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Hello my lovelies! This is your fearless leader. I know I have been gone a lot, for a long while. My life kind of went a little more than slightly crazy. Then I lost internet. Then things went even more crazy. But, I digress. I'm back, now. I have internet. And I am ready to get this group back into shape.

I will be talking things over with your other admins, going through the gallery, and revamping a lot around here. I know that you guys probably have a lot you would like to see happen, aside from active admins, so please please PLEASE comment with suggestions and ideas. We may not incorporate them all, but we would still like to hear from you guys. This is ALL our group, and it is important that you get a say, too.

Now, I must try to get some rest. I will be about much more, so don't fret my darlings. Things are changing, for the better. Together, we'll get this group back to the epicness it used to be.

:heart: Ry
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Glad to have you back! We've missed you!
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Welcome back! :D
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Glad to hear things are improving for you :)