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Fantasy , Scifi UNEXPLANABLE Art only!

Supernatural art 2021 logo by StarsColdNight
ART THEFT ALERT Phoenixrisingstock Supernatural-art - All-Artists - HighQualityArt - Digital-Art-Club - PsychoArtistUnitedNOT LEGITIMATE STOCKS AND HOW TO REPORT THEM by Wesley-Souza DEVIANTART USERS SHARING STOCKS WE DO NOT ACCEPT by Wesley-Souza PICSART APP CONTENT IS ILLEGAL. HOW I DETECT STOLEN STOCKS.,DA stockers I do not recommendJune 14, 2021This list is updated every time I find proof ofUser @ONMYKNEESFORGOD -- Marquisarmon & @Phoenixrisingstock likes to crop out Artworks that dont belong to him, after asking him to read about © he hid those, ,this was his response and blocked me., I already contacted some of the owners but...this is a warning for those groups accepting his works.Please deleted all the works you did with MY stocks,,,Belongs Henning Ludvigsen ,belongs to @AndrewDobell ,,,,His stocks accounts is also full of stolen photos and 3D resources from google.His stocks account Phoenixrisingstock former Amonstock.,texture 14 belongs to FrostBoThis is not the first time I talked to him about ©, did too back when he was Amonstock , that's why Im posting it here, people keep using his stocks and is just a mess.,Texture belongs to Frostbo.Amys house belongs to Andrew Dobell Bond yard belongs to Staring contest Flowers wont grow belongs to Gd08 Haunted belongs to Andrew D Death belongs to Ironshod ,
We accept only a VISUAL characteristic

Welcome and Submission rules,LEGAL STOCKS - DONATORS LIST - NEWSLETTER - FEATURESWelcome! Please read before joining Here are the rules to keep up..please feel free to send a note if you have any question! We don't decline fantasy and sweet things as long as it follows the rules so don't be fooled by the name of our group If you dont like how I do things here, feel free to leave a Advice, Not an Insult. I have a life outside DA too and do my best for this place to grow. We reserve the right to decline your work if we don´t feel it fits the group even if its fantasy/scifi. Please read our rules below and have fun!PS: if you have a inquiry, please send it via Note, we do not accept bashing or harassing here neither Wrong folder submission are declined on sight.We are not a group about THE TV SERIES, we accept them if they show visible fantasy/darkness/scifi, but not plain characters.Select the right folder for your work according to the category of it. If you are not sure, ask the admins.All submissions must contain a supernatural/fantasy/scifi thing/person in the art. We accept only a VISUAL characteristic. If you have a vampire i wanna see the fangs, if you have a demon i wanna see the part that's makes it a demon,etc.Works that have the pubic area NOT covered goes in to the Nude artworks folder no matter what media it is. The rest goes in the other folders. Sexual content is not allowed.All submissions must be in average QUALITY. BLURRY and out of focus will be DECLINED.All submissions must have ALL RESOURCES used written in the comment with proper LINK to them if they are not yours. Read our rules about legal sites first here and don't complain later. Add the DIRECT links to them, even if they are purchased or add in the description if they are yours.Manips Add link or screenshot with the OK when using non stock Photos with permission for your manips. The comment or acceptance of the owner must be visible somewhere. I will not go out of my way to find it.Sketches, IDs, Scraps, Selfies and WIPs are not accepted. Traditional works that where photo shoot and not properly cropped will not be accepted. Artisan craft goes to our Photography folder , shot without your hands in them if possible, choose a place and take the photo without any distractions around.The submissions limits are 3 per week. If the submission expired, feel free to resubmit, I am alone here voting.We dont accept insults to any kind of religion or people.. That goes from racism to any kind of ideals. No violence against children or animals. Excessive gore if declined but @PsychoArtistUnited would love it! Self harm is declined.Photos from celebrities or any other kind of pictures from Google is NOT STOCK and will not be accepted. Read Legal Stock Sites - Photo resources for more info.Don´t submit art that was MADE for you and that you have submitted in your own gallery. Only the owner and artist can submit directly here. You can request a submission from the Artist´s gallery.Collages or screenshots are declined. We dont take personal advertisement unless payed for it. Read Affiliates news If the work is a exact copy of the original art of some one else, will be declined. You can be inspired by that Art but make it your own without copying.Artists please submit only your fav shot of a series if you have one, similar photos/drawings will ve declined, only one will prevail. No collages of your gallery, submit the individuals if you have them.Literature submit Your Texts only, not © poems, songs or stories, etc. We accept only the first 3 chapters of your Novels. It must contain something supernatural, unreal, etc.3D Artwork & Fractals Direct links to 3D assets are required if they are not made by you. Remember Game platforms or 3D showrooms of cars or characters are NOT stocks.FOLDERS:3D Artwork & Fractals. Game platforms or 3D showrooms of cars or characters are NOT stocks. Direct links to 3D assets are required if they are not made by you.Digital Paintings and Drawings (Full digital paintings, or Portraits with full detailed backgrounds and everything digitally painted. Credit your references and brushes. Dibujos digitales completos hechos en la computadora. Credits a recursos usados, texturas, pinceles,etc. Photo manipulations Photo manipulations or mixed media. (Remember to add direct links to all stocks used or we will decline it without notice. Fotomontages usando 2 o mas imágenes, Credits a recursos usados, texturas, pinceles,etc. A photo retouch falls under Traditional media according to google.Comics, Characters, Animations, Pixels, Designs (Character sheets, subjects without backgrounds, Character designs with solid backgrounds and not elaborated backgrounds, Portraits without backgrounds or detailed backgrounds, any type of instruments, weapons, car designs.No sketched animations, must be at least shaded to be accepted.Gifs, animaciones, pixel, etc. Dibujos de personajes, diseños de cosas, sin fondo, ni propagandas de venta. Comic book pages/Covers, Book/CD Covers, Posters, Typography Designs, Merchandise designs) Posters, cubierta de libros, de comics, paginas de comics, tipografía,etc.Stocks and resources. (Premades, PNG, brushes, PSD, photography.) Recursos digitales para uso, pinceles, texturas, fotos. ,The Art Theft DiscussionJuly 7, 2015Art Theft

Wrong folder submissions are declined on sight.
If you want to know more about your declined submission, please send a Note, bashing the front page will get you nowhere, patience is key.

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Thanks so much to these groups for affiliating with us :hug:

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Helloooo Time to featured you guys!
Hope everybody had a nice day.
Welcome new members and watchers! Thank you for joining and thanks to the contributors of our galleries for letting me show your amazing works here.
So today, as each week I will open a space for all the members to get one work featured. This space is to help you out to get more exposure.
Holaaa es hora de destacar los trabajos de todos ustedes!
Espero que hallan tenido un gran día.
Bienvenidos nuevos miembros y watchers! Gracias por unirse a nuestro grupo y gracias a los artistas que nos dejan mostrar sus trabajos en nuestra galería.
Asi que hoy, como todas las semanas, abro un espacio para mostrar sus trabajos exclusivamente aquí!
En este espacio la calidad o desempeño no importan, sino la posibilidad de exponer y tener mas admiradores a lo largo del dia!!
A vita.
A butterfly on a staff on a Lalafell on a unicorn
Bonsai Tree
Dawnbringer Soraka
Commission : Marie
True Damage Yasuo
The moons of Lirba
Dark Shadow on the Este's Island (RPG map)
Fairy King
Calm Before the Swarm (for Mike)
Snacc timeee
Mossy Mermaid
Summer Duality
After the Accident
CMS | For Redwolfheart
[11] Mermay
Source of It All
Portrait for Ehren Bienert
Black decade 90s
Saskia by Lada Lyumos
Serenade the Fallen (commission)
Dragon bouquet
MerMay 2022 #9: Sealife
Eren Rumbling Titan
Final Judgement
Angel of Forest
Angel love
Fae - Full length Model Stock Reference 8
Self Portrait
No Posters Here
Atsushi, The Blazing Sky
Night city
Waiting Behind The Restaurant
Neon rainbow
Do you know me ?
Chicken chaser
Akali KDA
Water Witch
:COM: Oz
Finished YCH: Destruction
Miracle Night
Arei - Alternative Version
the crybaby
Time of Dragons
Kisara.  Tales of Arise
Light Fury
Sketch20220511 pt.2
Faerie Aerie
Zenos yae Galvus
Zhongli - Genshin Impact
Confident Confidants
(CLOSED) Bust adopt - 42
adopt auction open
OC Loti
Aldrich, devourer of Gods
Mine [The Death and Him]
Wild Hearts.
Cry Baby
Adoptable Auction #16 .[CLOSED] SB 50$
Night elf
light in the night
Black and white 7
A Cult Which Had Never Died
[OC Yu Chang] Sketch#12 Black Hawk
[Closed] Crow Beast
Keeper of Lost Friends (BW)
King of Spades
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