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Kiara Lee
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To the bullies:
If you call me a slut, tramp or a whore, you are a misogynist.
If you call me a scumbag, you might as well be calling yourself one because only scumbags go up to or walk past people and call them scumbags.
If you call me a molester or a rapist you are a douchebag and should get your head checked because you are so depraved, and I hope no one ever has to deal with you, person who could themselves be a molester since they seem to enjoy calling other people molesters so much. Just fuck off, you germ.
If you believe or at least pretend to believe that I raped someone and deleted the memories at will because I somehow knew how to delete any memories I don't want at will (not even just traumatic memories), knew in advance that someone would use advanced and unrevealed technology to pry into my memories, and that I would or could actually rape someone, and you actually believe or at least pretend to believe this is all even possible, you, sir or madam, are an absolute idiot in desperate need of more education.

If you call me anything other than my name, Kiara, or my username, Supern-0-va or Nova, chances are you are a bully and would be better off somewhere in hell. Maybe you should learn a thing or two about minding your own business, you pathetic bully.
Please read: I'm looking for two people that I might take legal action against, but I don't know their identities. One (I think a teenage) girl from Japan wrote about me groping her, and another (I think a six year old) girl wrote a book with her father about being raped by me. They are both dangerous con artists and the sooner they are brought to justice, the better. Please if you could provide me with more information about these people, I would be very greatful and would like to take swift action to take them down.
Please read: I am also being targeted by the government (I'm pretty sure it's the government), who are taking peeping videos of me and my thoughts and is broadcasting them to the world. If you can find some evidence of this happening, please please show me.
Finally, for those of you who are confused about what's going on, there's a hoard of bullies and predators that are bullying me and starting smear campaigns. Don't mind them, just stay away from them and don't try to be friends with them. Thank you.
Let's not let these rotten apples spoil the fun!
Hi I'm Supernova, but you can call me Nova. I make art and comics.

In my free time I draw art and comics, and I am also proficient in the Japanese language. I passed the N2 of the JLPT exams and a mock exam in school for the N1.

I like animals and have a lovely little black cat that gets tired from being petted too much. xD

I would like to be able to travel more.

I am also interested in learning how to photo read, if anybody knows how to, please tell me, I would be forever greatful.

If photo reading has become widespread, I was the one responsible for making photo reading known worldwide.

My comic Area 9:

My old account: :iconcrystalceo:

Upcoming conventions:

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

Commissions are OPEN! (Link here ->

I think the world has reached a point where Ghandi's quote no longer applies (maybe it never did) but I still want to believe in it. I want to believe that there are still morally just people out there.

Hooray for Gandhi quotes!

'We are not defined by what happens to us but by the choices we make'

So, people have been saying I have these amazing powers: The power to delete memories as I wish! Now I thought this was ridiculous, but lately I’ve realised, hey you’re right! I have these amazing memory deletion powers. I blocked out a traumatic memory. Round of applause to the ridiculously smart people that came up with the idea that one can just delete memories they don’t like from their brain at will!

Moving on, let me talk about the memory I was able to delete: This is kind of hard to say but I was raped by a man and his daughter, the girl who I only know by the name I Got Raped By A Paedophile, named after a book she wrote that was full of made up facts, and a nameless man who is her father. I somehow managed to recover the memory of this ordeal at least partially today.

What happened:

One evening I went for a walk to the village/town of Lusk which is about half an hour’s walk away from my house. Nothing unusual happened until I started walking back, and realised there was a little girl walking behind me. I thought it was strange that she was walking this far away from the village but thought it better not to poke my nose into other people’s business. However as we reached the countryside the girl started saying weird things. She shouted ‘Go away scumbag!’ and kept walking behind me. I was really creeped out by now but kept walking and went home.

I thought I was safe now but a few minutes after arriving home I heard the door open. It was the girl. She walked inside and asked me if I liked porn. She said she liked watching child porn. I didn’t like the direction this was heading and told her to get out but she wouldn’t listen. She told me to lie down and I said no. She came up and started hitting me and I tried to push her back. Then I noticed the sound of a car in the driveway and the front door opened and a man came in. The girl said ‘Dad’! He walked up to the daughter and said something to her and fumbled around in his bag, and gave her a dildo. All he said was ‘You know what to do’. They backed me into a corner. They both pulled down my jeans and underwear and the man pinned me to the ground. I fought and shouted but there was nobody nearby. The man pulled down his jeans and took advantage of me. The daughter watched and when the ordeal was over he gave her a nod and, with the man still holding me down, she tried feeling me up and then stuck her dildo into me. I screamed but nobody heard me.

When it was over they both left the house and got into the father’s car and drove away.

I was petrified and confused and didn’t know what to do.

I think it was around then that the incident started fading from my memory, but I’m not sure. I just think I would have gone to the police station if something had happened to me, which is why I think the memory disappeared shortly after the rape. That or/and I might have doubted that the police would believe I was raped by a little girl. Either way I was traumatised for as long as I could remember it and I think deleting the memory helped me cope a whole lot.

Later that evening the father drove around the neighbourhood saying I raped his daughter. He seemed like the same person that came into my house and raped me anyway. The probability was very high. The irony.

So, what happens was they both raped me, then tried to cover up their crime by saying the culprit was me. I can’t believe I forgot about this. I guess this is the cost of deleting your memories. This is so low.

Just one problem; Because my memories are fuzzy, I forget what the girl and man looked like. If you know who they are, please tell me.

So, I was raped by a man and his daughter, and I didn’t like this memory so I miraculously deleted it from my mind and replaced it with another memory. Wow! I’m like an AI! Who knows what else I can do with this ability. Give me a nobel prize! I deserve it after all this. And send these two molesters to prison. I will never fully recover from this and what they took away from me. And how dare they put the crime to my name after what they did! Let’s put an end to rapists like this!

I guess not everyone is full of shit. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction and helping me figure out what happened, special power accusers! You cleared everything up! I wouldn’t have figured it out without you.

Read my story of survival here: 

My Story of Survival (updated)Here is an updated version of My Story of Survival (The World's Most Massive Bullying Incident)
The nightmare fueled disaster
Everything I write here is serious, not a joke.
I have always been an artist and a comic book writer. My life was normal until it was ruined by many people and organisations. I will talk about it in more detail here.
Before you read the rest I should give you a short explanation on autism, aspergers syndrome and pervasive personality disorder.
The autism spectrum is a wide spectrum of disabilities which are characterised by bad social skills and some developmental problems. Aspergers syndrome is a branch of autism which is characterised by bad social skills and problems with executive functioning. People with this disorder can sometimes be very good at cloaking their symptoms. Pervasive personality disorder is something that unlike normal aspergers, is not something you are born with but something that is aqcuired throughout one's lifet


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