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Rules and Guidelines


Welcome to Supernatural Obsessed [SPNO]! We have a few rules and guidelines that we ask all members to follow. Take a look, get familiar with them and make sure to follow them. Thanks!


:bulletorange: Click the 'Join' button. You will be automatically accepted into the group.

~*~*Submissions to the Gallery*~*~

:bulletred: Check out the gallery or the 'Deviations' journal entry before you submit any work. There are a lot of folders, so make sure you know where your art belongs before you submit any.
:bulletred: Submit to the correct folder.
:bulletred: No pieces of art will be accepted into the Featured folder. That folder will contain art that the admins place there. Suggestions for art to be placed there are also not being accepted.
:bulletred:Submissions must be approved before they appear in the gallery. We have a few admins that go through the submissions periodically each weak to approve [or not] the pieces submitted. Do not submit a piece more than once if you don't see it appear right away. We are very busy outside of dA, and don't always get the chance to get to submissions. Unless you get a notice that your submission has expired, your piece will be taken care of. Just have patience.

If your submission was declined, then most probably the reason is:
- It is not Supernatural related
- You submitted to the wrong folder


:bulletyellow: Check the blog as often as possible; information about contests and group games are always put in the blog entries.
:bulletyellow: If you commit to something (contest, group game, etc.) stick with it. If you don't think you are going to be able to, then don't sign up for it. If something happens after you have signed up, please get in touch with the Admin in charge of the contest and let them know.
:bulletyellow: Be kind. There are a lot of people in this group, and a lot of art. Just be respectful of your fellow Obsessers.

:star: Have fun, participate in what activities you can, and interact with your fellow members! We're a family at SPNO, so get to know each other and help support one another in your art!


We're your SPN Obsessed Admins! We work hard to make sure this group runs just the way you, the Obsessers, want it to. We all have our quirks and specialties that help bring more character to the group, too! Check out the 'About Us' tab for more information about us and don't be afraid to message any of us with your questions, concerns or comments about the group :-)








These are all the groups we consider our family groups. A lot of members here at SPNO are also part of at least one of our affiliated groups. If you're looking to expand your Supernatural fangroup collection, check out some of these wonderful groups! We are also affiliated with groups based on other shows as well, so make sure to check those out! ^_^

If you have a group, or are part of a group, that isn't on this list but should be, send us an affiliation request!

Important Blog Entries

Please take some time to read these important blog entries!

These are entries we've posted to help you better navigate, as well as understand the rules and guidelines. They're long and they're tedious, but they'll help in the long run.

:bulletred:New Members: supernaturalobsessed.deviantar…
:bulletpurple:Gallery and Deviations: supernaturalobsessed.deviantar…
:bulletgreen:Your Admins: supernaturalobsessed.deviantar…
Okay, I got things done a lot sooner than planned. Here is what you should all check out to see what has or is changing!

:bulletblue: Rules update! Check the front page for an updated version of our group rules!
:star: YOU WILL ALL BE HAPPY TO NOTE THAT DISCLAIMERS ARE NO LONGER REQUIRED ON YOUR SUBMISSIONS! You are still welcome to add them, but I had a discussion with a member of DA staff and was assured that we were safe to remove that requirement after changes they made to their own rules. This has been something I have meant to do for a while and just haven't been able to get on to take care of it. Rejoice my dears!! :star:
:bulletpink: I have updated the blog entries all members should read. These are linked on the main page as well. Please take a look if you have not done so previously!
:bulletorange: Monthly Themes! This was something we did in the past, and I have decided to revive it! What are monthly themes? Basically a theme is chosen for each month and you, my dear members, submit art related to the theme! Some themes relate to the month themselves (Valentine's Day, Fourth of July, etc.), while others are just random.
:star: Please send in any suggestions for Monthly Themes you may have!! I will be making a separate post for this very soon, but please feel free to begin brainstorming now!
:bulletgreen: Gallery I am going to go through the ENTIRE gallery and make sure the entries are where they should be! I will let you know when this is completed. This may also prompt me to do another Scavenger Hunt :boogie:

Okay. Those are the changes that I've done and am doing. If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or comments, leave them below or send me a note. :heart:
More Journal Entries


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