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Let's Get Furrified (2017 version)
In my time everybuddy was a buddy to someone else.
There were buddies gathered talking 'bout their mutual interests.
There was no limit to how many buddies you could have as long as they were true.
You could hug them, snuggle, hold hands, cuddle and they would love you too.
Our bodies were made to help us help our buddies (buddies),
Two arms give comfort, tongue sings the truth, fur covers you so you don't need to wear clothes.
Pillow chests give fluffy warmth like no blanket ever has given it to you.
Ears and tails to express our joy and our paws with wiggly toes.
Let's get furrified! Let's get furrified!
Let us be ourselves; who we are; cuddly and pure.
Let's get furrified! Let's get furrified!
When you're furrified, you're only in your fur.
But ever since the chemical soap took over our society,
Many people have lost their brains and control and even purity.
Whoever dared to explain that got labeled a conspiracy theorist of non-sense.
Everybuddy's been brainwashed to criticize other
:iconsuperkuddlor:SuperKuddlor 2 0
Daily Joys
It's so good to be pure.
It's so good to be cute.
And strong and cute.
To be so shy, yet so courageous.
To be so loving, yet so tamed.
To be so affectionate, yet never intimidating.
Considerate, yet free.
To be reassured and powerful,
Surrounded with the likeminded,
Able to return the favor,
Without any shame.
To run around the landscapes,
And to be pounced on and cuddled,
In the warm blankets of the sunshine,
And in the birthday suit.
Dear God, I remember,
All of my promises and prayers,
Which I was crying out through anxiety.
You told me to hang in there,
But I was thinking about quitting.
And every time I was supposed to break,
You gave me a buddy.
Now look at the kindolls you've gifted,
With lovely adorning fluffy lifeforms.
They're travelling through your wonderful world,
From island to island through the seas.
Their paws are lively,
Their hearts beat in sync,
Their muscles are restless,
Their souls are joyful,
They are together and cuddled.
Brothers and sisters to play with,
:iconsuperkuddlor:SuperKuddlor 1 8
Imagine Freedom (Turag's theme)
Imagine there's no patents.
I wonder if you dare.
No DMCA takedown.
Just fair use everywhere.
Imagine all the people
Making fan-made works.
Imagine there's no trolling.
No scamming or lies.
No conspiracy theories.
No chainmails or spies.
Imagine all the people
Safe in privacy. He he! X3
You may say I'm a pirate,
But I also reserve my rights.
I hope some day you will join me,
And we'll overcome the powers that be!
Imagine there's no lusting.
Lust is easy to ignore.
No sex or yiffing.
And no rule 34.
Imagine all the people
Being cute and pure! Nyaha~ ^~^
You may say I discriminate,
If so, then you're a hypocrite.
I hope some day you will stop it,
And the world will be free from hate!
:iconsuperkuddlor:SuperKuddlor 1 2
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Soft Boy
Soft Boy
I am a soft boy. I adore being called cute and I can give lots of hugs! And my hobby is making people smile. I’m always looking for ways to make others happy!
I wear my heart on my sleeve. If you want, I’ll let you hold my heart, snuggle it, show it some love. But be carful! My heart is very fragile, please do not drop it.
If you manage to touch my heart, if you truly love me, I’ll let you inside. You’ll see my true essence, all of my thoughts, quirks, and secrets.
I trust you.
Pull me close and hug me tight. Place a hand on my chest and feel my heartbeat. Look into my eyes and stroke my face. Cuddle me and kiss my bright red cheeks, then run your fingers through my hair and watch me melt.
Make me fall into your open arms, and never let me go. Tease and tickle me all night long, whispering gently in my ear as I slowly become a giggly blushing mess. Finally, let me cuddle up to you, and fall asleep with you as you hold me and wish me sweet dreams.
Am I a
:iconpineapplecat25:PineappleCat25 11 14
The Perfect Partner
The Perfect Partner
As soon as I laid eyes on him, I knew he was the one. He’s gentle, kind, playful, cuddly, and more than anything else, sweet!
Every morning starts with the feeling of a little poke on my cheek. I smile and wrap my arm around him to pull him close. We stay in bed for a few more minutes, cuddling until I finally manage to drag myself out. It’s no problem for him of course, he’s an early bird anyway!
He always loves to curl up with me late at night as we marathon show after show, and when bedtime comes, he keeps me warm all night long.
He loves to be outside, thus he doesn't particularly like rainy days. Heck, he hates water in general. Trust me, never try to make him swim, he ain't havin' it!
But when it’s sunny outside, he’s all over it! He adores watching and getting as close as he can get to any bird in sight, however most of them get away before he can have a good swipe… er… look at them.
Yeah, he tries to act tough, but h
:iconpineapplecat25:PineappleCat25 8 1
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5 Req for 500 Watchers - 1 slot *final reminder*
Just one slot left, this is your last chance. I'm going to give a slightly longer period before I determine what the last '5 for 500' drawing will be (basically until the next comic page is released)

You can still submit your ideas, when I've made my determination I'll delete this journal and make a status post saying submissions are closed.
Remember: If you've already submitted below or in a note don't worry I haven't ignored it, its still in the final list of possibilities I'm just making this reminder as a last chance for anyone else who hasn't submitted their request to do so.

5 Requests for 500 Watchers Submission Rules
1. Anthro/Furry: Canine/Feline Characters only

|->Sonic or other heavily stylized character OC's will be converted to my style. Ponies/horses are iffy its something I've never really drawn before hence why I prefer to keep it Feline/Canine

2. Watchers only - I
:iconjknewlife:JKNewLife 7 60
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello, everybuddy!
I am the one and only and your cuddliest, Turag! A Christian furry who is the creator of the world of Zemlia.
You can call me Cuddle cuz I cuddle. Duh? What were you thinking, sillyhead? =P
Or you can call me Cud for short UwU

More info later :3


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