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PMDU Errand 2-Garbage Egg Sandwiches!



Client: Sundance
Errand no: #2

Date Issued: 23rd April 2014
Date Due: 27th April 2014

Kyra: Given that our debut was a bit flashy, we at Team Recyclers have only the finest ingredients to create the perfect omelet meals. Heck, our diner provides a ton of bonus income, ain't that right?

Shad: (flips a egg burger off the grill) I suppose. You be the waitress and I cook, seems fair. Still wish I could taste some of this...(drips acid on the floor out of starvation)

Kyra: (smirks, getting out a pen and a notepad from her mouth) Yep, with a bit of sausage, ham, ghost peppers, mushrooms, and so on, we have made the perfect meal to sell at the festival. So what can I get for ya all?

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Ghost peppers. So spicy you'll still be feeling the burn in the afterlife.

Also, please be sure to add the bolded errand information from the group page to your description, as well as the link to your team's official application.