kirio when a group of bullies destroys her recorder when relaxing in the courtyard. She walked around, mumbling to herself to see if anyone could help while looking depressed. Devanna was so lost in her thoughts that she accidentally ran into him. Both parties were nervous, Kirio fumbling to get his things and her doing the same. Curious about his power level, she secretly uses her ability and, upon seeing it, began to shake in fear of what she saw, a bunch of twisted and dark energy surrounding him, but what frightened her was that he was still acting innocent. Devanna was so shocked that Kirio was poking her slightly while avoiding the snakes on her head. Pretending to play dumb, she nervously thanked him and ran off, never giving the thought that Kirio wasn't afraid of her. Since this encounter, the two started to hang out at lunch and help him out with his Battler despite not being an official member. It felt nice that she had someone to talk to for once and not be alone. After the whole Party disaster, Devanna's feelings for him have been split into two; she's terrified of him knowing what he's capable of, but due to her fascination with fear, it makes her want him more. In return, Kirio's reaction to her is just as unique; initially, he was only observing her to sake his curiosity as he continued with his plans. But it wasn't until he bumped into her and hung out with her is when the seed of obsession began to sprout. He finds her fascinating, a demon who in her intimidating appearance with a higher rank than him, yet she's the complete opposite, a kindred spirit who has twisted desires like his own. He's curious about what she could become if she let the chaos consume, and as much as he wants her to be by his side, he doesn't mind it since it means more despair for him and such relishes in that fact there is a female demon that can make him feel like this. Even as enemies, Kirio adores her company and has become possessive with her, much like Iruma, the two having battles of the mind curious to see who will give into the other first.Pet(s): a rat familiar named Perseus Rival(s): Asmodeus Alice- If there were ever a rivalry that would make some demons run for cover, that would be Devanna’s interaction with Asmodeus. Upon first meeting him, thanks to Iruma, she instantly calls him out on pretending to be the blue-haired boy’s friend to get popularity points, something which he outright denies. Devanna then tells Iruma the days before he came to school described Asmodeus as an arrogant asshat who treated lesser demons like garbage. While he says that’s true, in a fit of foolishness, he states what level of a demon is she if he can summon a Gorgon snake. Furious, she asks him to call his familiar, which he does, and after asking it if she was a demon of worthy rank and she responds with a yes. The pink hair demon is left dumbfounded by the answer. Though they do try and get along for Iruma’s sake, they always argue about things. Enemy(ies): Naberius Kalego- Though she can handle some of the school's teachers, she actively dislikes the Abnormal class's head, Naberius. Before entering the class, Devanna only heard rumors about how cruel he was to students he hates and has a strict policy for rules and despises carefree behavior. It wasn't until she joined that she saw him in action. Though she found his intimation impressive, Devanna found it a bit on the predictable side, which she has voiced before. Naberius wasn't pleased with this at all, seeing that her being a Gorgon meant that she should be more composed and respectable to her elders. Baal- If Devanna had to name one demon that she hates with a fiery passion, that would be the Thunder Demon himself. Though she hasn’t met him in person, she doesn’t find him that intimidating and finds his methods of using others outdated and somewhat petty, thinking that he would do it himself if he were so powerful. Despite this, the main reason why she despises him is how he treats Kirio; even though she has only seen this through how he calls him, she can tell that he treats him like trash, but she holds her tongue about it to Kirio cause she knows how important he is to him. Upon finding out about her, Baal sees her as a threat, but due to her connection to Kirio, he considers at first recruiting her. Still, after some intel from the Fingers, he realizes how dangerous it is to have an Originator on the enemy side, so he orders the others to keep an eye on her and kill her if the event calls for it; all without telling Kirio of course.Ronove Lomiere- ExtraScent: Olives Blood type: ABOutfit(s):School- She wears a school uniform that’s similar to Toko Fukawa but with a subtle snake motif on the skirt Casual- Ranges from tomboy to feminine depending on her mood Accessories: a chocker with a star pendant Makeup: Some eyeliner Scars: on her backTattoo(es): N/APiercing(s): on her tongue and ears FavoritesTheme Song/Quote: Sweet but Psycho by Ava Max Favorite Food(s): Seafood & Meat Favorite Drink(s): Soda Favorite Color(s): Black & Green Favorite Animal(s): Snakes Favorite Number: 66Favorite Season(s): Fall Favorite Holiday(s): N/AFavorite Time of Day: Twilight...


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