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Hello. I'm a guy currently living in the United States. I am influenced with Japanese-related media, which include anime, manga, and other collectables. I personally adore many different anime/manga/video game series. I like to draw art, mostly fan art, and I am currently trying to improve on my skills. The reason why I joined deviantART was so I could show my artwork, promote the artwork of others, and make friends.

All comments, favorites, and deviantWATCHes are greatly appreciated (especially the former and later), even if I don't reply with a thank you.

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Pencils, Photoshop
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Video games, Anime, Manga, Computers, Art, Music
Boy, time does fly when you go on hiatus from art, huh? Anyways hello people of DeviantART. I wouldn't have ever imagined myself in this position but here we are. I've been using this site since 2009 and two site re-designs later many of my friends and artists that I've supported from the first few years of being on this site have either vanished into radio silence, relocated to other sites, or moved onto other, better things (or so I hope). It's honestly saddening seeing this place as a shell of its former self because the site's higher ups don't believe in "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", or because they lost interest in making art. And I'll admit I'm one of those people. While there were some years where I was more generally active (Pre-2013, 2014, and 2017), other years were either posts of minor projects or WIP's and nothing really substantial. I think the whole trying to build internet cred through DeviantArt and having most of your motivation fueled by said cred, along with
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Hey there. Since I got the thought of getting more characters from my endless selection of ideas developed I decided to update the character design inspiration document some more: Yup, I had to give this a bit of an overhaul since an attempt to reach out onto Twitter in the form of a tweet ended up going completely south when it attracted what felt like the wrong audience for the job. Thus I added some more details to make it more clear on what kind of content I'm looking for in character designs, art style and all. Hopefully it doesn't come off as too mean-spirited, I don't mean to brush aside so many artists but for new designs made from scratch using provided references I'd rather them closely replicate sort of what I can make, give or take a few.
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A year later

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Well it's 2021 and I'm still away from this site doing other things for the most part. You may recall if you've been to some of my other sites including my blog that I had a major hard drive failure on my Mac in September 2020. It completely wiped all my WIP's and it took me six months to get a replacement computer as well as a few more months to get some of the programs I commonly used. Currently the priority still lies in my Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart racers and many of them have a long ways to go so I don't feel "ready" to go back to doing standard art just yet, and even then the pandemic has been a huge de-motivator. That said I still want to start on something later in the year and my mind has been tossed between two different groups of characters since I never did any modern art of anyone in either group. There's also a few other characters I've had on the mind and wouldn't mind drawing "just for fun" even if they don't lack the highly detailed and fleshed out backstories or
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13rd Anniversary of Rosenkreuzstilette has Coming!

Loving your mistress penny
I've upload a new journal of my own also related to what's happening to anime community, I would like to see how you look at the current situation right now and make sure to comment over at my new journal comment section so my viewers and others who care about can see your point of view on the subject^^