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Hey everyone, there's something that bugged me from last year but I never made it public cause I didn't find the right time or I was too shy or whatever, but there's a hostel in South Korea I should really bring to your attention.

They're called...

The Time Traveller's Party Hostel.

They don't seem like such a bad hostel upon first glance but their staff are bullies and extremely rude. While I was in my dorm room I heard them talking outside, they said I was such a whore and implied that I was going to get drunk and have sex with a lovely man I had just met who welcomes and interacts with people who have traveled to Seoul. Not only were they insulting me but they were picking on this poor guy who had done nothing but nice things for us travelers.

If you want to go to Seoul, please avoid this hostel and look elsewhere, for a place with staff that behave like they're supposed to and aren't a menace to the people staying there or its associates.

Thanks for reading,

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Submitted on
December 12, 2018