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The evil that remainsThe glass door opened and a tall, brown-haired man entered the open-plan office. He was wearing a flannel shirt with a sweater vest, a black jacket and brown jeans. Mismatched socks protruded from his sneakers. He had deep black circles under his eyes and an ugly scar on his right cheek. Morgan was sure, that he had lost at least five pounds. But he recognized him safely, though he could barely believe his eyes. Damn, it was like a miracle: Dr. Spencer Reid, after all that, alive standing at his former desk at FBI headquarters. It's been almost three years, but Morgan remembered it as like it had happened yesterday.-*-*-*-*-They were dealing with a case in Miami, and case was stranger than normal. It all revolved around ritual murders. The severed heads, the shells in the victims' eyes and mouths, chalk drawings on the ground, and Reid, who was always wearing those sunglasses, rubbing his eyes, thanks to all this, Morgan felt very bad. He had suspicions that, as a hunting informant, he hadn't done a good job sorting of Penelope's folders. In the end, it turned out that there was only a man behind the murders, not supernatural creature. That was not the problem, the problem occurred when their youngest member disappeared. It happened when they came back to the soup kitchen and Spencer found the photography of the house where Ruiz used to live. They thought that their genius, who had always tended to attract problems like a magnet, went to that abandoned house alone, without a vest. However, when they entered into the house, they found only Walker, Morales and Ruiz there. Only after two days Garcia found a record on which their colleague was abducted by the most wanted murderous duo in the entire states.He didn't even have time to process this new information properly and worry about his friend when his other phone vibrated in his pocket. Garth with a supernatural problem! Morgan wanted to curse him at that moment, but contented himself with an angry growl: “Well, what do you want! Now it isn't very good time.”“I-I'm so-sorry to bother you, but, but I-I think you'll want to know this,” the hunter at the other end stammered. Then he asked more calmly: “Dr. Spencer Reid is one of your team, isn't he?” Morgan couldn't help himself to not holding his breath, he had to control himself. He was standing too close from the others, so they can realize something's going on.“Yes,” he said hoarsely. “He has just been abducted.”“Then I have good news for you. He wasn't kidnapped; we took him under our protection,” Garth said, and a number of confused questions arose in Derek's head: You know the Winchesters and you work with them, are they psychopaths?! Where did you take him? How dare you kidnap an FBI agent!? What protection, against what?He managed to get only one word from himself: “Why?”“We are not sure,” Garth paused for a moment and laughed nervously. “It's like Nkuyu's chosen one, whatever that means. The immediate consequences of this are that he is haunted by all ghosts, demons and other creatures, which would enjoy eating his soul. But you don't have to worry, we will protect him as long as he can't protect himself,” Fitzgerald swore.“You're going to make him one of you,” Morgan realized, and his face twisted into a painful grimace. He began to think that it might be better if his colleague were actually taken by dangerous serial killers. Then they could just find him, arrest villains, and it would be over. However, if Spencer became a hunter, it was likely that he would never see him again, and if he did, then as a suspect in a cell. And there was the fact that the supernatural was scary, dangerous. “Creatures who would like to eat Reid's soul” it didn't sound nice. And as a bonus to all this, he won't be able to tell the others on the team the truth. He looked at Penelope, who was now crying and hugging Ashley, Emily seemed paler than normal, Rossi stared grimly at the computer monitor, where the Winchesters were, how they loaded the drugged Reid into the Impala, and not a muscle on Hotch's face moved, but Morgan was sure that, he was already planning a rescue. They had a right to know the truth, and at the same time Morgan knew very well that ignorance was sweet in this case.-*-*-*-*-Morgan approached his friend and pulled him into hug. The young genius hesitantly returned it.“God, I missed you!” Derek exhaled with considerable relief.Reid growled something in his shoulder that sounded like: “You me too.” Before they let go.“Nice to see you, I thought, that I never again…” Morgan shook his head, not wanting to think about it anymore.Spencer smiled wearily. “It's over. We won. Jack has become the new God and I am returning to my previous profession.”Derek blinked in surprise and uncomprehendingly. “But what about the ghosts and demons that haunt you?”“We won. There are no more ghosts or demons in this world. There are no supernatural forces. The only evil that remains is the evil in the people themselves,” Reid said, but at that moment the uninvited guest was noticed by the others BAU members, so they had to postpone their discussion of the end of the supernatural.
The Beginning (S01EP01 pt. III)''So let me get this straight.'' You started, repeating everything Dean had just told you in your head before checking if you heard him right. ''Jon has been missing for a couple of days during a hunt. Because of a single hunch, only you seem to be able to feel. You barge into Sam's life and ask him to join you?'' You started, glancing over at the youngest Winchester who gave you a nod. Dean seemed uncharacteristically quiet. ''The reason you didn't join Jon was because of...'' You trailed off, not being able to remember what Dean had said.''A voodoo thing in New Orleans, it was my gig.'' Dean filled you in. You nodded, snapping your fingers, remembering again.''What was Jon hunting exactly?'' You sighed, they had only filled you in on the backstory of the two of them together, working on a hunt. They had told you about the way Dean had snuck in in the middle of the night, the two of them fighting. Sam's girlfriend, Jessica, wandering in and them leaving to find their Dad.''About a month ago they found Andrew Carry's car. The man himself had gone missing'' Sam started.''Completely MIA'' Dean continued.''You're Dad was looking into a kidnapping?'' You asked in disbelieve, that wasn't Jon's usual stuff.''That's what I said'' Sam laughed. ''But there was another case, exactly like this in April. Then another one in December, '04, '03, '98, '92'' Dean stared, to sum up. ''There have been ten of them in the past twenty years. They were all men and all on the same five-mile stretch of road.''''Alright, so perhaps it was a serial kidnapper?'' You muttered quietly under your breath. You hadn't heard from real hunts in so long. It was quite the wake-up call that there were still monsters out there, even if she hadn't heard about them every day, in a long time.Dean shook his head. ''Dad had started looking into it three weeks ago. I hadn't heard from him since, which is bad enough.'' He sighed, reaching for his pocket.You nodded in agreement before your eyes lit up meeting Deans gaze again. ''Hadn't?'' You asked. ''You mean you have heard of him?'' This time the oldest Winchester nodded and took a voice recorder out of his leather jacket. He pushed on a button, and the voice recorder started making a soft noise before playing off what it had recorded.''Dean'' Jon's voice could be heard through the speakers, the audio was somewhat distorted and choppy but clear enough to understand. ''Something is starting to happen. I think it's serious. I need to try and find out what's going on.'' Then Jon's voice turned into vague muffled noised for a second before he started talking again. ''Be very careful, Dean. We're all in danger.''''That's weird.'' You sighed, leaning against the backrest of the bench you had returned to when the brothers had started telling you their story. ''But what does it mean?''''Well, I slowed down the message and ran it trough GoldWave. I took out the hiss, and this is what I got.'' Dean smiled, quite proud of himself, and he clicked on the button again.''I can never go home'' A female voice breathed out slowly. Your eyes widened in shock.''That's what I said'' You stammered, having some trouble getting the words out. ''What does it mean?''''We don't know'' Sam answered. ''But when you called Dean, we had just finished talking to the Police about another case that had happened this morning. After that, we had talked to his girlfriend, Amy.''''Found anything from her?''''She talked about this urban legend. There was a girl. She got murdered out on Centennial, decades ago. She supposedly hitchhikes, and whoever picks her up is rumoured to disappear forever.'' Sam answered. ''We checked it out, and she was telling the truth. In 1981 there was this woman., Constance Welch. She was 24 years old when she jumped off Sylvania Bridge and drowned in the river.'' Sam answered.You let out a heavy sigh. ''Did it say why she did it?''Sam nodded. ''An hour before they found her she calls 911, her two little kids were in the bathtub, she leaves them alone for a little minute, and when she comes back, they weren't breathing. Both had died. ''''So you're thinking of a vengeful spirit?'' You asked, not liking the sound of that.''We do, and it would explain why you figured out the whole 'never coming home' thing.'' Dean sighed. ''But how? Did you say it just came to you?'' You nodded in agreement. You hadn't tried to get in contact with any ghosts.''But the ghost shouldn't be here or have anything to do with you. You're not a man.'' Sam sighed, seeming very lost. You played with the hem of your shirt for a little while before putting your hands flat on your thighs, making a slapping sound.''I have been having lot's of dreams about the two of you'' You confessed.''Wow (Y/N), maybe after the job'' Dean joked, making you roll your eyes.''Like the one you called us about?'' Sam asked, ignoring his brothers' comment.''Yes. I have been having these almost vision-like dreams about you two. And I believe that they started ever since Jon has gone missing.'' You muttered, realising it just now. Dean and Sam's eyes widened.''You mean that you knew that we would go hunting together before I had even thought of calling Sammy?'' Dean almost yelled, disbelieve visible in his expression.You nodded slowly. ''I thought I was just missing the two of you. I knew that Sam wasn't going to hunt ever again, so I figured they were just dreams. Until-''''Until they started to appear more frequently and get more real?'' Sam asked, making you nod once again.''What else have you seen?'' Dean asked interested. ''Have you seen Dad? Do you know where he is?'' You shook your head, but Dean didn't even notice. ''Do you need help? Can I get you something of his? Do you think you can find him?'' He just kept going, his questions made your head spin, and it felt like you were getting 'trained' by Jon all over again, you felt your breathing quicken, and you felt like you needed to say something.''Dean Winchester would you, for the love of God, please calm down and shut up'' You said, raising your voice a little. ''I do not know where your Dad is and locating people was never one of my specialities. So please take my word for it, and it pains me to say this, I do not know where your father is, I know even less than you.'' Dean shut his mouth and relaxed his muscles again, and you managed to calm yourself down. ''Where are you guys now with the hunt?''''We were about to check out the bride Constance jumped from, see if we get any leads.'' The youngest brother answered awkwardly due to your outburst. You decided to brush it off and act like it never happened; you gave him a cheeky smile.''Mind if I tag along?'' Sam and Dean weren't happy with the request but leaving you here, in this park wasn't a better solution, so they decided to let you tag along. And that is how the three of you ended up in the Impala. Dean behind the steering wheel, Sam next to him and you in the backseat of the car.''Do you think you can communicate with the spirit? Ask her what her deal is?'' Dean joked, looking at you through the rearview mirror.''No, I'd rather not communicate with vengeful spirits.'' You answered, making Sam turn his head with a questioning look on his face. ''When you talk to them you open yourself up. And they fill you with this pain and rage'' You looked over to the side ''It feels as if you are them, forgotten by people and stuck in time. Bend on nothing else but revenge and closure.''''That sounds horrible'' Sam sighed, giving you an emphatic smile.''Sounds like you speak from experience?'' Dean asked.You nodded, but turned your gaze to the floor of the car ''I had to do it once.'' Sam and Dean figured that you didn't want to let go any more than you already did so they just let the conversation die. They were almost at the bridge anyway, so a quiet moment before a possible storm was never a bad idea.When the three of you arrived at the bridge, you all got out and walked a bit further towards the middle of the bridge, Leaving the Impala at the entrance. It was dark and misty. It was impossible to make out anything that was on the other side of the bridge. The trees around the river were engulfed entirely in white, thick, fog. You felt uneasy, you weren't scared of the dark or anything, but something about this bridge made you feel on edge. You stayed close to the Winchesters, figuring that they would be able to help you out if something were to happen.''So this is where Constance took the swan dive,'' Dean spoke, putting both hands on the railing.''So you think Dad would have been here?'' Sam asked, mimicking Dean's stance.''Well, he's chasing the same story, and we're chasing him.''''Now what?'' You spoke softly, unfamiliar of the whole hunting process. You were standing in between Sam and Dean who had turned away from the edge of the bridge and started walking further towards the other side.''Now, we keep digging till we find him. Might take a while'' Dean answered, as he kept on walking. You noticed Sam had stopped following. He didn't have a very pleased look on his face.''Dean. I told you. I've gotta get back by-'Dean turned around, facing both you and Sam. ''-Monday'' the two of them said in unison.''Right. The interview. Yeah. I forgot'' Dean sighed, the usual joy in his eyes had left. And suddenly you felt like you just wanted to get back to the Impala and wait for this conversation to be over in the car. ''You're really serious about this, aren't you?" Dean continued. ''You think you're just gonna become some lawyer? Marry your girl?''''Maybe. Why not?'' Sam asked calmly.''Does Jessica know the truth about you? I mean, does she know about the things you've done?'' Sam looked back at Dean in disbelieve. This wasn't going to be a peaceful conversation for much longer.''No. And she is never going to know,'' Sam spoke irritated, as he took a few steps closer towards his brother who was nodding his head as he let out a big sigh.''Well, that's healthy.''''Dean, please'' You tried to get between them, but he just raised his hands, signalling that he wasn't finished yet. ''You can pretend all you want, Sammy. But sooner or later, you're gonna have to face up to who you really are.'' With a smug smile on his lips, he turned around again and continued down the bridge.''And who is that?'' Sam asked, following his older brother.''You're one of us.''''No. I am not like you'' Sam snapped. He caught up with Dean and stood in front of him. ''This is not going to be my life.''''You have a responsibility.''Sam scoffed. ''To Dad? And his crusade?'' The two of them stayed quiet for a while, and you could feel this immense pain raising in your chest. It wasn't physical. It wasn't emotional. You were an empathic psychic, which meant that sometimes you could feel what someone else was feeling. One of the brothers was feeling really hurt, and you were guessing it was Sam. ''If it weren't for pictures. I wouldn't even know what Mom looks like. What difference would it make? Sam continued, Dean just stared back at him with wide eyes and a clenched jaw. He looked angry. ''Even if we do find the thing that killed her, Mom's gone, and she isn't coming back.'' You gasped in shock when Dean lunched forward and gripped Sam's collar, pushing him back against one of the pillars of the bridge.''Dean!'' You gasped, tugging at his shoulder but he forcefully shook you off.Dean stared Sam dead in the eye for a moment, as if he was choosing his words carefully. ''Don't talk about her like that.'' They stayed like that for a second before Dean let go of Sam's jacket.''Guys'' You muttered.But the brothers were too caught up in their own drama.''Sam, Dean'' You said again this time a lot louder. Pointing over to the railing of the bridge where a woman in a white dress was standing looking as if she was ready to jump. Sam and Dean looked over to where you were pointing and jumped into action the second she let herself fall. All three of you looked over the railing.''Where did she go?'' Dean asked frantically.''I don't know'' Sam breathed out, as he was still looking around. The sound of a car engine starting could be heard. You could feel your chest tightening as your heart was beating what felt like a million times per second.''What the-'' Dean spoke, taking some small steps towards the Impala that had turned itself on.''Who's driving your car?'' Sam asked calmly. Dean reached for his pocket and took out his keys.''You've got to be kidding me!'' You yelled out, already done with this case. The tired of the car started to screech as it quickly drove over to where the three of you were standing. Somehow you thought it was a great idea to try and outrun a car, but soon when you figured out that wouldn't help, you opted to just jump over the railing and into the water.The cold water hit your skin as you fully submerged into the water. It felt like needles were pressing into your face and your wet clothing made it hard for you to try and get to the surface. Suddenly you felt this big hand on your shoulder as you were being pulled out of the water. While you were gasping for air, you slowly opened your eyes. You saw Dean staring back at you. I seemed as if he wore a confused expression on his face, but you couldn't say for sure since he was covered in gunk.''Gross'' You laughed, taking in some more deep breaths. Dean smiled.''Take a look at yourself, sweetheart'' He gave you a wink as your expression fell, looking down you saw you were covered in the same stuff. You reached for your hair and sighed. This was going to be a pain to get out of there. You could hear Sam laughing from the bridge, you gave him the finger and got up with Dean's help.''Thanks, Dean'' You smiled, as you looked over at Sam. ''Such a gentleman'' You yelled, but Sam just laughed some more you rolled your eyes, and the two of you made you way back to the bridge. ''Are you alright?'' You asked Dean as you almost approached the bridge.''I'm super'' He smiled, trying to get some mud off of his jacket.''No, I mean about what happened on the bridge before we jumped. Are you alright? You seemed really angry?'' Dean smiled and shrugged.''Nothing get's your blood boiling like family, eh?'' He joked. You took the hint and shut up about it, if he wanted to have a touchy moment, you could assume that he was going to die soon. That was not the way this eldest Winchester brother rolled. Dean checked out Baby as soon as the two of you got back to the car where Sam was already awaiting your arrival.''Car alright?'' Sam asked when Dean slammed the hood shut.''Yeah. Whatever she did to it, it seems alright now. That Constance chick, what a BITCH!'' He yelled angrily into the night, his voice echoing.''Well she didn't want us to dig around, that much was clear'' You sighed, wiping your eyebrows clear of the gunk that was caked on there.''So where does the trail go from here, genius?'' Sam smiled. Dean threw his hands up in the air and let them fall again. He had no idea what the next step was going to be, aside from taking a shower. It stayed quiet for a while as Dean wallowed a bit in self-pity before Sam decided to speak up.''You smell like a toilet.'' Neither you nor Dean answered Sam and quickly got in the car, planning on driving to the nearest motel to get a nice, long shower. The drive was quiet, and after a couple of minutes, you must have dozed off in the backseat because the next thing you knew you woke up in a motel parking lot to Sam shaking you.''Get up (Y/N)'' He smiled as you opened your eyes. ''We're checking in to this motel.'' You quickly got out of the car and into the reception of the motel. Dean threw his credit card on the owners' book.''One room, please.''The man picked up the card and took a good look at the name that was on it. He raised an eyebrow. ''You guys having a reunion or something?'' Both the Winchesters gave him a weird look.''What do you mean?'' Sam asked.''That other guy, Burt Aframain. He came in and bought out a room for the whole month. Sam and Dean exchanged a look before finishing getting a room and stalking off as quick as possible.''That's got to be dad'' Dean said, while they were sitting in their own room. You were already in the shower, eager to get the stench off of you, but you were able to participate in the conversation due to the paper-thin walls of the motel.''We should check it out'' Sam agreed. You turned off the shower and quickly dried yourself off, you put on your extra pair of pants and the T-shirt you had taken with you before you left the apartment, ten points for thinking ahead. When you changed, you felt the cool breeze of the apartment on your bare arms and mentally cursed yourself for not bringing an extra jacket, minus ten points for being stupid.''Hey, can I borrow a shirt from any of you guys, the one I brought is just a T-shirt, and that's a bit cold.''Dean nodded and walked over to his duffel bag, taking out a dark flannel and throwing it your way. ''Here ya go sweetheart.'' You caught the flannel and quickly put it on, it was way too big, but you just stashed it in your paints as much as possible.''So, are we going to lock-pick a room?'' You smiled, clapping in your hands in excitement. The two brothers also grinned, and the three of you left the room to investigate. When you found the right room, Sam immediately started picking the lock while you and Dean were trying to have a casual fake conversation. Luckily it didn't take Sam long to pick the lock, and the two of you were got dragged inside before you knew it. Upon entering the room, it felt like a bomb of papers had exploded. There were papers with drawings, text, newspaper cutouts, everything scattered across the bed and walls. Books littered the floor and chairs. Upon entering the three of them had to step over a circle of what seemed to look like either sugar or salt. Given the person that they were looking for, you guessed it was salt. Dean picked up a hamburger that was lying on its wrapper; he smelled it and immediately held it far away from his nose.''I don't think he's been here for a couple of days, at least.'' He muttered, putting the burger down. Sam hunched down and picked some of the white powder off of the floor.''Salt, Cat's-eue shells. He was worried. Trying to keep something from coming in.'' Dean slowly walked over to the wall that looked like one big collection of evidence. ''What do you got here?'' Sam asked, walking over to Dean.''Centennial Highway victims. I don't get it. They're different men, different jobs, ages, ethnicities. There is always a connection, right?'' What do these guys have in common?'' You shrugged, not knowing the answer to Dean's question.Sam had wandered over to another wall. There was all sorts of lore about different monsters and entities hung up there. You were still looking around the place trying to take in all the crazy Jon had left in this room, you never saw this side of him. The research and work part of his job; he usually just came to you with a specific question. You never realised how much knowledge goes into hunting. There was so much lore you remember from studying history and working at musea and auction centres. You heard Sam shrug.''Dad figured it out.''''What do you mean?'' Both you and Dean asked in unison as you walked over to him.''He found the same article we did. Constance Welch, she's our Woman in White.''''You sly dogs'' Dean laughed, looking over at the wall where all the victims were lined up neatly.''You mean an actual Woman in White?'' You asked both of the boys nodded. ''The ones that are rumoured to kidnap the people they are with?'' You started speaking slower and slower than when you started that sentence, hearing the connection to the lore with the case with every word you spoke. Your eyes widened, and both of the boys just smiled at you. They almost seemed proud that you just figured out your first 'hunting mystery.'''Good job, (Y/N). Next time you'll get to do all the fun investigating stuff'' Dean winked as you give him a thumbs up, you were actually pretty down for that. ''But if we were dealing with the woman in white, Dad would have found the corps and destroyed it.''''She might have another weakness.''''No, Dad would wanna make sure. He'd dig her up. Does it say where she is buried?'' ''No. Not that I can tell'' Sam sighed. ''If I were Dad though, I'd go ask her husband.''''If he's still alive'' You joked, the Winchesters turned to you and nodded their head, actually taking your joke seriously. ''Wait, what? Come on, why wouldn't he be fine?'' Sam and Dean gave you a smile and a weird look, and you decided just to drop it.''Alright, why don't you see if you can find an address'' Dean told you and Sam. ''I'm gonna get cleaned up.''''Hey, Dean?'' Sam started, Dean turned towards him. ''What I said earlier, about Mom and Dad, I'm sorry.'' Dean raised his hands, and Sam stopped talking. The older brother had a soft smile on his still dirty face.''No chick-flick moments.''Sam let out a chuckle. ''Alright. Jerk.'' Sam spoke.Dean's smile widened. ''Bitch''.You rolled your eyes after witnessing this heartfelt moment with the Winchesters. ''Dorks'' You laughed as they turned to you. You raised your hands in defence, and everyone laughed a little. It felt good to have the gang back together. It felt like you could handle everything that life would throw your way if you just stayed together this time. Sadly, this moment wasn't forever. Dean walked off, and you and Sam were about to leave the room too before something caught Sam's eye. It was a picture of Jon with his boys stuck in the mirror of the motel room. Sam was sitting on Jon's lap with Dean on the right. They were sitting on the Impala.''That was taken at our house, wasn't it?'' You asked, Sam, smiled and nodded.''I think so'' Sam put the photo down. ''Nice to know he cares.'' You agreed and the two of you back to the motel room you actually hired to figure out where Constance's husband lived. You looked up from the newspaper clipping you were holding when you heard Dean get out of the motel's bathroom. Clean and fully dressed.''Hey, I'm starving I'm gonna grab a little something to eat at that diner down the street. You want anything?''''No,'' Sam answered. You, on the other hand, were starving and jumped up from the chair you were sitting on.''I'll go with you!'' You chimed, walking over to Dean.''Aframian's buying'' Dean tried again in a sing-song voice, but Sam still didn't want anything. The two of you left the motel room, wandering down the street Dean suddenly took your arm, and you made a sharp turn to the left while quickening your pace.''What's wrong?'' You asked, wondering if the Winchester had lost his marbles.''I might have acted like I was a police officer during this investigation and now the real ones I talked to are standing behind us.'' He whispered.''Excuse me?'' You asked, but Dean kept quiet as he just tried to get away from the cops. Dean took a look around and took his cellphone out of his pocket.''Dude. Five-0. Take off.'' He spoke, you noticed the officers were walking over to the two of you. ''Ah, they kind of spotted me. Go find Dad.'' He spoke before hanging up the phone and turning around to face the officers. ''Problem, officers?''''New partner?'' The man asked, glancing over at you. ''Where is your old partner?''''Partner? What? What, partner?'' Dean stammered, if you weren't so confused you would have loved seeing Dean Winchester at a lost for words. The officer just kept smiling at the two of you and motioned for his partner to check out you guy's motel room.''So. Fake US Marshal. Fake credit card. You got anything that's real?'' The man spoke.''My boobs'' Dean spoke with no hesitation. His face was stern for a while before he showed him this big toothy smile.''Oh my god'' You muttered, placing a hand in front of your mouth to hide the fact that you were smiling.''Do you think this is funny miss? You will be coming with us too.'' You immediately stopped laughing and sighed.''Yea that's reasonable'' You muttered. You were used to cops stopping you when you were around Dean. Especially if you met him in a town, he was working on a hunt. You had already gotten used to the fact that to help people; hunters had to do some morally questionable stuff and to be completely honest; you thought it was really cool. The two of you were apprehended and slammed over the hood of the police car. The officer that had been talking to the two of you was reading you your right, but you were seriously pissed.''You could have asked us just to go sit in the car, this is harassment!'' You yelled angrily, feeling the handcuffs tighten even more around your wrists, causing pain. Cops; absolute pigs.The two of you were driven off to the station and placed in a waiting room.''How are we going to get out of here?'' You asked quietly.''We'll find a way.'' Dean winked, as he kept looking around the room. He was still trying to think of a plan. The door opened, and an older man walked in, holding a box in his hands.''So you wanna give us your real name?'' The man asked, making Dean smile.''I told you. It's Nugent. Ted Nugent''''And mine's Dolores O'Riordan'' You answered, but the man shook his head as he places the box on the table you and Dean were sitting at.''I'm not sure the two of you realise just how much trouble you're in here.''''We talking, like, misdemeanour kind of trouble? Or squeal-like-a-pig trouble?''''You got the faces of ten missing persons taped to your wall, along with a whole lot of satanic mumbo jumbo. The two of you are officially suspects.''''That makes sense. 'Cause when the first one went missing it was '82, I was three.'' Dean answered cocky, and you raised your hand awkwardly.''I wasn't even born yet.'' You spoke softly.''I know you got partners. One of them is an older guy.'' The man looked into the box he had placed on the table. You assumed there was evidence in it. ''Maybe he started the whole thing.'' He reached into the box. ''So tell me, Dean'' He picked an old looking leather journal out of the box and threw it on the table. ''Is this his?'' He asked, a smug smile on his face. Dean stared at it, his expression was serious, and that didn't happen very often. How did the guy even know that his name was Dean? Was it something he figured out due to the journal that laid in front of you. You stared at it for a moment, where have you seen that journal before... Was it Jon's? The Sheriff walked around the table and sat on it. ''I thought that might be your name.'' He opened the journal revealing old black and white pictures. ''See, I leafed through this'' He said, turned some pages, soon drawings of weird creatures could be seen and satanic symbols; This was Jon's. ''What little I could make out, I mean, it's nine kinds of crazy.'' While turning more and more pages, Dean started leaning forward, to take a better look at the journal, still with that grave expression on his face. ''But I found this too.''You and Dean stared at a white page with 'Dean 35-111' encircled on the page. ''Now, you're staying right here till you tell me exactly what the hell that means.'' Dean stared up at the man with a vague expression on his face as if he didn't know what he was talking about. You, on the other hand, had a very genuine vague expression on your face because you had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. The man kept questioning the two of you until it had started to get dark outside.''I don't know how many times I gotta tell you, It's my high school locker combo.'' Dean shrugged. The three of you have been going on for such a long time that the Sheriff had gotten a chair for himself to sit on.''We gonna do this all night long?'' He asked.Another officer just poked his head, trough the doorway. ''We just got a 911. Shots fired over at Whiteford Road.'' The officer left, and the Sheriff looked between you two.''Any of you have to go to the bathroom?'' He asked you and Dean exchanged glances, and both shook your heads.''No'' Dean spoke.''Good.'' The Sheriff stood up and cuffed both of you to the table and left.''Now what'' Dean muttered, searching around the room. You shook your head again, anything that had happened ever since you reunited with the brothers had been unknown territory to you, you felt so incredibly useless and out of place. Dean and Sam were so knowledgeable when it came to hunting, acting like cops, reacting to things on a whim. You weren't slow or anything but just not used to it, you've never gone hunting before after all. You started to feel uncomfortable. Your thoughts were slipping away from you as everything around you started to feel unreal. You stared at your hands for a moment, looking at them as if they aren't yours.''Woah you okay there?'' Dean asked, grabbing your arm. Your eyes shot up at him, but you felt like you weren't entirely there. Then the pain in your head returned, and the sentence of the woman rang trough your mind over, and over again.''Dean'' You said, but you doubled over, trying to get more comfortable while it felt like your chest was being ripped to shreds. Dean quickly scanned your body before his eyes drifted over the journal again, his eyes lit up when he noticed a paperclip on one of the pages. He quickly got it out of the journal and started working on his handcuff, trying to get to you as fast as possible.''Hang in there (Y/N)'' He said, as he was picking the lock. You shit your eyes tightly as you saw the image of the Impala riding in the night in your head. Sam was behind the steering wheel. The woman sounded in your head again. Next thing you saw was Sam screaming in pain, blood staining the blue shirt he was wearing.''Dean!'' You yelled you could feel an arm on your back and another tugging at your cuff, after a couple of minutes you heard a clicking sound and your hand was freed from the table. Dean shook your shoulders again, and the feeling in your chest started to disappear very slowly. ''Dean, it's Sam'' you managed to get out between your heave breaths due to the pain.''What's wrong with Sam, (Y/N)'' Dean asked, looking you in the eye while still holding your shoulders. Your eyes were wide, and thanks to Dean's help, you were sitting straight again.''He's in trouble, the woman, she's there'' You spoke. You felt yourself coming back to reality again. You never had this feeling when you were using your abilities. Usually, the disconnected feeling occurred, but it soon shifted to you communicating in your head. This time it almost felt like you got stuck in it for too long. ''The pain in my chest, was a sign. She's going to attack Sam!'' You got up from the chair, legs still a little shaky as you could feel a headache starting to form in your head.''You okay?'' Dean asked you nodded in response, and the two of you got out of the interrogation room ready to get out of this place.It was quiet in the precinct. The only officers that were still there were getting ready to leave. This place to either end their shift or assist in the shooting that the officer alerted the Sherrif about. You waited behind a door until the officers had left the building. When both you and Dean were sure that that was the case, you collected all your confiscated stuff and got out of the precinct as fast as humanly possible. Dean grabbed your arm and dragged you down the street, trying to get as far away as quickly as possible. After a little while, the two of you came across a public phonebooth Dean immediately went in, threw some change in there and started dialling a number. You also stepped into the booth wanting to hear this conversation too, Dean stepped aside and moved the horn between the two of you.''Fake 911 phone call, Sammy? I don't know. That's pretty illegal.'' Dean laughed.You could hear Sam talk from the other side of the call. ''You're welcome.''''Listen, we gotta talk.''Sam laughed again. ''Tell me about it. So the husband was unfaithful. We are dealing with a Woman in White. And she is buried behind her old house, so that should've been Dad's next stop.''''Sammy would you shut up for a second?''Sam just continued talking as if he didn't hear Dean. ''I just can't figure out why he hasn't destroyed the corpse yet.''''Well, that's what I'm trying to tell you. He's gone/ Dad left Jericho.''''What? How do you know?''''I've got his journal.''''He doesn't go anywhere without that thing.''''Yeah well, he did this time'' You sighed, getting very annoyed at this back and forth, they had to make sure Sam was okay, and this conversation wasn't helping.''What does it say?''''Same old ex-Marine crap, when he wants to let us know where he's going.''''Coordinates. Where to?'' Sam asked Dean shook his head.''I'm not sure yet.''''Dean, what the hell is going on?'' And that was the last straw. You yanked the phone out of Dean's hand and put it to your ear.''Sam listen, you are in danger! I had a vision about the Woman in White attacking you. You need to-'' A surprised sounding scream, and screeching brakes could be heard from the other side of the call. Your heart started pounding in your chest. ''Sam?!'' You asked.''Take me home'' Was all you could hear before the call ended: You had to pay again to call back.''What happened?!'' Dean asked.''She's got, Sam. Before the call ended, she said 'take me home' so they must be at her house?''''Alright (Y/N), let's get going'' Dean spoke and immediately got out of the booth and walked over to a random car; he was going to hotwire it.''Street's clear'' you said after you were done looking around. It was already really dark, so everyone was probably already inside, which meant that Dean could just casually steal this car. After some stuttering, the vehicle started purring evenly, signalling that the motor was working and the two of you could get in and go save Sam. The drive was tense and quiet. You didn't even know what to say. You just wanted to get to Sam as fast as possible and pray to God that he was alright. When you finally arrived at the old house, you could see the Impala. Dean got out as fast as he could and ran over to the driver's seat. You could hear two shots, then two more gunshots. Then you saw the Impala drive trough the old house. You got out of the car as fast as you could looking over at Dean who was standing there, almost in shock.''Dean, what the hell?!'' You yelled, Dean just motioned for you to follow him inside the house.''Sam!'' He yelled.''Here..'' He answered the two of you rushed over. He was still sitting in the car.''Are you okay?'' Dean asked, opening the door, but it didn't do much.''Yeah''''Can you move?'' Dean got into the car. It seemed like a tight spot.''Yeah, Help me.'' He groaned. You looked around the house when you noticed the Woman in White was walking over to something that was lying on the floor. You took a couple of steps towards her and saw her picking up a big frame.''There you go'' Dean groaned, dragging Sam out of the car. The woman stopped focussing on the frame and instead gave the three of you a death glare that sends chills up your spine. She threw it to the ground, and a cabinet came rushing towards you, pinning all three of you to the Impala. The impact made you groan in pain, hurting your legs. It stayed there, and it was heavy to move as if something was pushing it constantly into place. Not even you and the two Hunters were able to get the cabinet off of you, but that didn't keep the three of you from trying over and over again. The Woman in White was about to walk over to you guys when suddenly, the lights started flickering. She looked surprised and slowly turned around towards the staircase that was located behind her.What you saw then almost made your jaw drop to the floor. Water came streaming down the staircase. Your eyes followed the stairs to see where the water was coming from when you saw two children standing there. You thought they were a boy and a girl. It was hard to see; the only light source in the room was shining behind them, so their faces weren't visible. All you could see was two silhouettes standing at the top of the stairs. Those were probably her kids that died in the bathtub. The woman looked pained and walked over to the foot of the stairs. Her movements were weird. It could be best described as if she was glitching forward. The children took the hands of each other.''You've come home to us, Mommy.'' They spoke slowly and in perfect unison, to add to the creepy factor just a little more. A weird wooshing sound mixed with screeches could be heard, and the woman turned around, her children now standing behind her. They lunged forward, and both embraced her. She started screaming so loud you tried to cover your ears, but they were still behind the cabinet that was keeping you in place. Black smoke erupted from the thee ghosts as they all seemed to melt into a puddle of goo unto the floor. The woman's face kept turning into a horrible apparition. The black smoke engulfed the entire room, and all of a sudden, they were gone. The three of you took this as your chance to get the damn piece of furniture off of you, and you were free once again. You walked over to where the ghost had disappeared, Sam and Dean right behind you. You looked down at the ground. There was nothing to see except for a small puddle of water.''So this is where she drowned her kids,'' Dean said trough the panting. You and Sam both nodded, also trying to give whatever just happened a place in your minds.''That's why she could never go home'' You sighed. ''She was too scared to face them, the poor woman...''''Let's not sympathise for a ghost (Y/N). Nice going finding her weak spot, Sammy.'' Dean patted Sam on the chest as he walked over to his car. Sam groaned in pain, but he soon tried to laugh it off.''Yeah, wish I could say the same for you. What were you thinking shooting Casper in the face, you freak?''''Hey. Saved your ass,'' Dean laughed pointing towards Sam before turning around towards his car. ''I'll tell you another thing. If you screwed up my car...'' Dean said while inspecting his baby, putting his hands on his knees and hunching over. He turned around to face Sam. ''I'll kill you.'' Both you and Sam stared laughing at his remark. The three of you got in the car and drove away from the place.You were sitting in the backseat behind Dean, your head leaning against the window. You were dead, absolutely exhausted. These random divinations were really taking a toll on you. It felt like something was using your body as a telephone; it didn't feel like you were controlling them at all. Usually, they didn't take that much out of you. The last time you were this tired after one of your episodes was when you were a little kid.''So you saw me getting assaulted by the Woman in White?'' Sam asked, looked at you over his shoulder. You nodded, not having the strength to say something. ''You alright?'' He asked, you lazily lifted your hand, giving him a thumbs-up before closing your eyes for a second. You heard Sam let out a chuckle. ''Show me the coordinates Dad left you, Dean'' Sam spoke. You could hear some rustling of paper as he was probably trying to figure out where Jon was sanding Dean. You must have fallen asleep again in the car because you were woken up once more by the sound of Sam's voice. ''Okay, here's where Dad went. It's called Blackwater Ridge, Colorado.''''Sounds Charming. How far?'' Dean asked. He was driving the car with one hand on the wheel as he was still watching the road.''About six hundred miles'' Sam answered.Dean shrugged, and looked over at Sam. ''If we shag ass, we can make it by morning.'' Sam looked up at him. He seemed to hesitate a little.''Dean, um... '' He finally said. Dean stared at his brother. You could feel the same sadness that had overtaken you at the bridge. Sam must have a hard time leaving his brother again.''You're not going,'' Dean said, breaking the uncomfortable silence that had fallen between the two of them.''The interview's in, like, ten hours. I gotta be there.'' Dean looked disappointed; he pursed his lips, put both hands on the steering wheel and kept nodding his head.''Yeah, whatever. I'll take you home.'' And with that, Sam put out the flashlight he was holding to be able to read the map he used to figure out their Dad's coordinates. And Dean hit the gas a little more. You let your eyes shut again.You could feel this intense heat on your face. You could feel yourself lying with your back on a bed. Something wet was dripping on your face; you opened your eyes. There she was, the girl from your dreams, hanging on the ignited ceiling. You started to scream and shut up, hitting your forehead against something hard.''Jezus, (Y/N). What has gotten into you?!'' Dean yelled, rubbing the back of his head with a pained expression.''Something's wrong.'' Dean gave you a confused look.''What do you mean?''''You need to go to Sam!'' You yelled Dean was about to say something, but you shook your head. ''Now Dean!'' He started the Impala and drove back to Sam's dorm where orange flames could be seen from outside the building if they were not mistaken, that was Sam's room. Dean rushed in, and after what felt like an eternity, he appeared with Sam in the doorway. In the meantime you had gotten out of the car and called 911, the sirens from the firetruck could already be heard from a distance. People were leaving the building, and some left their dorms to go check what was going on. The firemen started making sure that everyone had left the building while others were what looked like trying to prevent the fire from spreading even more. You and Dean were staring at the fire for a moment before turning back at the Impala, noticing Sam wasn't standing by your side anymore. The two of you walked over to the Impala, seeing Sam stand at the trunk loading some guns. Dean just gave his brother a concerned look, but he didn't say a word. Sam inhaled deeply before giving a slight nod.''We got work to do'' He said. Tossing the gun, he was holding into the trunk with the rest of the arsenal and closed the tailgate. Both Sam and Dean turned towards you.''You coming'' Dean asked, and you didn't even have to think about your answer for a single second.''Definitely'' You spoke and got into the backseat of the Impala.
'Nightmares' (S01EP1. pt II)"Stop it!" A scream ripped from your lips.You were was lying on your back in bed, and this horrible feeling had started in your chest a couple of seconds ago. It was an intense pain like something was clawing at it, but you couldn't see the thing that was doing it. Looking down, you could see blood seeping through the once white fabric of your pyjama shirt. You were horrified as the tears that had been sitting in the corners of your eyes started to stream down your horrified face. "Please, stop!" you yelled again, as painful screams filled the room. Closing your eyes, you hoped it would all just go away. For a second it did, but then the clawing at your chest had warped into the feeling of something digging into it, and your eyes snapped open at the sudden impact.You tried to look around to take in your surroundings, but your eyes hadn't adjusted to the darkness of the room just yet. You could feel a cold sweat had started to form on your shaking body while your heart was pounding painfully in your chest. You tried sitting up, feeling your chest tighten as you did so. You were rubbing your eyes, trying to wake yourself up entirely. Swinging your legs over the side of the bed, getting up as fast as you could muster you stumbled over to the bathroom in a drunken fashion. Turning on the light in the bathroom, you walked over to the sink, placing your hands on either side of the sink while hanging your head over it. You made sure to keep your gaze low, partly to slowly let your eyes adjust to the bright light of the bathroom lamp but also because you were afraid to look in the mirror, fearful of the image you would stare at when looking in the mirror. Praying to whatever might hear you that that was nothing but a dream and that the tightness in your chest was from the heavy pounding of your heart and that in meant nothing.You tried to focus on evening out your fast and heavy breathing while gathering the courage to look in the mirror. After what felt like an eternity, you slowly lifted started to look up to check yourself in the mirror. When you finally looked at yourself, you let out low and annoyed groan, dragging your hands over your face. You looked horrible. You were relieved to see that your shirt was free of blood and that your chest was still in one piece but your face. Your poor face. It was pasty white except for the dark circles underneath your eyes which were red from the crying. The tears that had been rolling down your cheeks had to take some leftover mascara with them. Making you look even more like a ghost."Jezus, get a grip" you sighed, your voice was hoarse. You mustn't have only screamed in the dream. After using your voice, you noticed how dry your throat felt, you took the glass from the shelve above the sink and filled it with water, turning around so that you were leaning with your ass against the sink. You took a long and much-needed sip of the cool water while drinking you took a glance at the window and let out a gasp. You were still drinking so you inhaled some water making you cough loudly. Great, now even the sunrise is scaring you. Emptying your glass in the sink before putting it in its usual place you walked over to your nightstand. Images from your nightmare kept popping up in your head, and sometimes your chest still felt a little sore. You picked your phone off the nightstand, searching through the contacts before finding the number you were looking for and pressing the dial button hoping that he would pick up the phone. The phone rang for a while before a gravelly voice could be heard through the speakers."Hello?" Your heart started pounding again, were you nervous?You swallowed. "Dean" You started, still sounding croaky. "It's (Y/N), I think I need your help" Dean was quiet for a while, and you were sure that you could hear two people talking in the background just now. "I am sorry, if this is not a good time then I can call you back-""No, it's fine. That was just Sam asking who I was talking to." Dean interrupted her."Sam? You're talking to Sam again?" You asked in disbelieve, the last time you heard them talk about each other, it sounded like a good thing that they weren't hanging out at that moment."You said you needed help?" Dean ignored her question."Yeah, do you think we can meet up?""We're in Jericho right now so it could take us a while, can you come over?" Dean asked."I would have to ask my boss if I can take tomorrow off too, it'll take me a while to get there." You were going to have to think of a plausible excuse not to come to work tomorrow, and you were set to meet the Winchesters. You started to feel the excitement rise in your chest, but it just turned into the dull ache that had been bothering you ever since you woke."Alright, take your time. Wanna let me know what's wrong before we hang up the phone? You sound awful." You hated the words that had just left the older Winchesters mouth. You have been trying so hard to keep yourself together, but if Dean was able to tell trough the phone that something was wrong, it was apparent you were doing a bang-up job."I have been having strange nightmares lately, and I am starting to entertain the thought that they might not only be dreams.""So what? You're saying you've been psyching it out in your sleep?" Dean asked, putting the phone on speaker."Hey (Y/N), Sam here. You're on speaker.""Morning, Sam. I don't know if these nightmares mean anything, but the same dreams have been haunting me for days. It's driving me nuts.""They are all the same?" Sam asked curiously."Well, I just woke up from one that I haven't had before. I think I experienced sleep paralysis. I was lying in bed, and there was this excruciating pain in my chest like something was clawing at it. When I looked at where I was feeling the pain, I was bleeding quite heavily.""But you're alright? You were bleeding in the dream?" Dean asked, sounding a bit rushed. You nodded but soon realized that the boys couldn't see that trough the phone, so you cleared her throat to actually answer them."Yup, I woke up when the clawing turned into a stabbing feeling. Apart from some tightness in my chest now and again, I am perfectly fine." You smiled widely when you heard a relieved sigh from the other end of the line. It was so sweet of them to care about you like this, even if the three of you didn't see each other that often."And this was the only time you had that dream?" Sam asked again."Like I said: I have never had this one before." You answered, starting to feel the pain in your chest rising yet again, you sure hoped this wasn't going to be an ongoing thing. "Does it sound familiar to you? Have you ever encountered anything like this?"Dean sighed "No not at all, sorry (Y/N)""Damn" You muttered under your breath "Better call my boss to call in sick.""You do that, and I'll text you the location of a park close to the hunt we are trying to figure out, alright sweetheart?" Dean asked as you agreed. You bid your goodbyes to Sam and Dean and hung up the phone. Being unable to stop yourself from smiling like an idiot, you turned towards your closet and started changing into a more socially acceptable outfit for the day. While making some quick breakfast you were surprised at how much you missed the Winchester brothers, it was a nice feeling of excitement you hadn't felt in a long time. After breakfast, you picked up your phone again to call your boss. While eating breakfast, you had come up with a pretty convincing lie to get out of work tomorrow."Hey Helen, I am afraid that I am going to have to call in sick for tomorrow I have this horrible pain in my chest and I am currently in the hospital, nothing seems to be seriously wrong but they want to keep me hear for the night and run more test tomorrow.""Oh (Y/N) that sound serious, I hope you'll feel better soon" Helen spoke over the phone, her soft voice laced with worry for her employee. "I'll tell Adriana you won't be here tomorrow.""No!" You quickly answered. "I want to tell her; I don't want her to worry about me." Helen luckily agreed, and the two of you ended the conversation. You quickly opened your text-messages searching for Adriana in the contact list when you had found her you immediately started typing up a message.'Meeting the Winchesters. If you hear someone at work say that I am in the hospital, it is not true. I had to get out of work somehow. Hope to see you soon.PS., they are VERY hot, and you will NEVER get their numbers. >:)'Satisfied you send the message off and checked your inbox once again 'one text from Dean Winchester' when you opened it you were met with a location that must be the park Dean had told you he'd send. You put your phone away and headed over to the hallway of your apartment. You lazily picked your coat and bag off the floor where you had dumped them yesterday out of complete exhaustion. Before leaving to go and get your rental car out of the garage, you checked if you had everything, you figured you could use a clean shirt and some pants since you were going to be gone for at least two days and after you got those from your wardrobe you opened the door and got ready to drive all the way over to Jericho.The drive was long and boring. The only thing that was keeping you company was the music that sometimes played on the radio. You weren't a big collector, so you didn't have any CDs or anything of your own which left you at the complete mercy of the disc-jockeys on the radio that loved to hear themselves talk way too much to your liking. It wasn't even that you had such high standards when it came to music, all you asked for was that actual music would be banging out of your speakers instead of some guy asking random people how to get rid of the headache that had been plaguing him since he woke up this morning."Stop drinking so much and take some aspirin, dude" you whined, fighting the urge to bang her head on the steering wheel."Thank you all so much for your favourite headache-""Hangover" you corrected him."Remedies, I will be sure to try one of them out when I play the next song.""Which will be never" You sighed, getting way too fired up about this kind of stuff, but radioDJ'S honestly were the worst kind of people sometimes. After what felt like an eternity, thanks to DJ-blabbermouth, you arrived at the park where you were supposed to meet Sam and Dean. You parked your car next to the road as you got out and started looking around for the brothers. The sound of your ringtone brought you back to reality as you picked up. "(Y/N)""Hey (Y/N), Sam here." The younger Winchester spoke in a friendly tone "We are almost at the park, did you get there already?" You nodded and it stayed quiet for a second. ''Did- Did you just nod?'' Sam asked, laughing, you could feel the blood rush to your cheeks as your eyes widened in shock. ''You must be really tired'' He laughed and you let out a sigh.''You have no idea, Sammy. Are you almost there?''"We're pulling up into the street, see you in a second (Y/N)" Sam spoke as he quickly hung up. You put her phone back in her pocket and turned around to sit on a bench. While sitting down, you took this time to look at your surroundings once more. The park was quiet, there were some children playing on the big jungle Jim in the centre and there were about four people working their dogs. It wasn't a big surprise that there weren't a lot of people at the park it was a Tuesday afternoon after all. The weather wasn't favourable either, it was foggy and it had been drizzling all day. The noise of a loud car engine ripped you away from your thoughts as you snapped back to reality an old, stylish black car had stopped right on the front of you. Inside it sat two men: The Winchesters. Sam gave you a little wave as he got out of the car, the sound of the doors slamming shut made you wince a little."Sam, Dean!" You smiled, giving both a joyous hug. "It has been so long that I saw the two of you, let alone in the same place." They seemed puzzled for a second, but they quickly changed their expressions back to excitement."Good to see you too, (Y/N)" Sam smiled, Dean gave her a wink."I'd love to chat for hours and braid each other's hair, believe me, I do. But we are on a bit of a tight schedule, so we need you to get to business straight away" Dean spoke. If those words had left anyone else's mouth you might have been offended, but it was Dean you were talking about, he was just a little emotionally stumped, but he meant well."Right sorry" You sighed. Sam sat down next to you on the bench while Dean just leaned against his car. You were about to start talking about your dreams again, but the tightness in her chest began to act up. This time it wasn't a dull, nagging feeling in your chest like all the other times. It felt more like what you had experienced in your dream. Gasping loudly you doubled over clutching at your chest again. "Geez," you forced out, your breathing getting a little troubled again due to the pain you were experiencing. The feeling of something digging into your chest started to get more intense by the second, and you shut your eyes tightly. Sam stared at you in shock as Dean rushed over to you. You could feel his hands on your shoulders, and you tried your best to calm yourself down."(Y/N)?" Dean yelled, he didn't know what he was hoping that yelling would do, but he sure wasn't going to sit and stare at you and just wait to see what will happen. But you didn't answer. You felt Dean shake you a little, and you really wanted to answer him, but you were too focused on calming your breathing down to not go into full panic mode. Some people had notices what was happening but Sam just tried to signal to them that they had everything under control. Little did the people know that he was lying and Sam had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on with his friend.  "Just stay calm, Dean.""Calm? What if she is having a freaking heart attack, man?!""I" You spoke softly. Sam and Dean moved in a bit closer to make sure they heard what you were going to say. "I'm getting something" You continued."What? Like a vision?" Dean asked, making you nod your head ever so slightly."I can never return home" You spoke softly, as your muscles started to relax, finally feeling comfortable enough to lower your hands to let them rest on your thighs. Sam and Dean looked at each other with shock in their faces before looking back at you. You looked between the brothers having zero clues to what was going on."Did you get anything else?" Sam asked."No, just that one sentence. And that was already hard to fish out.""You must be getting rusty then" Dean grinned making you roll your eyes."I am usually the one looking for information. I don't think I'm that great at just receiving it."Sam gave you a puzzled look "There's a difference?"you shrugged "I think so.""But that was all you heard? Nothing else? No visions, other noises, smell anything?" Dean asked again. You shook your head once again. "Come on, think. Anything else?''The older Winchester kept pushing."I said, no!" You yelled, annoyed, getting up from the bench and turning around to face the brothers. "You're starting to sound like your dad. Where is he anyway? Wasn't he hunting with you, Dean? And what does it matter if I saw anything else? Do you guys know what all of this means? What the hell is going on?! I demand an explanation!" You yelled, letting out your frustration. Sam and Dean looked at you with a pained expression in their eyes. You knew that look; it was the same look they had given you when they told you what John's job actually entailed. It's the look they gave someone when they were going to tell them a secret, they'd rather not have known themselves. "Don't you think I deserve to know?"Dean cleared his throat as he got up from the floor. "Dad's on a hunting trip, and he hasn't been home in a few days.''
friends who don't listen very well | supernatural by foxklt

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So the results are in and it was tough because it was a tie and well me and IchiOfTheRainbow had the last 2 votes to give..and we just couldn't make up our minds...

soo we did something like this:

in 1st place: Czaritsa with…
and in 2nd: Ryuutsu with…

yay congratz!! XD

for 1st place: Digital drawing from MissHeroes94 and IchiOfTheRainbow and a photomanip from Carlesjo

for 2nd: a digital drawing from MissHeroes94 ''OR'' IchiOfTheRainbow
(details later)

Winners note me

and i just wanna say that we gain members everyday..and i'm so happy about that..
so i started a donation pool on my page, to turn this group in a super group.
you can donate points here: for a fair amount of points you get prizes and features on my page and in this group

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I was on the internet and I saw another awesome thing that Misha Collins did! So, I bet many of you have heard that Congress is putting up everyone's internet history for sale, (Honestly, if somebody bought mine they'd probably ship Destiel by the time they finished reading through everything) and a lot of people don't want their internet history for sale. So, go to Misha's gofundme page to donate so he can buy the internet history of all the members of Congress that decided to sign the thingy to make this terrible thing possible, so thank you.
ISupernatural-MemesI Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
The Other folder is full lol
Charleyvs Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey guys I am trying to spread the word about this Kickstarter to publish a Supernatural Fanfiction and it is awesome! It features Sabriel and Destiel and if your donate $25 you get a signed copy! Even if you can't donate that much every bit helps! She's a quarter of the way there and only has till NoV. 23! Check it out:…
dandans0072 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
hey im new to the writing game and am trying to gain commissioners for fanfics

I have an example  that id like to add to your group, and my commission information in case anyone wants one done. Thanks for looking at this. :)

Story link:…

Commissions information:…

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I accidentally meant to submit to couples and ended up in the Dean folder (sorry!) Feel free to move it.
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Without Sam, it isn't SPN anymore. 
Fukrazy Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Hello , um I would really like to join your club but unfortunately I can't seem to find your join button.😢

What should I do instead or to find it?😮
Flavea Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Student General Artist
im so sorry i put this in the couple section??? (my computer lagged!) maybe put it in Jensen-Dean?
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