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Ninpeachlover's 2020 Art Summary by ninpeachlover
2011 Art Summary by paratroopaCx
The Ultimate Concert of Light by Enlightened-Titan
Wah by ninjaman920
Super Mario Masterpieces
Mario Art Jam by Parororo
Parasol Princess by Yutaan
Mario and Luigi by Tarees
Waaaaaahrio Brothers by Themrock
The Day Of The Coronation / Drown Her by randyproject
Tower of ice cream by GeekytheMariotaku77
Crepe by GeekytheMariotaku77
Drawing - Mario by SimplisticDrawings
Weegee by DoodToon
Luigi - Here Comes the Sun by pikachu-25
Give me my friends back or else! by DasGnomo
CEO Luigi and Mr L sheet - Mushroom Kingdom AU by DasGnomo
Princess Peach
Always Peach  by ninpeachlover
Desert Peach by CoconCrash
.* Dekiagari! *. by PeachyPinkcess
Princess Peach Fan Art by jonnisalazar
Princess Daisy
Princess Daisy by EnlyArt
Daisy by natataeaq
Princess Daisy (Super Mario) by ThenameisNoName
Daisy Snap by Shardanic
Yoshi and Birdo
Egg stock by AceDojoFox
Woashi, it's a double Yoshi exploshi by sniffsniffs
~ b a l a n c e ~ by blueyoshiegg
Sleeping By The Lake by DeviantYoshi64
Toadette and Peachette by MiaMaryPunkt
Builder Toadette by SuperChrisPlus
Toad by AceDojoFox
Toadette by NeoCyania
Rosalina and Luma (Super Mario Galaxy) by ThenameisNoName
Rosalina and Luma by MiaMaryPunkt
Princess Rosalina by LadyKaya333
Golfer Rosalina by SarukaiWolf
Wario Brothers and CO
Bowser, Koopalings and Bowser Jr
.+A Very Good Father+. by Coco-Praline
Donkey Kong And CO
Commission: Donkey Kong Space Marine by Foxhatart
Paper Mario and Mario RPG Partners
Paper Mario : Autumn Shogun by EggmanFan91
Baddies and Bosses
DR Bowser calls DR King Boo by OptiMario94
Other Characters
Smol Mary o by randyproject
Group Pictures
NES - Now you're playing with power! by VixDojoFox
Mario Collaboration
Massive Mario Collaboration by DrZime
Mario Suits Collaboration
Super Mario Suits Collaboration by DrZime
Contest 07 - Mario Odyssey Kingdoms
The Knight of the Ruined Kingdom by Villaman89
SPM: Oh, and by the way... by LittleSakis-Aubade
[Comm] The Adventurous Duo by Azuhreidii
Items, power-ups and others
Mario Wooden Box by snowtigra
Young Heroes by Dog22322

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Welcome to the Super Mario club!


Tired of Mario groups flooded by nsfw images and fan characters? Well, this is the place for you!

This Super Mario group will be accessible to all age groups, and all artistic levels, so join in and have fun!


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I'm Ninpeachlover and I'm the new founder of the group. I have been a founder for two days and I noticed that this group doesn't seem to be as organized. I saw a lot of drawings in the wrong folders and it made me realize that the former founder did not care much about the organization of the group or even the rules that she herself placed. So I'm going to do what she never managed to do with this group, which is in order.
Some modifications:
☻From now on, all drawings will be placed in the correct folders. No drawings of any character that has nothing to do with the designated folder.
☻Two more new folders have now been added. One for Rosalina who is past her time to have her own folder and another for Oc's related to Mario. Yes, now the group has started to accept Oc's.
☻We now accept ten drawings a day in all folders
☻No fetishes, NSFW, violence and gore and drawings with controversial themes
☻ New folder added to the group. "Misc" for drawings of itens, power-ups and landscapes of Mario series
☻ Comics folder is added to the group
☻ We don't accept official artworks and renders. Only handmade drawings
And on the other hand, I will need help to put all the drawings in the correct folders
I hope you respect the rules of the group and have a good day.
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k-e-i-t-h Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional General Artist
Hello. Is this group still active?
ninpeachlover Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
k-e-i-t-h Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Professional General Artist
Great! Will be doing a new fan art this week. ^___^
ninpeachlover Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
CuriousUserX90 Featured By Owner May 18, 2021
Which folder do you submit fanmade Power Ups into?
ninpeachlover Featured By Owner May 19, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
there is no fan-made power-ups folder. But you can put it on the items, power-ups and others folder.
JBX9001 Featured By Owner May 6, 2021  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh hey, I uh, accidentally declined a request to submit my most recent drawing here. I do apologize for the mistake and ask that you resend it so that it can be included in the Group.
Krisztian1989 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2021  Hobbyist Filmographer
buizelchanie Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2021
Power Up by buizelchanie  
i don't know where to put these power ups i've done. in which folder do you think it may go?
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