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Hey folks! Your fearless leader, here. I have not been around much, and I apologize for that. I have been trying to deal with my life which is not going very well right now. Which is actually why I am here today.

I never, never use this group for personal reasons, but I am at a point where I have no other options. I ask for help from people about as often as Dean; never. If I can't do it on my own, I find a way without asking for help. And this time, that isn't working.

So now I am asking for help. Please read the entry I have up over on my personal blog:…

Any help is greatly appreciated. Even spreading the word, maybe?

Thanks for everything you all do on a daily basis for this amazing group. I promise, things will pick up here again soon. As soon as I get my life in order and can access the internet on a regular basis again.

~Ry :heart:

PS :star: :star: I will write short stories for anyone that helps us out, as well as feature you on my personal account. I can provide Llama badges and other badges as well, if need be. Honestly, the smallest bit of help is welcomed and I will reciprocate in the best way I can and that is my writing and neverending gratitude.
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Not sure if real ...but you may want to go with Sonsational's suggestion and offer incentive. Drawings, writings, features, even llamas ...I'm afraid I can't really do much. Guess I could draw for people if you are unable; I'm not that great, but willing c: In any case, I wish you luck
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Thank you dear one. I don't know how to ensure that I am entirely sincere in this situation. All I know is I have a little girl who is about to be without a home and I want to do everything I can to prevent that. If people choose not to believe that, that is on them. I have no way of proof other than my word. 

Thank you for your suggestion and kind words. Blessed Be.
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Well, as I said, if I can help at all by drawing some something, let me know ...I wish you good luck
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Thank you. It is more appreciated than you know just having the support. <3 
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No worries here c; let me know if I can help anything ...I would totally donte, but I'm sorta unemployed