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Infamous:SECOND SON (Good karma)

By Supermare
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Great work. Love the symbol.
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Supermare how do feel now that Applejack stole the beanie hat show in the s6 episode?
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ome I love this 😍 really you have a awesome style!
why you don't do this more?
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that's you art and do what you want Supermare I don't want bother you sorry if I did
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But.....being a heroe has it good things too, defending those who can't defend themselves, show the world that not all the conduits are bad, showing rogue conduits that there's another way they can use their powers for good and not just for evil.
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Dat beanie, though.
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You made Rainbow Dash 50% cooler!
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This awesome my favorite pony in my favorite game Genius
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me too its only awesome
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You're art got stolen: pinkamenadianapie666.deviantar…

you really dont deserve getting your art stolen. I think you're a wonderful artist
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Thank you for new, his/shis whatever not popular.
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scoots is flying no? yay!Judge 
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I like Punk Rock Dashie lol, it looks good on her lol
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It's crossover
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I understand that, it's just that the look reminds me of that sort of Punk Rock look, and I like how it looks on her :) It's really well done. Nice job :)
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Awesome work there! Love it. But first thing i saw is her wrong coloured cutimark. But still love the game , love mlp, LOVE IT!!!
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Rainbow Dash is now the True Hero of Equestria! With her new found abilities to absorb other Conduit Ponies, she'll use it to protect everypony, and the Mane Six, from the evil that is around all of equestria! ;)

Rainbow will also continue her role as the Element of Loyalty for/with Twilight and her friends, and everypony in equestria. She would rather protect them with her life and still have respect with everypony and they will have respect for her as well! :) :D

Perfect Job, Supermare! :D thump up
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Awesome! now make bad karma! :D
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