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PMDU Task 1-1 Stump Tracking



And here's basically the first of two tasks. I'd do the ninja task, but unfortunately both of my characters are not known to be super fast or agile. Anyways, my characters are visiting the local woodsmith as well as a specialist in furniture-making. And he offered a wagon to carry the wood, given that Kyra's rather strong to carry it all and can't get tired. Sadly, my scanner cut off some of the words. Once I get the regular paper I drew this, I'll fill in what was said.

And yes, no insects or trees were harmed by them, earning a merit of sorts. Shad's INT made it so all the pratfalls were avoided, and they were basically lost in the forest for 3 hours finding dud stumps tiil the real one was found. Also, Shad fired a Solar Beam off screen to let the scout know the stump was found, and thus gained the ocarina for his efforts.


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