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Detective Comics 27

I am creating a series of wallpapers made from classic comic book covers. In most cases it has taken quite a bit of work to either restore, recreate or even in some cases add too the original work in order to create a useable wallpaper. All credit goes to the original artists. While I did have to manipulate a few things here & there, I tried to keep the images as true to the way they appeared on the original comic book. I hope you enjoy them!

Detective Comics #27 - The first issue featuring The Batman.

I am still going to continue with my Action Comics line. This is just a slight deversion into what my future contributions will be. :)
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Some people these days have no appreciation for the classics. Glad I'll be using this as my new wallpaper. :)
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Criminals are a cowardly superstitious lot
and they don't care for heights either.
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lol. Love your comments! :)
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Is Batman gonna have to choke a bitch?