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1/1/17 :
jerrtato - FazFoxy - xXSoft-SilenceXx



I realise a lot of people don't know what a Mary Sue actually is.
What's your idea of a Mary Sue? I bet a lot of people's ideas of it are "Overcoloured, bright character shipped with canon character +canon character usually highly overrated", no comment about that.

Here is what a Mary Sue actually is…

+Not by me, thanks for reading.


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Hoi, my name is Jordan and i love to  draw mlp, fn
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Okay lets do this, i love drawing and gaming i have a youtube aswell, my name is Jordan. ponies/hybrids are my specialality, and, well, i cant spell very good ;). I am crazy to other people but, dare to be square my lovlies. I do fan art alot and i have many ocs try not to get confused. thats it for now my Jazzers and have a blasting day! :D. If your wonder what gender i am then, if your smart you can figure it out. (Note me with ur guess)

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