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1. Please follow all of DA’s rules.

2. Anime only no cosplay.

3. No hentai, porn or nudity.

4.All types of media is welcome.

This means no screenshots, edits, colour overs etc. If bases or references were used in your drawing, please credit the original artist.

6. Submit work you're proud of! We want to see your best!

7. Yaoi and Yuri is allowed but keep it PG.

8. Be nice when commenting other artest. No bad mouthing please.

9. Work that is not your own, including traces, screen shots, ART THEFT will NOT be tolerated!

10. Coloring of other people’s work if no permission has been given is not allowed, however collaborations are fine, with permission and links to all that worked on the piece.

11.There are consequences for severe offenses such as art theft, or harassment of other members
Small offense (Submitting to the wrong folder) - everyone makes mistakes, there will be no punishment for this
Harassment - Warnings (varying by severity). If this continues to be a problem, it will result in a ban from the group
Severe Offense (Art theft) - We will ask you to remove the deviation. If you do not, there will be an immediate ban and we will report you to dA. If this becomes a habit, you will be reported with no warning or hesitation. Don’t steal other people’s art!



Group Info

This group is for those who like the supernatural from vampires to werewolves to witch's and everything else related to the supernatural. All is welcome to join.
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Aug 6, 2011


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There is a new folder for your plant based OC characters.
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Gallery Folders

Rise Kujikawa from Persona4 by Daikazoku63
Qiqi - Genshin Impact Fanart by Daikazoku63
Baragon rises again! by Shon2
Msh by Shon2
OC Vampires
Finished YCH | Destruction by Akiyamy
Lucelia Bathory by Cazuuki
Outfit meme - sfw by Animefanka
I Wanna Do More by HaraaJubilee
OC Witch's,Wizards, ect...
Witch Girl by EricMHE
Golden dragon (EXTRA,+NSFW optional). by TattiArt
Unexpected snow (+NSFW optional). by TattiArt
A Woman of the Battle Field by HaraaJubilee
OC Ghost, Spirits ect...
Ghost Girl by Zliva
Tsurara Onna by ebonydragon
OC Shapeshifter's
Magma Slime by ThanatosRising
Toxic Slime by ThanatosRising
Panini by SkyHunter2009
Slime by ThanatosRising
OC Demon's
HB: Karaoke Night by HaraaJubilee
Finished YCH by Akiyamy
Finished YCH by Akiyamy
Semat Addida by Cazuuki
OC Zombie's
Ash by InkRoseArt

Mature Content

20210220 Redraw - Nekocon10 by kitty-eared-girl
HAPPY HALLOWEEN ~ by NatsuLannister
Sewing Workshop ~ PINK BONES by NatsuLannister
OC Genie's, Djinn, ect...
A Small Problem by ebonydragon
Fits Like a Charm by ebonydragon
Genial Breeze by ebonydragon
Genie by Laet-lyre
OC Mermaid's, Mercreatures
Happy Mermay by HaraaJubilee
Heroes Want Redheads by HaraaJubilee
Arctic Breath by HaraaJubilee
Beyond The Sea by HaraaJubilee
OC Fairies, Pixie's ect...
Vyzeris. Commission. by TattiArt
OC Dragons
Tchr by Shon2
OC Aliens
Heiya Heiya by Shon2
OC Angel's
HB: Warlord of Kindness by HaraaJubilee
OC Monsters, Creatures ect...
(OPEN) - Cattaroach adopts #1-4 (Discounted) by Shon2
OC Andriods, Robots, Cyborgs...ect
Inv[al]id by Cazuuki
OC Hybrids
CD: My Colorful Family by HaraaJubilee
OC Groups
CD: Fiery Taurus and Floral Leo by HaraaJubilee
OC Elves
Saree of Emerald and Gold by HaraaJubilee
OC Doll's, Puppets...ect.
Creepypasta Ref: FJ by Lea-Lu
OC Animal People
Airi 2 by SkyHunter2009
OC Bug people
Scorpion Warrior by InkRoseArt
OC Centaurs

Mature Content

Anya | Reference Sheet by Lady0fRed
OC Naga's
Giveaway Prize for HinataFox790 by Animefanka
OC Plant Creatures
Flower girls by Mckinnon2004
OC Others
CD: New Encounters by HaraaJubilee
Fanart and Fanfiction
Looking Good In Black by HaraaJubilee

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