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Zodiac Brushes

~superlibbie and =xxlilokaxx are both ME .. I'm just moving my stock from that account. So even though they'll have the name xxlilokaxx please credit THIS account. :D - thankyou!

~*- Rules -*~
:bulletblue: - Give credit to my stock and a link back to either the image or ~superlibbie
:bulletblue: - Only use my stock for appropriate purposes
:bulletblue: - Prints are fine.. no permission needed
:bulletblue: - I accept off dA use.. but I still want to see the picture - nothing commerical :|
:bulletblue: - Note or comment me with the link of your image

~*- Featured -*~
HERE by =AlinePotter-stock
© 2008 - 2022 superlibbie
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Thanks! I just need the outline of LEO head for print.

Leo On White
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Zodiac: Virgo by ScraNo
used it here - use it off DA for my educational blog:
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many, many thanks! It's actually really hard to find good zodiac imagery, although you'd think there'd be a lot of it around. I don't suppose you ever turned this set into Illustrator brushes or vectors of any kind?
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love it used here: [link] comment if you like
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:giggle: You've not used my stock before.. I ALWAYS comment! :icongoofygrinplz:
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Ill be using it fer the whole set of zodiac now :D
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:dance: I can't wai to see the other pictures! Especially the pisces ;P
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