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Superman (new 52) by: Jim Lee

Superman's new costume by Jim Lee touched up and changed the S-Shield

Superman™© DC Comics®
Artist: Jim Lee
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EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
Great work! I always loved this look.
TheTraitor44's avatar
MarinerMouse's avatar
Do you do commissions? I have a Kryptonian I'd love to see in this quality <3
it is so good <3
zeppelin26's avatar
excellent coloring and pic.  Are you looking for any new projects at the moment?
rling's avatar
excellent !!
Butternuts81's avatar
Superman is one of my all time Heros  
DMcKinney79's avatar
Superman is my favorite superheroes in DC Comics
ShaneALF1995's avatar
Hey he's got a new Outfit.
But you left that idiotic collar on it,,blecch
Phenometron's avatar
The original "S" shield, actually the symbol of the House of El, is the best.
Tayl5067's avatar
Great pic of New 52 Superman.
Looks awsome! I was wondering if you could make me something superman related for my friends birthday. If so pls contact me at :) thanks
TheMiddleKnife's avatar
Superman looks amazing in the New 52 :)
jvel4073's avatar
Awesome Look on Superman.
ReaperKing's avatar
Haven't been able to keep up with New 52. I forget, is that supposed to be a type of Kryptoian armor or is it just a redesign on the old suit that doesn't really have an explanation past "New suit"?
FrostTheHobidon's avatar
Nice Superman rocks 
dbjc13's avatar
Love this new superman suit it's perfect for the new 52 with I love.I love the new storyline and Costume
miguelohara2099's avatar
why would they give a guy called "The Man Of Steel", armour? wth man?
MadFacedkid's avatar
Why would you give him tights..? O_0
miguelohara2099's avatar
Well it's better than the armour he wears
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