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El Tigre Meme Base

I haven't seen an official El Tigre meme here on DA so I thought I'd make one! I hope everyone has as much fun drawing as I did making it! Be sure to link it here if you do it! I'd love to see! =D

I did one to start it off! Come see! [link]

Have fun El Tigre lovers!
Image © SuperMacho 2008
El Tigre © Sandra Equihua & Jorge R. Gutierrez 2008
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HATE!!!!!!! FUCKER!!!!!!!!!

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Here a peace of the meme that used and made for if you’re still there  1c8d9a8d-f9db-49fe-b43e-3c70e6253806 by montes21om  
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I forgot to make this ten years ago but now it’s hope you don’t about using it 
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I finally finished it you can check it out now  
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can i use this for my el tigre meme?
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i'm going to do it NOW!!!!!!!!

you're AWESOME what do you do to draw like the original cartoon :dance:

:typerhappy: I LOVE EL TIGRE AND CHURRRRROSSSSS!!!!! :typerhappy:
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am so doing this XD
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I think I will do this sometime. After I figure out how to use the stupid All-In-one Scanner!
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I think I will do this. :) I will try my hardest.
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sorry i use your base here is the finished work
[link] thank you very much !!! :hug:
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OHH! Cool! I'm gunna do that! I need a printer first though...
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YOU KNOW WHAT. I might do this sometime ... depending on whether I will care or not within a few hours.

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Can I make one? Please? :dygel:

*Kakva je to pesma kada neko kaze a....*
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I have to do one.
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I'll be sure to do one of these.
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[link] I redid this meme cause the old one I did made me mad for some reason. :XD:
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[link] Ha ha...I did it! (>o.o)> :boogie: Kirby is trying to lift the boogieing man.
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alright! awesome work! I think I'll do it this weekend when I get laptop back from my sis!
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Awesome! Can't wait to see yours!
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