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The Avengers - Deviant User Meme

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Remember these days when people who hate a user still look up their art? It's just like on YouTube when people still watches their videos like Angry Grandpa and McJuggerNuggets.

But in here, i find it weird that people who hate a user on this site, still look up their art. That doesn't make any sense. Like Koosko, people don't need to look up a art from a user that they hate.Facepalm 

The Avengers, Iron Man © Marvel, Disney
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Thank you very much.Tony Smirk 
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I would just ignore it if I don't like the deviant.
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Yeah, and especially, whenever theirs an person out there having different opinions or stating the facts, and not to mention, they also get so offended whenever their a person out there hating something that many people like, and this picture meme that you made, is me with the fans/fandom right now. 
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Thus, people do hate arts about it.
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I look at koosko's art because I want to see how much hate he gets ):D

plz forgive me I have sinned
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Wait , Marvel Is Sold By Disney?
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Yes. Since The Avengers.
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I kinda do that as well - It's more to do with getting a broader picture of someone than anything else.

(what if I mistook them? What if they're just a troll? ...)
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