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Our Username is Satire.
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superkawaiistampsProfessional Artist

- mod yuta
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superkawaiistampsProfessional ArtistFeatured
Hello and welcome to our stamp account !
This account is ran by two people, Mod Gumi and Mod Yuta !!

★ We may take stamp requests in the future but for now, Do not ask !
★ Credit us if you use our stamps !!!
★ If you don't like our stamps please just move on ! We are not harming you
★ Do not thank us for faves / watches / llamas (though i doubt we will be giving any of these out)
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JagurzHobbyist General Artist
*sips tea*
is being cis bad
because well then shoot me dead
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superkawaiistampsProfessional Artist
its not a bad thing lmao? if you're getting that from the cisphobic stamp mod gumi put up, that stamp is a joke. Not everything on this account is meant to be taken seriously.

- Mod Yuta
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As a Pansexual myself you really aren't doing anything to help our community by being so extreme. You're giving us a bad rep, and are only going to drive others further away from being supportive.
Also, I really wish you didn't explicitly state that you're Korean, Yuta. You're being really embarrassing.
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superkawaiistampsProfessional Artist
Exactly how is it embarrassing that my stating my fucking race? legit how. If you think its because i actually go by Yuta which isnt a korean name you sure are dumb cause I dont. Sorry for listing my fucking race ig lmao. EDIT; OHHH IS IT BECAUSE YOU'RE KOREAN TOO? what am i embarrassing you? Yeah i dont give a shit lmao.

Also how ? I was fucking defending pansexuals lmao. You point to how i was being extreme and i'll disprove you.

- Mod Yuta