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Superman vs Spiderman WP 2

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By far one of my favorite wallpapers I have done to date. It is actually one of the first I ever tried. I got the image of Superman & Spidey from the cover of Wizard magazine. It was a bit tough though because they had a graphic covering Spidey's butt. So I had to re-create it using my editing program. The hardest part of this wall was getting that image of the original comic in his hand. In the original, Superman was reading a copy of Wizard Magazine. I pasted a copy of the cover & skewed the image to fit in Supermans hand. I made two versions of this image. This one with the background done in color, and one with a sepia tone done to the background as well. Enjoy!

The background image was drawn by the great Alex Ross. The Superman/Spiderman Arm Wrestling art was done by Kevin Maguire on the cover of Wizard #92.

*** I take no credit for the artwork shown here! All credit goes to the original artists! Superman & all related material are property of & Licensed by: DC Comics. Spider-man & all related material are property of & Licensed by: Marvel Comics! ***
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Well, I know who I'm betting on to win.
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HaHAHAHA!!That is the size of it.Do not get me wrong spiderman is very strong.And way stronger than a normal man.He lift 11 tons.But he just not on sups level.
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80 years..congrats Superman
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Pete? Why are you tied up and gagged in this closet, and where's your Spider Gear?? if you're in here, then who's out with Supes..?
Wait...this red-and-black getup thrown in the corner. I know this design...

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Give it up, Peter!  You're way outclassed!
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Spider-Man: Fuck this. I'm getting Doomsday.
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Like squashing a bug
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Hysterical! Spider-Man is the only Marvel character I like, too--and Superman is my all-time favorite--so this is fun!!!
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Superman is my favorite DC hero
Spider-man is my favorite Marvel hero
i love them both...but lets be honest here. X3
Spidey, you can't win.
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supes and spidey will be great pals if they ever were to come together both are simple and laid back and have a good sense of humor.
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goodbrony Artist
:iconsoraplz: oh spidy....if only you could see yourself right about now! XD
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Loth-EthHobbyist Photographer
Superman is way better than Spider-Man
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LOL. Superman doesn't even see this as a challenge.
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The Hero of Heros the King of the SUper Hero Genre Superman ist great...and true
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brion24Hobbyist Artist
Kind of funny but nice
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If this were to actually happen, Spidey wouldn't even be worth Superman's time. Superman, don't you have a world to save!? I heard Darkseid is coming back for revenge. :D (Big Grin) 
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TheRevivedracerHobbyist General Artist
Oh, please. That's a battle that's not even up for debate! :)
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Superman is winning even though he's not making much of an effort. Nice going, Superman.
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as if he could do any better 
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TheBatmeme368Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He could, he would probably win in an arm wrestle, but in a fight, he can’t react to Superman blitzing him at FTL speeds.
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Infinite strength can help.
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Infinite is a generous word, id say unlimited, takes him a while to get that angry/strong 
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