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Vinyl Scratch Rocking

Credit for the original drawing goes to the talented Garrett Gilchrist AKA tygerbug :icontygerbug:

This vector was very fun to make. Even though she's a DJ, the electric guitar suits her very well. Now with canon eyes.

SVG: [link]

Red Eye Version (IMO better colors): [link]

Click here for a cool poster version of this: [link]

Red Eye Poster: [link]
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What's she holding in her left hoof?:) (Smile) :)
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That is very nice like the details!
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her eyes are red in the show when she has her glasses off they look different then ren red due to the lighting :)
JIN-KOR's avatar
is look like joe satriani signature guitar..
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I used it here please take a look and thank you :)
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I used your job with link. [link]
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Not only she is a DJ, she's a guitarist too! XD AWESOME!
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I saw someone spraypainted this in Team Fortress 2.
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Used here [link] , around the 1:00 mark. Thanks!
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I used your vector here: [link]
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Used the red-eye version here [link] and here [link] Basically the same wallpaper..One is just sepia xD
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I used this in a wallpaper here: [link]
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I used your Vector Here: [link]
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Made an icon that you can ponify your Spotify with :XD: Here: [link]

Love this vector!
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I created this largely based off your design [link]

I hope you don't mind, its just your image was so perfect for Vy's charcter I couldn't help myself and it also inspired some Octavia art as well.

I fust wanted to thank you and say that your vector not only got me off my flank for a change but was got me to finish off my portfolio which got me my first job in industry.

So thanks...
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You're welcome!

Could you also include :icontygerbug: in the credit since it's his line-art I used?
Spiritofgenerosity's avatar
Not a problem.

Thank you agian...
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Used: [link]

it's a free background, no profit to me or anyone else.
Thanks for the kewl vector!
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Thanks for letting me know. Could you also credit :icontygerbug: as he contributed significantly to the vector?
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Oh, certainly! :D
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Do You mind if I slightly edit it, add some text and put on a t-shirt? :)
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Sure, as long as you don't sell the shirt or anything.
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