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Knightfall Batman!

The Knightfall Batman! aka: Azrael - Jean Paul Valley!

Art by: Philip Tan!

The Batman vector logo was created by MachSabre. I took his black vector logo & added the golden circle behind it. Here is a link back to his work. Check out the rest of his Gallery. Awesome stuff! [link]

*** I take no credit for the artwork shown here! All credit belongs to the original artists. Batman, Azrael & all related characters are property of & licenced by DC Comics. *** 
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I so miss Jean-Paul Valley as both Az-Bat and Azreal, still favourite Bat Family member. Great job on the photo.
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Thanks! I loved that time in comics! Between the Death of Superman/Reign of the Supermen, Knightfall/Knightsend, and the Emerald Twilight GL storylines, I believe they were very compelling & well thought out! Hands down they are still my favorite comic story archs! 
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I totally agree 100%