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I made one of these for Dyzammuni, now it's time for the other most complicated ability in Pokémon Topaz and Amethyst, Pandora's Box! That and the Sin moves: Sloth Induce, Greed Satisfaction, Wrathful Pummeling, Lust for More, Gluttonous Munch, Copy of Envy, and Prideful Power. Oh, I forgot to mention the powerful move Heart of Sin, which it can use by use of the Pandrandium Z.

Pandrandage - Zantaru Dex by SuperLunala

Move data:
Sloth Induce - Ghost - Special - -3 stages of Speed to target - 50 power - 75 accuracy - 20PP - Direct attack
"The user causes the target to instantly become slower with one strike."
Greed Satisfaction - Ghost - Physical - x2 power (but +2 Special Defense to target afterward) if the user HAS an item - 55 power - 90 accuracy - 15PP
"The user hits the target. If there's something to hit it with, its greed is satisfied."
Wrathful Pummeling - Fighting - Physical - 3-turn multistrike (i.e. you must use it for three turns, and it hits once each turn) move, 50% power on the first turn - 130 power - 95 accuracy - 15PP - Direct attack
"The user repeatedly punches the target in rage. The anger is so hot that it won't stop pummeling easily."
Lust for More - Ghost - Special - The target must use the same move each turn for three turns, -2 Special Defense to opponent - 25 power - 90 accuracy - 15PP
"Wanting more, the user forces the opponent to use the same attack three times in a row."
Gluttonous Munch - Ghost - Physical - Eats opponent's item (said item is destroyed if it isn't a Berry) - 75 power - 95 accuracy - 15PP - Direct attack
"The user, somehow hungry in the midst of a battle, bites at the opponent, eating loose items."
Copy of Envy - Fighting - Special - (Last move used)+45 power (even if that move was a stat move) - 100 accuracy - 10PP
"Jealous, the user strikes down the target with force dependent on the last move it used."
Prideful Power - Ghost- Status - +3 stages to all of the user's stats (if any stat cannot be raised, heals 1/8 of its max HP PER STAT and takes 1/8 of the opponent's HP, with type effectiveness - Always hits - 10PP
"The user, full of pride, sharply raises all of its stats using the opponent's health."
Heart of Sin - 255 physical power if Prideful Power is the base, 205 special power if Copy of Envy is the base, else normal Z-move rules (base: any other Sin move, type: the type of said Sin move)
"The user cuts at the target in its signature six-star symbol, which is vaguely the same as a heart."

Pandrandage's Ability, Pandora's Box, allows it access to all of those moves once Pandrandage reaches 50% health. (Pandrandage also heals to 75% of its max health when this ability triggers. Regardless of if it would have fainted.) This is on top of whatever moves it had normally. However...
It can use only the first Sin move from Levels 6-15. Levels 16-25, it can use the first two. 26-35, three. 36-45, four, 46-55, five, 56-65, six, and 66 and up, all seven. (Other than Heart of Sin, which it can use at Level 6 and up with a Pandrandium Z.) The list of Sin moves is in the order of when it can use them.

EDIT: All Dark-type Sin moves were retyped to Ghost to match Pandrandage's edited, more unique type of Ghost/Fighting.
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Submitted on
August 20, 2017