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the og mary sue
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My favorite superhero character
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Amazing. Best superhero next to Batman.

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This looks like a Marvel style Superman, in terms of line-art. :)
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He won't be posing like that when Parasite defeats him in Man of Steel 2.
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Amazing drawing!:clap:
DemonicOccultist's avatar
I miss the days when Superman would actually save people instead of destroying buildings all the time. 
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His disregard for collateral damage was only in one movie, he’s still just as heroic as ever in his current comic portrayals
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I’m sure one of these days a movie will get him right again. I think the closest we’ve gotten recently was in Justice League, but he didn’t really get a lot of focus
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 nice drawing men I'm an artist too and i drew this fast sketch of Superman V Batman Dawn Of Justice PLZ take a look at it and if you like it hit that Subcribe button on my youtube Channel here the link to it…
wow this is actually amazing. i wish i can draw like that some day 
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Awesome work! Love it!
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not bad for a copy, but most of the proportions have gone lost.
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Dude if your gonna copy another artist work and post it on here at least credit them and mentioned its copied...don't want people thinking this was yours and is an's a good copy though and your lines are pretty tight as well...inks are very clean too so well done :)
This looks exactly like Frank Miller's Batman in The Dark Knight: Returns, which happens to feature Superman in the story.
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I love the shading of the ink. I'd like to color it.
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love the shadows and muscle detail :)
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