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COMM: Disappearing Act by TheEnglishGent
Mature content
COMM: Disappearing Act :icontheenglishgent:TheEnglishGent 142 8
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Traditional lineart
Usually I draw these on lined paper, but I can draw it on unlined paper too.
Colored traditional art
 This is how I do reference sheets for my characters. These will not have a background, because those take forever. 
Digital art (colored or not)
Because I am worse at drawing digitally, these will take longer and will cost more. Colored or not, because the difference in time between the two is negligible for digital art while it isn't for traditional art. Therefore, I think 110 points is a fair price.

This, like the colored traditional art, will not have a background. Because backgrounds are hard enough traditionally.
Full colored traditional art
The background takes longer than the character(s), that's why this is valued so high.
Digital full art
The traditional option, but digitally. That's why this is valued so high as well.


Sun Sep 2, 2018, 3:41 AM
shouting is indeed fun
Wed Aug 29, 2018, 8:23 PM
shouting is fun lol
Thu Aug 2, 2018, 6:18 PM
Mon Jul 23, 2018, 2:30 PM
Hoi ^^
Wed Jul 4, 2018, 3:32 AM
Hi! ^w^
Tue Jul 3, 2018, 4:11 AM
Tue Jul 3, 2018, 4:10 AM
Tue Jul 3, 2018, 4:10 AM
Sat Jun 16, 2018, 4:46 AM
I made a cloud puff
Fri Jun 15, 2018, 4:41 PM

What is the most ludicrous fake type idea you've heard? 

14 deviants said Paper
5 deviants said Cosmic
4 deviants said Sound
3 deviants said Something else [comment]
3 deviants said I don't know what you're talking about
2 deviants said Light
2 deviants said Glass
1 deviant said Crystal
No deviants said Mystic


:iconxureenwarriors: :iconda-clubhouse: :iconfloweryprintadopt: :iconcr10-da-squad:


Birthday gift(?)
For TheEnglishGent - I don't know if I can upload it on your birthday so I'm posing it now while I have time

Eb was so damn hard to draw for some odd reason. Like, it was easier to draw Aizaki at the right size and with a bloated belly. Therefore, sorry for the bad drawing...
Still though, I wanted to draw these two together for a while, and thanks to september birthdays I have a reason and a backstory

Eb - TheEnglishGent 
Aizaki - moi
It was already obvious, but September is the most common month for birthdays
So far there's been seven amongmy friends and we're only halfway through
Shinujinn gacha for madiebelle22
Synopsis of what ya got:

- Shiri
- Male
- Medium Length Hair [Up Style] [Uncommon]
- Diamond Leg Markings [Uncommon]
- Diamond Eyes [Common]
- No Chest Marking [Common]
- Wedge Head Marking [Common]
- Regular tail [Common]
- Stripes on tail [Uncommon]

I didn't name him tho, because I wanted you to do that

This Shinujinn is owned by madiebelle22 and if you even think about stealing it I will find you and unleash my wrath. *and also call in Madie so she can hear of it
Goodnight y'all, see you (hopefully) on sunday ^^
Shinujinn gacha thingy
I would create a group for shinujinn but I already have XureenWarriors so...

- Multiple tails (both are the same type as one of the regular ones)
- "Gorudu" modification (partly why there is no Shiku Legendary, adds a gold tint to either Shiri or Kuri's fur, but not anything else decided by Shiri/Kuri)
- Torn arms (more likely on Kuri/Gorudukuri)
- Angel wings (more likely on Shiri/Gorudushiri)
- Differently colored sclera (outer part of eye) to a normal Shiri/Kuri

Regular Common : 20 points
Chance up to 2 uncommon traits
Regular Uncommon - 35 points
2 uncommon traits guaranteed, chance up to 1 rare trait
Regular Rare - 50 points
2 uncommons and 1 rare guaranteed, chance up to 4 uncommons and up to 2 rares/super rares
Regular Legendary - 70 points
3 uncommons and 2 rares/super rares guaranteed. Chance to have "Legend Traits" (described above).

Shiku Common - 30 Points
Guarantees either Shiri or Kuri (your choice), chance up to 2 uncommon traits and 1 rare trait
Shiku Uncommon - 50 Points
Guarantees either Shiri or Kuri (your choice), 2 uncommons guaranteed, chance up to 3 uncommons and 1 rare
Shiku Rare - 70 points
Guarantees either Shiri or Kuri (your choice), 2 uncommons and 1 rare/super rare guaranteed, chance up to 4 uncommons and 2 rares/super rares, very low chance non-Gorudu Legend Trait

Base for this gacha is by Cybambie
Shinujinn [Semi-Open Species]
Yes this is what Aizaki is ;w;

Here be the rules

Basic Information

Shinujinn tend to be about 3'6"-5'3" tall, and typically weigh somewhere between 65 and 135 pounds (healthily, of course). There are two types - Shiri (whose main color is white) and Kuri (whose main color is black). They are based on anthropormorphic cats, however, there are several differences.

  • The ears are not open - they appear bandaged. They are quite sensitive.
  • The tail is now more or less a ponytail - beginning with some fluff, then a small tube, then a bushy end.
  • The legs are shorter by comparison to the arms, usually - making it seem like they have long arms.
  • Quite different fur designs.
  • And most obviously, the maw on the belly.
In the ref I accidentally made the neck too wide - usually it's not much wider than the tube part of the ponytail.

Special Abilities

Shinujinn have two things that are much stronger than a normal kit's - claws and teeth.
Four claws can retract into each "hand", usually these are dark gray and about the length of a thumb. These are not like Wolverine's claws - they aren't stronger than titanium, nor do they stay sharp.
Shinujinn may not have that much bigger fangs than expected, but the simple expedient of having a second set of them á la Mawile is enough for it to be noteworthy. As these jaws are bigger than the "usual-placed" ones, they can be used to eat foods that are in bigger chunks than otherwise would work in the normal mouth.


There are two varieties of Shinujinn - Shiri (white) and Kuri (black). I did not exactly talk about many differences in the species's ref, so here's a section dedicated to it. Shiri Shinujinn tend to be taller and leaner than Kuri Shinujinn, but this doesn't mean one can't have a pudgy Shiri, or a semi-Waluigi Kuri.

How To Make One

Shinujinn's customizable parts are up above. The claws are not included, but vary slightly in color from a sort of mid-gray color and a very dark blue or gray. The main color is based on being Shiri or Kuri, and yes, can vary slightly but is around the color relevant. The secondary colors are up to the designer. Any clothes don't count against this color scheme, of course.
The Emblems category can be chosen among all three - ex. you can use the teardrop on the head, the diamond on the chest, and the circle on the legs. Head and chest are not exclusive to each other, but are more common on their respective area. Leg ones are exclusive to the legs.
When making one by yourself, you may have up to one Rare (red in the sheet) trait. You may have up to one Super Rare (raspberry) trait. You may have up to three Uncommon (yellow) traits, or up to two Uncommon traits if you have a Super Rare trait. None of those categories are exclusive.
Colors can vary between different parts of the design or they can be mostly the same, there is no set amount of colors. 
You may only own one Shinujinn at a time unless I tell you otherwise or you buy one. (Gacha will come soon)

Shinujinn gacha thingy by SuperLunala 

For some reason Aizaki is my new favorite character, so much so that I created a species based off of her ;w;
Aizaki likes weird things. In this case, hot sauce. She drank all of it. At my (anime-ified, thanks ibispaint) house. Which has a lot of hot sauce.

Aizaki - moi
G'night y'all. See you later. Maybe Saturday...probably Saturday.
02 - Patchtail can't swim
She legitimately can't.

Part two of the series I started with that Trixie drawing, this time featuring Patchtail, the character I haven't drawn once since making her!

Patchtail - moi
01 - Flirting with Trixie
A bit of a fourth wall break, since I had forgotten about Trixie and that's why I made this.

Kinda if this drawing were a video game? Y'know, like Fire Emblem or some shiz.
s a series of drawings I'm working on - one for all my original characters.

Trixie - moi
Sorry for not being active - I can only now access DA on my raspberry pi when connected to my mobile hotspot. Thanks mom.

However, the school seems to have unblocked so you can find me there. Username is SuperLunala there too btw.
one cute giant snek comin' up--
This is still that Chilagon from PNS. She just finally decided to give herself a name. ^^
Name: Nunarin
Nicknames: Nuna
Nuna will still answer to "Chilagon," basically, she doesn't care what you call her as long as she knows who you're talking about and it isn't the name Istahk Labs gave her.
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Species: Chilagon (SuperLunala)
Ability: Contrary (RP purposes: 1. things that WOULD decrease Nuna's abilities do nothing. 2. see Personality)
Moves: Glitch Venom*, Game Shark, Dragon Claw, Poison Fang (for them Fairy-types), Flame Burst, Dragon Pulse
*Glitch Venom: Signature move of Chilagon. For RP purposes, Nuna can control what special effect this move does (such as put you to sleep).
Personality: She is a bit on the edgy side at times, but tries really hard to be friendly. Sometimes in the act she forgets that she's a sixteen-foot-long snekdjinn.
Likes: Games in general (not so much sports because she tends to break them, just ask her about when she tried volleyball -3-), soda
All other things in this category are TBD.
Dislikes: Her sssnek lisssp (just don't point it out, please), people invading her privacy when she does want it
All other things in this category are TBD.
Unique Abilities: Besides those consistent with being a Chilagon? Actually, those could use some explaining--
Nuna can sort of "infect" (this is the term she uses) computers and mess around in them as she pleases. Mostly she uses this ability to amuse herself, but she can (and has, but is reluctant to after what happened as her backstory) used this ability for good.
EDIT: Nunarin can also turn into a gijinkan form. Her abilities are not compromised in this form, other than the ability to slither around.
Nuna is friends with Kudai, Rai'nukah, May Lan, Rena, and Alexa.
Backstory: Several years ago, before she had Evolved into Chilagon, Nuna was captured by Istahk Labs. (Nuna is one of the PNS OCs, so this is for PNS's Ichidus, rather than the Glitch Saga's Syraik.) They proceeded to use her for "cybersecurity," meaning since they already had a ridiculously powerful firewall, basically Nuna slept 24/7 with several dozen wires connected to her at all times so as to be ready for nonexistent trouble. That is, until Rena came around and tried to hack the system in order to figure out what the heck these strange bugs were that May kept finding (which were Rai'nukah's Swarm, but she didn't know that at the time). She was forced into the room with Nuna by the system, and proceeded to free the Chilagon. Her memory seemed to be affected by the multiple years attached to the Istahk network, as she couldn't remember much of anything. In place of a name, was the codename "GP-09" (which Nuna still hates), and her memory seemed to mostly just be gone. Rena helped her (unintended pun incoming) get back on her feet. Eventually she decided to name herself Nunarin.
My mom has too much power for her own good.
If I made adopts what kind would you like to see
- Pokemon
- Fakemon
- Animals
- Slimes
- Other
Aizaki: *eating one of two cheeseburgers in front of her*
[Bad at starting rps in unique ways here]

[RQ] Aizaki meets Jota
It is completely accidental that the font for Jota (Annyant Roman) looks like the font of the Super Mario Bros. logo, I just picked the first all caps font I could find.
Point is, Jota thinks (probably correctly) that Aizaki is some sort of impostor, because she's acting way too jolly to be a demon like she appears to be. Well, and because she is technically not a demon fox like Jota, but clearly looks like one.

Requested(ish) by Dolly10200
Jota - Dolly10200 
Aizaki - moi


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Some random person who likes Pokémon enough to create my own Fake Pokémon. Somewhat.

This is a compendium of stamps and buttons that I find that are relevant to me.

I am a Mew!



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