Apology to Kiora and Letty (plus Amethystviper)

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Hello, this is Superjustinbros, and this is a small request by :iconamethystviper:. This is an small apology to SASA blog owner Letty Whiterock and Kiora.

To begin with, I can say that I think Kiora needs to be apologized to first, because from the looks of it, he feels pretty upset and is from my opinion, not to blame. As I had stated before, it was an entry on the SASA blog that stated that Pixiv was an honorable place to showcase RKS art. It definitely wasn't Kiora who inspired me to create an account on Pixiv. Besides, I have quit posting images on Pixiv because of this incident. So to conclude this part of the note, I have to say to Kiora that I feel terribly sorry to him, and that he had nothing to do with me creating an account on Pixiv, and that his RKS images are far more amazing than mine. :hug:

Second is Letty, the blog's owner. As you have stated and warned me before, you said in the comments of one of your blog entries to stop showcasing my own art on the SASA blog, which I had after that post because you have warned me that if I did, you would try everything to stop me from commenting. I understand you think my art is sloppy, rushed, and not done well. You also didn't like the comments I made after that about wanting more popularity, and how to rip the graphics from Rosenkreuzstilette. I will now stop commenting about that kind of stuff, because The Spriter's Resource already has a series of sprites from RKS. So to make you happy, I will stop showcasing my art and fan-works on the blog, because I know most of your readers don't enjoy my fan-art, plus I will stop commenting about wanting more attention on my own blog, and how to rip the sprites from Rosenkreuzstilette. I shall just participate as a regular consumer, not as a troll. :) Also, I should mention about being rude to [erka:es], I'll stop talking negative about them. Sorry about that too, Letty, and for all the trouble I have caused to you.

Third and finally, is to :iconamethystviper: Amethystviper, also known as ViperAcidZX in other places. I shall start first by saying, sorry if I pissed you terribly off, and I am working on that image of your Sonic OC, Aura the Hedgehog. And yes, I am trying to improve my art, so your request will take some time to get done, and I know you will want it to take long. I have plenty of How to Draw manga books, so I will be looking into them for a bit, plus I will use whatever I learned from my ninth grade art teacher at the end of the school year to help. The image is coming out quite nicely. If you don't like it, well, we'll have to just go our separate ways. :worry:

I hope this is what you want, AV, and I'm sorry if this doesn't work, I tried my best. :(
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