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Yes, I Have A Penis

Do not assume (if I hold the door for you),
that I am making a statement
about your inabilities
to open the door for yourself.
If you hold it for me,
I'll say 'thankyou'.

Do not assume (if I pay for the meal),
that I am underestimating
your earning capacity
as a woman.
If you invite me out for a meal,
you're paying.

Do not assume (if I defend your rights),
that I am belittling
the attempts that you have made
to defend your rights yourself.
If you defend my rights,
I'll consider you human.
Inspired by my female tutor, who told me that, as a male, I had no place arguing in favour of women's rights.
© 2006 - 2020 Superiorflowerpower
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metalflame13Hobbyist General Artist
You're tutor has no place telling you you have no place arguing for anybody's rights !
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CainCrow35Hobbyist Artist
Nice poem. But you're screaming into a heartless void.
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Zer0growthHobbyist Writer
I swear to god I found so many nice guys in the same place
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That's why you fight for their rites anonymously duh
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When I was younger, at work, I held a door for a woman that had one hand full.  As I opened it she said something to the effect that she was capable of opening the door for herself.
I immediately cut in front and pulled the door shut behind.
I assume that at some point the war on men will evolve to this.

I'm all for women being independent, working, etc.  I am not so much for the perspective that men are somehow historically behind a grand conspiracy to hold women down.  It interests me how the push for women to assume jobs 'historically' held by men has sprouted only as those jobs have become increasingly less risky of life and limb.  It interests me more how the mentality of keeping women out of jobs such as coal mining, soldiering, heavy labor, etc. is seen as somehow holding women back rather than caring about women's well being.  Currently women live longer than men on average.  Let's see how that plays out as more traditional men's roles are filled by women.  Let's see if progressive generations of women disabuse themselves of the notion of 'having it all', because men 'traditionally' grew up with no such illusion.  They worked and provided and they watched their children grow, largely as strangers, because of this.  The current narrative would have people believe that men did this because they do not care about children, family, whatever was outside their career and the male power base.  Oddly the majority of male's historical experience with power has been as it's base...holding up and building the artifices of power for those few at the top.  Yes, the few mainly male at the top, but that hardly matters when you look at the 'glass ceiling' that has existed for millennia for the rest of males (i.e., those not born into power or wealth).

Frankly, the greatest power one can have is control over the shaping of future generations...that's why the State is always so eager to gain that control...and it is one willingly being handed off by women and the men who follow them.  Then again, you know, the 'traditional patriarchy' didn't have the best of intentions toward women as today's feminist leaders do.  No, the old patriarchy was not as altruistic and enlightened toward all as the new Masters...errr, Mistresses...Missus'...female leaders show themselves to be.  As far as a revolution the feminist one has been particularly unbloody.  It's almost as if males, 99% of whom were raised by females, were preconditioned to do as instructed by the women in their lives.  It's all very odd to say the least.
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APoeticVampireHobbyist General Artist
Remember when being nice to people was just being nice, and it wasn't seen as passive-aggressive attacks by passive-aggressive people?
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AluxandroTheEnglishHobbyist General Artist
That's what I say.
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Weird-and-UniqueStudent General Artist
I completely agree with this! As a female, I only take offense when people do this because they have told me they believed I couldn't do it on my own. Otherwise, these are just kind gestures. I hold open a door for men and women, and I'll pay for whoever I want to pay for. I would still do that if I was a man. It's only sexist if a person says that another person can't do something because of their gender. These, however, are just thoughtful gestures. I love the ending. Nice job! :)
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I appreciate when a woman holds a door for me as a gesture of politeness and I enjoy doing the same for them.  Mutual respect for our differences and for our more numerous commonalities along with helping each other as we can is the basis for peace between the sexes.
Weird-and-Unique's avatar
Weird-and-UniqueStudent General Artist
Exactly. I completely agree.
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Randomnessgirl101Hobbyist Photographer
<3 Agreed.
Weird-and-Unique's avatar
Weird-and-UniqueStudent General Artist
Noice so true👍
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MascaraMoradaHobbyist General Artist
Thank you, we are all people in our rights, we just need to be careful to not assume but look at the bigger picture of attaining true equality and ending division.
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EichuRattyHobbyist General Artist
<3 Love this!
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"as a male, I had no place arguing......" 

*eats a snickers bar*
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GrampyDurendinHobbyist Writer
Damn Straight!
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The problem is always in the perception of things. People who think you are something tend to see nothing else unless they open their eyes and mind enough to separate belief from knowledge.

Nice poem, by the way.
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Hey! I have one of those too!
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Agamemnon69Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You should post the link to this on tumblr. Y'know... to star a flame war. But I jest, this is a really good poem. No one could've said it better.
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Well said.
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strangely now i feel the impulse to CUT your penis... but don't worry... i'm inoffensive ^_______^
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Thank you,
We all are humans, that's the real equality.
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