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Hi, this is a story I came up with in secondary school or my early days of college, though I think it was in secondary school. It was originally to be a part of a larger story, but now I’ve decided to make it into a standalone story. Hope you enjoy it!


The Story of Adeline

The morning light shone on her lilac hair as she slowly opened her eyes. She got up and looked around. Next to her bed was a diary that lay open somewhere along the middle of the book.

‘My name is Adeline’

‘And I have a peculiar problem’

‘I can only remember the events of the last day. When I go to sleep, my memories are erased and I start off with a blank slate each day. That’s why I keep the events of each day in a diary. Each time I wake up I read through my diary’.

Adeline was certainly a peculiar girl. She was 18 years old, had long lilac hair and sported an elegant yellow dress. She had a slightly quirky personality and was a little bit clumsy.


A voice came calling from behind her door. It was a deep, stern voice.

‘Adeline, it’s time to get to work!’

A handsome young man opened the door to Adeline’s room. He wore black clothing and had black hair, with red and blue streaks. He was about the same age as Adeline and had an ice-cold look in his eye.

Adeline gave him a funny look, as if she didn’t recognise him for a moment, and then it set in. This was the prince, the tyrannical man who had been bossying Adeline around. Every day he would shout at her, kick her and say horrible things to her. And she was expected to just comply, as she had written down in her notebook. He made her life a living hell.

Adeline walked out of her room and said ‘As you wish, Prince. What may I do for you today?’

‘For now, sweep the floors. I want them spotless!’ he said.

Adeline complied.

‘Hurry up!’ he said, gently kicking her with his foot’.


Meanwhile, a pink-haired girl was walking across a dessert. She had a small frame and wore all black, and enveloped herself with a long, black cloak. She took out her binoculars and saw a large palace-like building on the horizon.

‘Hmmmmm,’ she said.

‘I wonder if this is where the Prince lives?’




Adeline was getting tired from doing all the housework. She settled herself down and breathed a deep sigh.

‘Adeline,’ an old man in the palace said. He was a caretaker. ‘You can rest if you’d like to. I’ll cover for you’.

‘Thank you’, said Adeline.

Adeline stepped outside into the indoor garden that was situated in the middle of the palace. A lot of thoughts were running through her head. ‘Who am I? What am I doing here and why is the Prince treating me so badly?’ She sucked her finger and pondered.

At last, night came and she had a plan.

‘I’m not going to sleep tonight,’ she said. ‘I’m going to escape.’

She packed her things, including her dictionary, and sneaked out of her room. There was nobody in the hallway so she made a dash for the exit. As she was running, she wondered why there were no guards around. Then she saw it.

A young girl, not much younger than Adeline herself, was standing in the middle of the hallway.

‘Who might you be?’ she said with a smile.

‘I’m- My name is Adeline’, she said.

‘I’m Skye’, the mysterious girl said. ‘Pleasure to meet you. What are you doing in a place like this?’

‘I’m the Prince’s servant’, said Adeline.

‘The prince’s servant, huh?’

‘So do you want to get out of here?’

‘I’m escaping’, she said.

‘Then come with me’, said the girl. ‘I just came to take something away from the prince. It’s an old artefact belonging to my village’

They held each other by the hand and dashed outside, into the arid desert.

‘We can set up camp here’, said the girl. ‘It’s getting late, why don’t we talk this through tomorrow?’

Adeline complied. She warned Skye about her memory problem though, which Skye listened to in an understanding manner.

But overnight, some creature stole Adeline’s diary. The next morning, Adeline’s memory was blank as a goldfish.

‘Where’s your diary?’ Skye asked in a flustered voice.

Adeline didn’t know what she was talking about.

‘Your diary!’ she said.

‘Ohh, don’t tell me you don’t remember anything!’ Skye said in an exasperated voice. ‘What will I do?’

Adeline looked around confusedly and just sat there, expressionless.

‘Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to explain everything,’ she said.

Skye explained the entire set of events to Adeline.



In the castle, the prince was furious! ‘Where is Adeline?!!’ he shouted. ‘We must find her at once!’

The Prince was completely flustered, much more flustered than he should have been for a mere servant.

The whole palace went on a hunt for her.


Deep down in the city, beyond the palace, was a research lab. Inside the research lab was a giant brain. If one were to walk past it, they could hear it, thumping, thumping. It was connected from all sides by wires.

‘I’m from the village of Olica’, said Skye. ‘I’m after the city of Wistonza for what it did to my village. I’m an enemy of the Prince’.

‘Gramps told me to forgive them, but I couldn’t’.

‘You work for the Prince, so I guess that makes us enemies too’, she said.

‘Oh no’, said Adeline. ‘The Prince is nothing but mean to me. ‘I’m not on his side’.

‘Well that makes things a little better’, Skye said.

‘Let’s wreak havoc on Wistonza together, shall we?’

‘I think I’ll pass’, said Adeline.

‘Jeez, alright’ said Skye, looking a bit let down.

Skye and Adeline travelled the lands, learning new things and finding new things along the way. However, after a few days they were met with an army of people. These were from the Prince’s army.

‘Adeline’, a young man stepped down to greet them. ‘We’ve found you’.

‘Who are you?’ she said. ‘Don’t tell me you were sent here by the Prince? To get me back?’

‘That is precisely what we’ve been sent to do.’

‘No, I don’t want to go back!’ she said.

‘It’s too late, we have no choice but to recapture you.’

Skye resisted. ‘You’ll have to get through me first’, she said.

But before they knew it, they were surrounded by soldiers.

‘These numbers’, Skye said. ‘They’re too much…’

‘It’s hopeless’, Skye put down her weapons. Her face showed a strained expression. ‘You have to go, Adeline’.

‘But Skye’, Adeline said.

Skye clenched her fists. ‘Go on’.

Skye made a solemn face as Adeline boarded the ship.

‘Damnit’, she said.


In the city of Wisconza, the brain continued to beat.


Adeline apologised to the Prince.

‘I’m so sorry!’ she blurted.

‘How could you do such a thing? You witch!’ He shouted.

He took her by the shoulders and started shaking her. ‘You fool!’

Adeline was being shaked around, but through the corner of her eyes she thought she saw tears in the Prince’s eyes.

Back in her room, Adeline made a new diary and wrote about the events of the day. She was quite shaken up by the events of the day, so she went to bed early.

Adeline was fast asleep. The Prince entered the room quietly to check on her. ‘Oh Adeline’, tears were streaming down his eyes. He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

The next day, Adeline woke up with a blank memory yet again.

She did her chores yet again.

The Prince was still shouting at her and hitting her.

Just the same old day.

Adeline was miserable.


In the city of Wistonza, something big was happening.

The brain was sitting dormant, wired up from all sides. This was a special brain that was said to belong to a monster from long ago. It was now connected to Adeline's brain and stored all her memories. The memories would be stored over to the brain each night when she went to sleep.

This brain was dangerous.

It was stored in a secret laboratory underground.

There was one scientist that worked in the laboratory. He was tired of being pushed around all the time by the other scientists in the lab. He wanted to wreak havoc on the world. He went up to the brain and he flicked a switch and the ground around him started shaking. He ran outside and the buildings were moving. It was like a giant earthquake was happening all around him.

Skye was on the outskirts of the city when she saw what was going on. The whole city was moving around as if it were alive. She dashed over.

The Prince saw what was going on outside and called Adeline out. They watched in dismay as their city was eating itself up. Civilians were being eaten up by the ground moving about and there were screams wherever one looked.

Skye arrived on the scene.

‘I have to stop the brain from eating up the city’, she said.

Skye ran into Adeline on the way to the lab.

‘Adeline, what are you doing here?’ she asked.

‘This is all my fault’, Adeline said. ‘I’m attached to the brain. It stores all my memories.’

‘That doesn’t matter’, Skye said. ‘We need to stop it’.

Adeline agreed.

They both ran across the city, with the ground moving up and down and parts of buildings crashing down in front of them. At last they reached the lab and found the brain.

The brain started transforming and what looked like arms and legs started spouting from the brain. They shot at Skye and she jumped against a wall. She then bounced off the wall and jumped straight toward the brain. She kicked it twice and its arms lunged at her. She dodged and punched the brain. The brain delivered a fury of attacks against Skye and she dodged each one, until she was hit by one punch. She smashed into the wall and fell down, clutching at her back. Skye stood up again and went for the centre of the brain.

Meanwhile Adeline was watching what was going on and looked flustered; She didn’t know what to do.

Skye was fighting the brain and gave it one last kick. The brain made a screaming sound and started transforming. It rushed towards the wall and broke through the roof.

There was now a huge clump of mass coming up in a stream, hovering above the city. The civilians were terrified.

The brain used its hands to make a lunge at one of the buildings. It was smashed into pieces, and the people inside it were falling out.

‘We have to do something, and quick!’ said Skye.

They rushed outside. Skye took out her sword and started slashing at the brain. ‘Why won’t you die!’ she shouted.

The brain squirted a strange substance out of itself and it splattered all over the city. It then emitted fire and put fire to the city.

This was becoming too much for Skye and Adeline. ‘What can we do!’ said Jacqueline.

Then Adeline stepped forward.

‘I’ll do something about it’, she said.

She walked over to the brain and reached its root. ‘Listen to me’, she said.

‘I am your owner. You must do as I say. All those memories, they are mine. They are fuelling you. Give them back to me and begone!’

A white light emitted from Adeline. She could see all the memories, all that had happened to her, the pain, the sorrow. All the memories of her being abused by the Prince resurfaced.


The prince was standing behind her.

‘Prince, why?’ Adeline asked.

‘You must remember now’, he said. ‘You were left for dead by your parents, and you were taken in by us’.

‘I loved you from the moment I set eyes on you’.

‘But then we learned that you were connected to the brain of that legendary monster. Your thoughts and memories were all stored in that brain. And that brain could not be destroyed by normal weapons. So we had no choice’.

‘In order to weaken the brain, I had to give you bad memories. I knew you at least wouldn’t be traumatised by them, since your memories were erased each day.’

‘But I loved you. I wanted to be kind to you’, he said. ‘That was all I ever wanted to do’.

‘But I couldn’t’.

‘I can’t forgive you’, said Adeline. ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t’.

‘That’s understandable’, said the Prince.

‘But’, said Adeline, ‘Can we at least work together to destroy this brain, once and for all?’

‘I’m with you’, said the Prince.

‘I’ll attack the brain with my whole army’, said the Prince.

‘And I’ll deliver the finishing blow’, said Adeline.

The army shot beams at the brain and Adeline opened her arms. From her arms came a beam of light and it shot straight at the brain. There was a huge, blinding, white light, and then, nothing. The brain had been destroyed.

‘Adeline, you did it!’ shouted Skye. But just when she thought that, human shaped figures emerged from what looked like the remains of the brain. Jacqueline destroyed them all with her sword, with help from Adeline and the city’s army.

‘We did it!’ Jacqueline shouted.

The Prince looked weak.

‘Justice has been served’, the Prince said. ‘Adeline, are you alright?’ This was the first time the Prince had shown real concern for Adeline.

‘I am’, she said with a smile. ‘Thank you Prince’.

‘You have all your memories now, and you will probably never lose them again. I can’t take back what I’ve done to you’, said the Prince.

‘It’s alright’, said Adeline. Adeline was too kind, and to naive, for better or worse, to stay angry at the Prince.

‘I forgive you’, said Adeline.

‘You’re too kind for me’, said the Prince.

‘If I were to live on, I would love to stay by you and protect you forever, but I cannot say whether that would be for the better or worse, for a villain like me’.

‘You’re not just a villain’, Adeline said. ‘If you hadn’t damaged the brain like that, it probably would have overpowered us, even if that was through me that you were doing the damage’, she said. ‘But what do you mean by ‘If I were to live on?’

‘I have a disease’, he said, ‘Inflicted on me by the same race that inflicted you with yours. There is a crystal embedded in my chest. And I don’t have long to live. When the crystal turns completely green, which it nearly has, I will die. But I’m happy to have met you’, he said.

Adeline just stood there, bewildered. She didn’t know what to think of the man that used to abuse her, now facing this fate.

The Prince was admitted to the hospital shortly afterwards, as the area was being cleared up after the huge battle. There had been many casualties.

‘That was an evil man’, said Skye.

‘You think so?’ said Adeline.

The two young women stood side by side, watching the civilians clear up the city.

‘You know, I wanted revenge on this kingdom for destroying my village’, said Skye, ‘But I never wanted it to come down to this. Many innocent civilians were killed, and I hate that’, she said.


Adeline sat by the Prince’s bed in the hospital. ‘I’ll always love you’, said the Prince.

‘I know’, said Adeline, as the Prince slipped away.

Adeline stood in a grassy field. She rested her hand on the strap of her backpack. ‘I’m going to find my parents, and what happened to my people’, she said, as she set off into the distance.

The End


©2018 Kiara Lee (Kiara Llewellyn) All Rights Reserved

phsychopastaprince Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2018
Nice story! Also, is Jacqueline skye, or was it just a typo?
Supern-0-va Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2018   Digital Artist
Sorry my bad, Jacqueline is meant to be Skye! *D
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