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Hello everyone! It's time for another of those dreaded informative posts. This one won't be too long, but it is important for you to read, especially new members. Make sure to check the other informative posts (supernaturalobsessed.deviantar… supernaturalobsessed.deviantar…) if you have not done so.

Right. Well, let's get right to it then!

This post is simple; it's just a list of your admins and what their jobs in the group are. This is subject to change as admins come and go, or life changes for them. We will notify you if it does change, however.

:iconstarryhunter: Ry is here to watch over everyone and everything. She is the woman behind the curtain, keeping everything in tip-top shape. Most blog posts and other announcements from the group will be from Ry. She makes sure the group is clean, organizes activities and periodically goes through everything to keep it up to date. If you have any questions about the group in general or if you have any requests/suggestions/concerns, she is the person you go to.

:bulletpurple: Archangels
:iconcrida: Crida is basically second in command. When Ry is unavailable, Crida is the person you go to for any of your needs. She is the brains behind the majority of the gallery, and has spent countless hours going through submissions to ensure they are all in the proper folders.
:iconlizziedoll: Liz is here to help with the gallery and other various behind-the-scenes tasks. She is the one that accepts or declines the majority of the submissions, letting you know what's what if you don't get accepted right away. She is an absolute sweetheart and is always here to talk to should Ry or Crida not be available.

:iconbrittybear109: Britt is the last member of the admin team. She is out behind-the-scenes gal and makes sure things are running smoothly for the rest of us. She also helps Ry a lot with contests and activities. She's a very creative mind and always has new and fun things thought up for the group. If you have any suggestions and can't reach Ry, this is the admin you seek out.

~While we each have our jobs, we are mainly here to keep this group in perfect running order. No matter our jobs, you can come to any and all of us with your questions and concerns and we will do our very best (which is quite fantastic!) to help you out. We work as a team to make this group what it is when you see it, and we often work as a team to help solve any problems you bring forth, as well. So don't be shy; we don't bite. We're just fans of Supernatural, just as all of you are.
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