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I miss you, Mr. J.

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Joker voiced by John De Lancie...? OK, that actually sounds good, you know.
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Fluttershy at her fisrt Comicon of some sort with Discord.

It's all Discord's fault. Although Flutters doesn't even know in what she's dressed as, she seems to have fun. That's what important.

Awesome work
GreatTeacherDiCenso's avatar
Cue the Titanic song (You know which one!)

Nice job
templar127's avatar
Awesome and cute!
TooCliched's avatar
I could imagine Pinkie as Harley, but Flutters can pull off Harley well too with the way you draw her. :) Shipping it overseas!
NuclearPoweredPony's avatar
What boggles my mind is that noones drawn twilight as harley considering Tara Strong has actually voiced Harley Quinn a few times now.
TooCliched's avatar
Someone will do it soon than later, but hopefully it is done!
Flutters as Harley? It'd work, and be terrifying at the same time. :)
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For a second there I thought that was Pinkie Pie from "VassxJason01." Very nice work!
Darksunrise957's avatar
Wow, this actually works brilliantly! XD
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This is really cool.
hunterN05's avatar
Flutters as Harley... it makes sense :giggle:
Nice work on this! :D
Alanj2007Games's avatar
My favorite ship :3
YoshiRingo's avatar
Dawwww, such a cute scene X3
Netoey's avatar
wow this looks amazing! and i love the idea XD its so cute too X3
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