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Walfas Life (nontraditional) 0.5

Now then, this version is not the only version and it works a bit differently than normal. You take 6 Andysnaps The first one is your best friend, the second one is who hates you, the third one is who kissed you first, the fourth one is who has a crush on you, the 5th one is who marries you, and then you make a panel of a love child of you and your newly wed, and the last one is who cockblocks you.
Here is a list of the DNAs on the gif that might be hard to find

Also, Unknown and Daemoniken are custom props so check around in the wagon for em
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I mean I'm fairly sure someone made a better version to use already. If that's what you're asking.
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so you're not taking dna submissions?
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I see no reason to atm. I feel like I might delete this later even if I can find the other one I mentioned earlier.
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3.39:Talos Angel:100:82:141:0:0:0:92:58:0:0:0:FEFDA3
Just in case you want to.

Silly, neato idea, btw.

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Fire away! *Hides in bunker*
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3.39:anna lee:63:169:219:273:195:9:61:3:0:96:0:D6CBDE
go nuts 
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Best Friend : Sam
Hated by: Zidbond
First Kiss: Seeker
Has a Crush on you: HoorayCirno
Is married to: Sam
Cockblocked by: Will
I don't recognize any of em except for Will.
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yeah, I'm working on this thing's update, but I'll admit it might have even more unfamiliar faces. Sorry about that ^^;
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Go nuts. :3
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If ya need my DNA
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can you add me?
here's my DNA
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Do you think you could add me?

My DNA is: 3.39:Chrono:100:196:192:216:3:3:1:0:0:1:0:FBFF6C

(You're going to have edit it to have my dark skin though...)
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This is gonna cause a lot of-:iconutsuhoplz: WTF-:iconnuclearplz:
Damn bird! MEDIC!
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Best friend: Dun(is his full name Dun Dun Duuuun?!)
Hated by: Spaz(Sorry I ate the last cookie :<)
kiss: Doctor(Doct-WHO THE HELL WOULD DO THAT?!)
crush: Cassandra(Purple hair O_O it's so cool!)
Marriage: Noraneko(Yippee!)
cockblocked: Jackie(Aww man...)
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Best friend:Dun(is there full name Dun Dun Duuuun?)
Hated by: Tan(Why?! I did nothing!*hides picture of Tan and a marker with a mustache*)
Kiss: Doctor(Doct-WHO THE HELL?!)
Crush: Cash(Pet me pwease?)
Married: Uschi(Ahoge...*flicks it* It's so entertaining!)
Cockblocked: Noraneko(Aww...why?)
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That's a pretty great set of results there, and yeah, all I know Dun by is Dun and that's all I could have "dun" because of it
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