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Your Fearless Leader fails miserably once again...

Hello my dears. Life has not been kind to me, and I apologize that that has impacted my ability to be around and keep this group what it used to be! I am now working from home and I have decided that part of my weekly routine is going to be focused on this group and getting it back to the condition it had once been in. What this means is changes in admins (we have a few that are 100% inactive and have been since before my crazy life invaded), changes in rules/etc., and contests.

Wait. Did I just say contests!?

YUP! And our first one is going to start soon! I'm still working on a theme for it, but I have a few ideas. What I need from YOU, my darlings, is this:

:bulletblue: Thoughts/Suggestions on theme (even if I have ideas, that doesn't mean you don't have better ones!)
:bulletpurple: Judges! Other than myself and the couple active admins we have, I want a couple more judges for the contest. If you are interested, please send me a message.
:bulletgreen: :star: PRIZES :star: This is the most important one! If people are going to do a contest, we need prizes for them to win! Wanna be a prize giver? Comment here or send me a note!!

I know I have said this time and again about getting the group back up and running, and I can't apologize more for the inaccuracy of my previous claims. But I swear to Chuck that I will be following through this time!! I've even got a time set aside today to sit down and look at some of the rules and such for the group, make changes, etc.

Okay. Ready, set, go!
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