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Them's Fightin Herds OC Extras 2 by SuperHurricane Them's Fightin Herds OC Extras 2 by SuperHurricane
Valiant the Topi – Fearless, headstrong and brave, the Topi stand at the peak of sheer masculinity amongst the other herds, especially those who serve in the Equus Order, the very elite of all equines, all of them armored and trained to act at a moment’s notice to handle problems no one else can handle on their own. Valiant is one such Topi, a wonder of sheer willpower encased in heavy, bulky armor ready to burst out. Though he is a gentleman at heart, he will fight to the best of his ability with his earth-splitting Axe Kicks, razor-sharp Dagger Hoof Thrusts, his helmet-powered Mace Headbutts, Spear Tail Whips, and his favorite, the knee-armored Guillotine dual chop. To put it simply, he does a lot of image training, focusing his limbs and parts of his body into weapons, even if the armor is discarded when struck by a opponent’s attack. The more armor that falls off, the faster and stronger his attacks become, until his full body is exposed, with all the scars he had endured training himself to be the strongest.

His super is known as the Divine Ballista, launching towards his opponent with his hooves cupping each other as he rapidly spins his massive form in place, slamming the majority of his bulk into his foe similar to Arizona’s super tackle, followed by a sudden barrage of horizontal hoof thrusts that he rapidly fires off upon contact with the target in Lv 2, dealing multiple hits per second. He has a strong kinship with Oleander, as she is among the few who really gets his troubled and lonely past, as he was dropped on the Order’s doorstep as a foal long ago.

Blink the Gazelle –Even amongst the hardest of heads, the power of empathy is strong amongst the Gazelles as they collide their heads together to share their feelings. Blink, on the other hand, had been raised from the get-go to be a spiritual shamare, kept away from others as to keep to a constant state of studying and preparation, which in turn acted out rude and condescending to her peers. Her mentor, sensing that her anger was affecting the mindscape of the villagers, affixed a talisman around her neck that is irremovable. For it would allow her to use her raw emotional power as a mental shield of psychic energy, though becoming angry or cruel would weaken her attack strength.

As such, she can close the distance quickly with solid projections of her body, increasing the size of her ‘limbs’ or ‘head’ to deal more damage, but cannot do more than 6 attacks at a time otherwise she will take serious damage during a longer combo. She can even launch a large version of her head to crash into a foe and headbutt it upwards, followed by several more  if she’s in the air. Likewise, attacks can still land on her despite the psychic shell around her body, but will be reduced in damage unless she loses concentration when hit with a super…breaking the barriers temporarily for 5 to 10 seconds. Her super allows her to turn all the pain she has taken and release all the mental emotions into a extra large gazelle head to thrust into her foe like a missile with heavy impact, then in Lv 2, rotates forward to rapidly headbutt and horn smash like a pinwheel for several seconds. Though she’ll be completely defenseless upon firing the attack, and may take extra damage if the opponent lands a super against her own in a direct clash.

Mageia the Thestral - It is said the first spark of light came from the unicorns. However, the Thestrals beg to differ, as they claimed one of their own came across a burning tree branch after a thunderstorm, and shared it with others to create a natural fire. Mageia, being one of the lorekeepers, became bored with keeping the history of her kind, as they slept upside-down most of the day and fed small doses of blood at night, using illusions and mental suggestion to keep their victims calm and relaxed during feeding. During which, she came upon a young buck who invented a powdery substance that could blow up boulders with ease, in which she erased his memory but kept the formula for her own ends. Of course, in remaking the formula, many experiments took place in which her thestral blood allowed her to self-regenerate if a sudden explosion occurred, patching up damaged limbs and burnt skin.

Of course, many were opposed to the loud noise but allowed her to do her experiments in a isolated cavern until she completed her masterpiece of a dynamite gauntlet (similar to the one Rinko Jerrard used in the Law of Ueki manga). One for each hoof, capable of hitting with powerful force (which looks like a spiraling column of glittering powder), or discharging burning smoke to disorient a person. Full of her own pride and ambition, she decided to take the role of the key holder (as her kind were somewhat lazy to do random fights during the daytime), by training her willpower and resolve to stay alert and awake. Combing the gauntlets with her temporary hypnosis, casting illusions of herself, gliding and allowing herself to pop out of a opponent’s shadow to attack from behind with her fangs and spiked tail. In fact, When she unleashes her Nocturne Climax, she slams the gauntlets into the ground (though the move takes 3 seconds to activate), which erupts beneath them both damaging her slightly in the process as a series of horizontal rocket explosions rock the field, followed by her suddenly vanishing and reappearing to do a diving double-explosive kick her foe to the ground in Lv 2.

Mirage the okapi  - Among the okapi, there were those who served at the right-hand of their king, the fearless yet hidden bodyguards who fearlessly took a spear to the floof in loyalty to the royal family. Mirage was born into the trade, just like her mother and her grandmother, training her fighting style to move stealthily, to never make a sound, to be the shadow of the one she was assigned to. But it was not the king as she once hoped, but a fellow Key Holder, as the okapi were allied to the Bontebok as a contract millennia old bonded them for security and protection. Posing as a Key Holder herself, she kept a close eye on her target without getting too close until Mudra came across her weakness of sweet gum, offering one to show how grateful she was to have someone she would relate to. Mirage was taken back, accepting the gift, and swore in secret that even if she and Mudra were the very last in the competition, that at the very least she will perform her duties to the fullest to make her happy. Practiced in engolo, the Angola-based leg kicking style, she uses her kicks in stride like a top, twisting and spinning to keep her opponent off-balanced as she sets up hidden traps along the field, like snares, small explosives, small pitfalls, blow darts, caltrops, etc….awhile she casually avoids setting them off or touching them.  And finally, she can do something rather tricky as she can bring out a rather large blanket that she throws onto both her and her foe, which is reflective of its surroundings to camouflage her actions as she proceeds to secretly beat the tar of her foe with specialized submission moves, then in Lv 2, grabs the edges of cloak to enclose around and bag her foe, then grabs it with her mouth and lifts it over to slam the bag left and right multiple times before releasing.

Mudra the Bontebok,- If you can’t beat them, ‘join’ them, that is Mudra’s motto the moment she came across a Huggles trying to hurt a antelope on the normal route she took for water gathering. It took less than a minute to efficiently and brutally bash and tear the bear into a smoky ruin, but she kept up the fury of heavy blows until her entire herd held her back. So far gone was she, that she never noticed the paws of the predator engulf her hooves and bind partially to her fur, until she realized to her amazement that she was walking upright amongst her clan. Being of a fierce warrior herd, she specializes in tracking down and grappling dangerous targets she deems dangerous to the public, as the bear paws, after several months, have been efficiently tamed thanks to a special shaman remedy. To put it simply, she has the strength of a bear, and the agility of a bontebok, making her well-rounded for the most part, especially since she can temporarily walk on her hind legs to perform the ancient martial art boxing techniques known as ‘damben gasar’.

Techniques that allow her to elongate or stretch the paws outward to smash a opponent, encircle around a opponent to bind it or press them on the ground to cause multiple bear paws to strike from below a foe’s hooves. Or she could ‘curve’ the paw before shoulder-ramming a foe  in order to guard her face, or flick it to launch a shadowy apparition of a bear head that deals moderate damage on impact. Though she can only stand upright for a small amount of time, she can also elongate the length of her legs to gain a height advantage to stomp/kick/trample a foe when on all fours.

She prefers to play music on her downtime, singing songs passed down from her ancestors as to pass the time, though she was against being sent outright to be a Key Holder since there was no telling if she would lose control of the bear spirit. Her ultimate attack allows her to allow the Huggles partial control, increasing the size and power of the paws to that of a full-grown grizzy, as she rapidly assaults the opponent with a full-out, multi-hit, close range cross claw barrage similar to Wolverine’s Berzerker Rush, followed by a explosive uppercut to set her foe upwards to set up two rather large bear paws on either side to smash together in a powerful clap before disappearing back to her regular paws in Level 2. So yeah, she’s kinda a mix between Wolverine and Dhalsim with a touch of Rocky Balboa.

Skye the Springbok-  There is a saying, that in a land of idiots, a leader must rise to the challenge of keeping them from falling off the nearby cliff. This peculiar leader was born with perfect memory, to analyze everything with a calm mind and a focused precison in her fighting style. However, no one truly accepted her wisdom in her village, as they just wanted to pronk and gallop freely, bashing heads along the line, save one who truly wanted to be with her. Until tragedy struck during one of their casual frolics, the friend twisted his back hoof and was bedridden, and she was cast out by the angry townsfolk as a result.  Saddened that even her own parents cast her aside, she swore revenge and began to travel the world, visiting the various herds and slowly picked up new moves the species can do in various ways, but she wasn’t content until she came across the hidden forest of unicorns by chance. There, by simply observing their leader, she slowly gained the raw potential of creating and containing light in her horns and pronked away in a hurry to avoid being detected.

Now armed with the spinning kicks of the Longma, the speedy exit and reappearance of the Alpaca, the ability of summoning and controlling allies (as she can defy gravity for several seconds when in the air), the ability to shatter the ground with explosive force from the cattle and the ability of levitating the rocks like waves of spikes like a deer, she plans to use the power of light to bring true divinity upon the rest of the world, such as large lasers, solid holograms, firing light waves from above, or just moving extra fast in her super move. A move that basically involves locking her horns in a tight embrace around the foe, leaping super high above the ground, then in a burst of super speed performs a Vertical suplex piledriver with her opponent hitting the ground face-first. She feels a strong bond with Oleander though, as she fears the light may one day consume her.

Lady Husk the Undead Stag- Long ago, the Stags were a proud race who flourished once their natural predators left their territory, as they devoted most of their day to crafting and building walls, monuments, houses and roads, and at night, threw the most epic bashes in toga attire with the money they gained. Their glorious and beautiful leader, Lady Husk, made sure everyone was happy by keeping the wine flowing, the love blooming, and the networking ever-growing so they could keep making progress. But then the dry season came, and continued in their land for the next few years due to a massive drought, and the land with all it’s clay material and fertile grass turned barren.

Angry, upset and sick of having parties every night when their business connections broke ties from lack of production, the stags grew hungry and restless until one of their own fell dead from starvation. Husk, also hungry as the grass surplus had been reduced severely, put out a vote amongst her people…to have the stag, big and cubby as he was, to be sacrificed for the greater good until she could work out a better plan of traveling to a better location once everyone got their strength back up. And so they took even portions, unaware a powerful unicorn was watching them from afar, disgusted and grossed out. He brought his findings to a old friend, skilled in the way of curses, who applied one to the entire herd….a curse of immortality.

But not one of youth or beauty, the Stags, once they started to move realized they could feel no pain, could not age, that weapons would not harm them, and that they could no longer taste food or wine, nor feel the pleasure of love as they partied. Only as the centuries went by in a flash, did parts of their bodies decay and fall off, only for them to try to reapply it or give up doing so over time, their majestic long antlers blackened and covered in toxins. In fact, even as they roamed from place to place, the poisonous film covered their bodies which made it hard to chat with others, forcing them to hide from angry mobs who felt the stags were responsible for corrupting their water supplies and ruining their crops.  The stag’s hearts became twisted and rotten, as their appetites for dead bodies grew (though part of the curse prevented them from killing another equine to turn them into food), and Lady Stag was the most vile of them all with her schemes of punishing everyone who dared to defy their annexation. Now, with the tournament, she sees a opportunity to find a cure for her rapidly increasing kind, as they could still have kids who also can’t die, and will do anything to win.

To be blunt, besides her deadly horn rush that can ensnare and juggle a foe, her entire body is as light as a feather yet can be heavy when she wills it, allowing her to recover quickly when smacked around. Which is odd given the flesh folds of her backside which hovering look like shredded wings. Worse, she can summon small stags to come crashing down to crash into a foe and dug underground, have them reach from below to grab a foe’s hooves so she can hit them with her own. At certain times, she can create miasma around her hooves and antlers, in which over time can slowly poison a opponent or weaken speed or defense depending on the attack used. Her body is extra flexible as well, allowing her to be multi-jointed in Her Tombstone Rush allows her to crash to a foe, smash it upward, jump higher in a powerful leap and twist in mid-air to catch the foe in her antlers, then spin rapidly in a cockscrew dive to smash them both into the ground with heavy force, then Lv 2 adds a extra dose of poison into the mix.  

Gare the Nyala- none have seen the Swirl Seamstress and lived to tell the tale. For it is said she brings the most hardest of foes by charming them with her calm smile then striking their pressure points to seal their movements temporarily. Claiming to be guided by the red string of fate, she works as a tailor by day, bounty hunter at night. She once worked under a cruel, vile boss of a Sable, who worked for the local mafia in her spare time, and secretly dispatched them one by one as they were guilty of stealing the designs of various clothing shops that her boss wanted to display as her own. Once dispatching her boss in person, she used the funds to fund her own store. Nimble, swift and dangerous, she can make her opponent swoon for her in a flash with her gleaming jujutsu throws and  spiraling hoove techniques that can pierce a rhino hide to smash it inward like tissue paper (as male nyala have long spiral horns, she has none, so she found a way to replicate a fighting move around it). And of course, she can bind a foe’s hooves to limit their hoofwork movement, with her diamond tether stitching. She was enlisted as a key holder by sheer coincidence though, as elected in a city-wide lottery, as she has the highest rate of luck amongst her kind in terms of dodging and ramming to avoid serious injuries. She seems to have a bit of a crush on Velvet and wishes her to model certain outfits…as per the norm in animal society since many equines don’t care about gender. And of course, her Glamorous Knot will put a foe in a cocoon of threads to bind it, then with a swift uppercut kick to send the opponent upwards, untangles it but leaves her foe dizzy for a few seconds so she can follow up with a double hoove spiral press, drilling into the equine to send it flying head over hooves in a spinning motion.  
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