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Kiara Lee
Artist | Digital Art
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To the bullies:
If you call me a slut, tramp or a whore, you are a misogynist and an idiot.You don't seem to understand what a whore is, shame on you. Look it up.
If you call me a scumbag, you might as well be calling yourself one because only scumbags go up to or walk past people and call them scumbags.
If you call me a molester or a rapist you are a douchebag and should get your head checked because you are so depraved and misled, and I hope no one ever has to deal with you, person who could themselves be a molester since they seem to enjoy calling other people molesters so much. Just get lost. If you genuinely believe this (which I somehow doubt) you need to read about how the human brain works.
If you call me a paedophile, you really need to explain yourself.
Let's not let these rotten apples spoil the fun!
Hi I'm Supernova, but you can call me Nova. I make art and comics.

I made a purple cat my mascot because a) purple is my favourite colour and b) like a cat I have many lives. I am a survivor of bullying and smear campaigns and I manage to survive each time. I am by no means perfect but I'm proud of having come this far. I may be one of the only decent people left. *bows* Thank you, thank you. The mascot's design is still under work.

In my free time I draw art and comics, and I am also proficient in the Japanese language. I passed the N2 of the JLPT exams and a mock exam in school for the N1.

I like animals and cute things and have a lovely little black cat that gets tired from being petted too much. xD

I am a feminist who wants to create more comics with cool female characters.

I would like to be able to travel more.

Can anyone tell me if they can photo read?

Apparently someone is saying I said I hate all women but dude, does that even make any sense??? Don't be an idiot. Does a feminist that hates all women make ANY sense to you?

Please see me for myself rather than all the retarded bullies I've run into.

Come in to look at my profile. Don't worry, I won't bite unless you make me to.

I have a slight disability which some lowlifes like to use an excuse to pick on me.

If you want to know more about me and what's going on with me, see here:…

My story of survival (long):…

I went on a tangent so had to put it somewhere else. xD

Please support me, against the bullying or even just my art. Either way it means a lot to me. <3

People I Hate: People that oppress women, people that pick on people in vulnerable positions (such as people with disabilities), people that question my integrity and people that make up false rumours.

People I Like: People that are kind, people that don't take advantage of people in more vulnerable positions than themselves, people that are ambitious.

My comic Area 9:

My old account: :iconcrystalceo:

Upcoming conventions:

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

Commissions are OPEN! (Link here ->

I think the world has reached a point where Ghandi's quote no longer applies (maybe it never did) but I still want to believe in it. I want to believe that there are still morally just people out there.

Hooray for Gandhi quotes!

'We are not defined by what happens to us but by the choices we make'
Happy New Year! What kinds of resolutions did you make? I for one need to draw more guys. :D

I just made an account on Art Station if anyone's interested! Link here:

May this year go well!



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