Encaphelon Keepers Errand Number 1: Censorship

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"Today is truly a beautiful morning, children are playing, the sun is shining...
Oh, and the town was destroyed yesterday. Fun times that. Except when it wasn't.

But, of course, art continues, and there are so many canvases to use..."


In another corner of the city, on the same beautiful morning, the newly made Encaphelon Keepers were encountering a problem.

They. Cannot. Art.

As a result of this, they were at a loss on how to complete this errand, as their attempts to censor and replace rude messages instead looked reminiscent of a dying Pikachu attempting to paint with a single arm with all of it's fingers removed. Whilst drunk. And on multiple hallucinogenic substances.

It's a bit of a wonder that a pokemon with careful and precise psychic powers, and a pokemon that can transform into any other, Smeargle included, could actually be this bad at art, perhaps, Kantero thought, he should look into this when they return to the guild.

Luckily, there were many other teams around to help them, so there weren't many places that needed to be desecrated by them.

It was during one such... "correction" that Treska caught sight of the tip of a brush disappearing down an alleyway. "Kantero, stay there, I think I may have seen one of the perpetrators!" Kantero simply nods in response as the Ditto then gives chase.

It was then that the Treska saw it.

At the dead end of the alleyway was a beautiful mural that spread across the three walls. On this mural depicted the battle against the golem that had occured such a short time before, and on the center wall depicted the heroes triumphantly halting it's rampage.

It was then that Treska looked at the left wall, and on it he saw the ruins of properties destroyed. Of homeowners and families staring with glazed eyes as their livelihoods and everything they had worked to build in this fog had been destroyed, ruining all that they remembered and cherished about their possessions and homes.

He then looked to the wall on the right, and saw the injured. People with broken arms, legs, spines. He saw a few gravestones in the background, showing those who didn't make it. It was a sobering thought, seeing the fatalities and casualties, both physically and emotionally, laid out before him. And he suddenly realised just how easy his job really was.

He then jolted with a start, as the Smeargle's brush tapped him on the head.

"Do you think you could move over for a second? I need to come through."

"Oh, um... sorry." Treska stepped aside, allowing the Smeargle to come past and add a few finishing touches as he quickly, yet precisely, continues his mural, as he does so, the Ditto notices that on certain areas, faint outlines of words can be seen - it seems the Smeargle is painting over some of the graffiti, replacing it with the expansive image. "So are you doing this as an errand for a guild?"

The Smeargle turned and looked Treska in the eye. "Why would I join a guild? That merely gets in the way of time better spent. Time is art, after all."

"Oh, i'm sorry for assuming... it's a nice piece though." Treska replied quietly, slightly embrassed, as odd as that may be.

The Smeargle smiled at that. "Thank you... but don't you need to contribute to the errand yourself? And before you ask, I can tell by the logo, not sure what went through your mind when you made it though."

"Oh yeah! See you some other time!" Treska replied, running back off to find Kantero again, who had long finished... "editing" the graffiti, and was now waiting for Treska to return.

"Something the matter?" Kantero asked, expressionless as always.

"Turned out it was nothing, thanks for finishing the rest of the errand." Kantero nodded at this response as the two went to collect their reward.
Client: Luke
Errand no: #1

Date Issued: 14th April 2014
Date Due: 17th April 2014
Date Completed: 15th April 2014
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