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Them's Fightin Herds OC Extras by SuperHurricane Them's Fightin Herds OC Extras by SuperHurricane
Something unique I made....mostly OCs for Them's Fighting Herds now that it's out. And yes, I know I can't draw a donkey's face that well. Can you guess what they're based off of? More to come later.

Harmonica the Donkey- Legend speaks of the one who fought for the poor burro clans, the one who broke up gangs and ended senseless feuds in the southern lands. Though she may have a whiff of high culture being from a upper class family, she is a stubborn donkey who refuses to back down when her back is against the wall, as she plans to take back the streets of her homeland from shady crooks and dealers who seek to use it’s resources for their own end. In the shadow of the night, she becomes a bard of justice, bringing gentle, smoothing music to many with her ridiculously heavy tungsten-steel reinforced double bass, which she pays with her tail, awhile using it to clobber her foes. Especially with the pike at the end to jab and thrust like a saber, awhile using her back hooves to launch herself like a missile, spinning the heavy instrument in her mouth to plummel a foe repeatedly, along with air blades her instrument can project when swinging like a bat. She can also play it to boost her super meter, or to increase the power of her attacks, especially when she thrusts it awhile spinning it forward to create a large vacuum of air that rapidly cuts anything it comes in contact with. Though her super can create a reverse twister drill that sucks her opponent in awhile she is playing, cutting them several times before she turns around and double kicks them across the stage with heavy force. When CJ Rappa and her get together though, they can make even the harshest of predators fall to their knees in pure bliss once their song of water and wind is heard. 

CJ Rappa the Kelpie: The champion of the Kelpies, she just wants to hang back, chill out and spin some wicked tunes which entrance and motivate herself and others to do her best. They’re not very keen on longma though, but she treats everyone fairly over all. In a way, she’s a mega popular pop star in her realm, capable of using hydrokinesis to form a protective water bubble around her to float around in on land to go on tours. That bubble allows her to propel her body like a missile, with her tail as a propeller and her back fin as a sail, allowing mid-air strikes and various combos by firing off explosive bubbles that pop with loud sound waves. Her fighting style relies on her focus not being broken, as a single super attack could temporarily pop her water bubble leaving her defenseless, though she can wield her song into her patented Bassooka instrument, which blows her foes away with awe-some sonic force. Most of all, she can cast a mosh pit of several rounds of flying fish enveloped in water streams to pop out of the  ground diagonally where she is looking, striking her foe multiple times just as she hits a high chord with her Bassooka, sending them flying horizontally with a powerful musical shockwave.

The Trihoof Marauders (‘’Nevada’ Sierra , Shang Li, Silk)- Sharing a specialized suit amongst themselves, it’s hard to tell who is wearing it save for the tell-tale part of the head, as they have roughly the same body size and shape. Passed on in selection, they all ailed to qualify but got together by chance to realize they were compatible fighters, then decided to enter the competition by bribing a easily swayed judge to get in.  They can call on each other to fill in, but share the damage meter 1/3 for each like the predators, using a smoke bomb to switch places. Sierra is the level headed calf who along with her smoke bombs, practices heel-type wrestling maneuvers and has steel-like horseshoes on her feet to slam a opponent with devastating force to cause shockwaves along the ground, though she can’t break the ground like Arizona, as well as rapidly jab multiple times in one blow. Silk is a young reindeer who practices reinforcing ice magic on her hooves and antlers to create sharp weapons, or just unleash a small scale temporary blinding blizzard of snow that comes from her horns. Shang is the hothead male who feels he was left out on purpose due to the fact he can’t muster wings, but seems to have propane torch-like kicks and thrusts to engulf a foe in flames, not to mention his flame burst is a tad more larger but doesn’t do as much damage. Their signature move is when a smoke bomb covers the area, in which Sierra dashes in to  backwards double-kick to the chest to send a foe upward with explosive force, followed by Shang and Silk coming from both sides of the sky to cross-kick with both fire and ice to strike the opponent and vanish back off-stage. If the opponent faints by then, then a imaginary explosion engulfs the foe as the Marauders pose in a epic fashion.  

Kusinut the Buffalo – A good friend of Arizona, and champion of the buffalo, he was saved by her when a bunch of rustlers tried to over-run his tribe’s territory. Unfortunately, despite his large mass and thick muscles, he has a very sensitive skull due to a hairline fracture. Hitting it too many times would cause a serious concussion of sorts. One that Arizona’s father had crafted a special helmet to keep it safe, in which he and Arizona swore a blood pact with their hooves to show that if either one was in trouble, they’d make time to help with the issue. Skilled in ramming, headbutting and spiraling slams, he also gets stronger with each blow he is dealt and may even plowdrive a foe into the ground with explosive force. Especially when he can basically accelerate into a fast-moving freight train of solid muscle that will trample anything in his wake before smashing it upwards with his head.

Caltrop the Jackalope – Long ago, this mythic race was hunted for it’s antlers, as it is said they cause dusty, dry soil to turn fertile. Of course, that wasn’t true because Caltrop is just that good at farming, but was encased by a reindeer centuries ago and was freed when Tianhuo accidently shattered it during a match. Mischievous, cunning and sneaky, he can cut tears into the air or ground to short-range portal, or use them to launch waves of dirt he digs rapidly into them, as they acts as a pocket dimension to store dirt and food in. He carries around a backpack of gardening tools that can deal decent damage as well, and with a swipe of his trowel can make the ground into slippery mud for his foes to fall in, then solidify it, temporarily allowing him to stomp on their heads repeatedly with a chuckle. He also seems to have a thing for hanging around Pom, as she saved him from Big Papa as he was caught trespassing on his turf. 

Chilli the Guanaco, a stern proud equine from a mountain clan close to Paprika’s clan, though she chose to represent their firm values in the way of the unmovable force. It is said as she was growing up, tilling soil and punching tunnels with her bare hooves through the mountains, Paprika joyfully came up by her and hugged her from behind, ending up with the two sharing a pact of companionship. Of course, the rest of the Gaunacos, being glum and boorish, weren’t into the Alpaca’s antics so they met in secret for certain adventures. With her jackhammer hooves and her stoic, relentless attitude in the competition, her main quality is her unyielding form of taking even the hardest of blows  without flinching or reeling back due to Paprika’s surprise hug pounces. But most of all, she wields a heavy rubber ball with a small rock of the mountain she and Paprika met embedded inside of it, which she uses a combination of Capoeira and Olamaliztli (aka Aztec Soccer Style) to hit her opponents with explosive force. Especially when she can headbutt the ball so hard that it ricochets with her foe multiple times across the screen before she jumps into the air to deliver a spinning cockscrew kick to slam the ball with her foe into the ground.

Jinks the Giraffe –Don’t worry, this giraffe isn’t drunk, she’s just confused, extra sleepy and a bit unbalanced in her sleepwalking combat style. In a way, her herd send her as their Key Holder just to keep her safe from everyone else, given her constant tripping, stomping and crashing into things by accident, wrecking everything she comes across awhile snoring passively. And who can blame her, given she sleepwalks due to her 3 young calves keeping her up most nights. In a way, she just wants to prove herself, and with her long, binding neck and her sharp, dagger-like kicks, she may just do that. Her special attack causes her to sweep a side of the field with a flurry of spearhead thrusts to slam a foe with her horns, before toppling over like a coconut tree to slam her long neck down with heavy force.
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