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5 Checkered PS Brushes

~*- Rules -*~
:bulletblue: - Give credit to my stock and a link back to either the image or ~superlibbie
:bulletblue: - Only use my stock for appropriate purposes
:bulletblue: - Prints are fine.. no permission needed
:bulletblue: - I accept off dA use.. but I still want to see the picture - nothing commerical :|
:bulletblue: - Note or comment me with the link of your image
:bulletblue: - Download for full sized picture!

~*- Stock Used -*~
Affections and Animosity - ~MinoreVizio
© 2008 - 2022 superlibbie
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Here is the image :) Thanks for the brushes!
Superlibbie, thank you for your perfect brushes for my image called Time Slips Away at my Fine Art America gallery.  I appreciate your talents!
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sweet brushes!
used off DA:…
Personal use :)
I used your brushes here:…
Look around the eyes.
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thank you soo much! used it here
LyfeRider's avatar…

The pattern looks exactly like my bed spread! Really happy with the results ^_^ thanks for making them!!
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hey I want the link., were is it?
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Hi, used for a class assignment. Thanks! :D
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Thank you! O A O
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thanks for the brushes c:
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Used here
posting on fb too since most of my friends don't have da accounts.
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Used your brushes here: [link] Thanks!
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i love these brushes! i'll be using them a lot! thank you so much! :D

i used them here: [link]
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Thank you very much for making them!
Sir-Drago's avatar
used hereeee [link] thank chu for creating theem :happycry::la:
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I have already finished, check if you agree the way I credited you, and Thanks! :D
Peka-Nina's avatar
Thanks! I downloaded it and hope finish the picture soon so you can see it! :D
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It looks really cool and realistic

I will use this in a new project on the
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can i download this
can i download this
XxMidnight-BluexX's avatar

^+^ thank you, i gave the credit at the bottom of the artists comment box ^+^
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used here [link]!!
thnk u so much!!
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If I make a background image for my twitter page, do I have to post it here? :)
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