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Hey everyone! Since we won't be doing any contests for (at least) another month, I figured I'd help some of our affiliated groups out and promote some of the contests that are going on right now as well as new groups that are looking for more members.

:bulletorange:New(ish) Groups You should check out!:bulletorange:

:iconsuperfictional: A brand new group for all you Supernatural fanfic writers! Head on over and join the party!

:iconsupernatural-ladies: Founded about 9months ago, this group is to give love to all the beautiful women of the Supernatural universe!

:iconwayward-children: Founded about 7months ago, this group is a fantastic place to share your art, meet other fans and even find some Role Playing buddies!

:iconsupernatural-lovers: Founded about 3months ago. A great new group to submit your art to and get to know other members of the Supernatural community!

:iconcamp-chitaqua: Founded about 9months ago, this group is a unique place to go. They focus solely on the AU that takes place in Season 5 (episode 4, The End). Future!Cas, Future!Dean and anything else pertaining to that time are the art focus in this group =)

:iconteamsupernatural: Founded about 4months ago, this group is another great place to submit your art and get to know other SPN fans!

:icondestiel-army: Are you a Destiel fan? This group, founded about 6months ago, is the perfect place for you. Check it out!

:bulletred:Contests anyone?:bulletred:

:iconmoose-kateers: Do you love Sam Winchester? Do you love Jared Padalecki? Do you write fanfiction? There's a contest perfect for you, then, happening right now at Moose-kateers!

:iconmetallicar-fc: Who doesn't love Baby? And at this group, they want to do a contest! Head on over, join the group, and shout out your need to do a Metallicar contest!

:bulletblack::heart:Show some love:heart::bulletblack:

:iconsupernatural-library: This group is an amazing location for you to submit your fanfiction. Check them out, show some love and you won't regret it =)

:star: Do you know of a new group who is looking for members? Or maybe there's a contest going on that I missed? Leave a comment with a link to the group and a few details for your fellow obsessers!

And don't forget, the groups listed are not the only groups we're affiliated with! Make sure to check out our homepage for the complete list of all the wonderful groups we consider our family groups.

Much love to you all!

:heart: Ry
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