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After a bit of looking around on waste management, I have decided to just chuck it and stick to something more practical for the big fight in the Toxic Quagmire area. So now all of that has been done, I can focus on the Creeping Plains and then Sky Isles. But of course, I have also introduced NPCs for the Brawlhalla region, save for the main boss (which is coming). I am also hard at work making new tasks/rescue missions for different regions as well. The Ninja Class is also now available if you reach that region and pass the test. Also, a hardy welcome to all our newcomers and watchers. Hoping that you are doing okay. If you have any concerns or questions, either ask me or check the FAQ page. Feel free to try out the 'game' at any time by making a written or drawn profile and start off in the Unitea Island folder.
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The Bounty and Task board has now been uploaded, though it'd take a bit for me to come up with stuff everyone can work on. Keep in mind, what is in the board will be for legends, crooks and neutrals individually. I have also uploaded 3 new territories, the Land of Cages where flying types fear a savage Shadow Lugia, the Toxic Quagmire where you will be hunted by bounty hunters in a smog-filled swamp, and the Creeping Plains where you have to unite the 4 Insect Kingdoms against a Borg-level Genesect Threat. Given this is a 19 part story, I have many more areas to work on, so look forward to it. I do, however, hope some of you will take part soon, or maybe offer some advice or assistance. Even making a better application helps since my Paint skills are lousy. Besides that, I have made a couple new shops, including a new shop that not only sells Megastones, but also Ability Costumes. Like a Emolga suit that allows you to guide, or a Gigalith costume that allows you to take heavy
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To my watchers, I have finally gotten all the pieces together to make a one of a kind PMD group that is self-sustainable without deadlines, comics or cinematic stuff that normally people will have wait months for the next part. Basically, a true adventure PMD art game that allows you to be the best you can be, with a special ability/cheat to help you along the way. I am currently looking for moderators and artists to help me run it. Please assist in spreading the word about it as well. Here is the link:
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Thanks for the favorite!

First off, thank you very much for you favorite so take a llama. Second, this Beyond Isekai sounds very cool, but what is it exactly is it? Is there a page where I can be informed about it? I could join if I really know what this is.

It is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Storytelling Group, much like Rival Gates or PMD Starfall or GoodMorning-Guild. But unlike them, it adheres to the setting that you are a human in a Pokemon's body, summoned by the interdimensional powers of Jirachi, Mew, Klekfi and Unown, and then with Mewtwo's help, your very soul turned into a Pokemon. Hence the Isekai part, only you then get the choice to keep both normal abilities our your hidden one, as well as to select any move from the move pool of the Pokemon you've become (save for TMs/HMs you can acquire later).

Think of this as the greatest test course, a island the size of Africa separated by 12 massive inescapable walls, 5 smaller islands, and a gigantic tower in the center where the Fairy Folk live at the top. To put it simply, Arceus from a certain movie not only judgemented the Aura Guardian and the guy controlling the Heatran, but also targeted every last human on the planet (awhile freeing his brethen). Then left them to rebuild civilization from the ashes, appointing the Legendaries to assist however they could. Millenniums later, he revisited only to see tears in the sky followed by a onslaught of thousands of low ranked Shadow Pokemon and Ultra Beasts led by a cruel Necrozyma known as Emperor Nocturne. The two clashed head-on, but due to lack of battle experience, was defeated and exiled to Exclave Island, a place where sole elements are considered nobility and dual elements are commoner status.

Worried about Arceus's state, the 17 Governors (Totem Pokemon of each element) called upon Mewtwo and Jirachi to call upon a hero in their time in need, summoning forth a Riolu who soon evolved and clashed against the darkness to free countless Pokemon (since causing shadow pokemon to faint along with a Celebi pokeflute cures them), gathering a team known as the Sunblank foundation to fight the Ultra Beast alliance known as the Bloodmoon Society. Then one night as the group partied to celebrate a victory with Arceus, Darkrai took over the mind of his rival to send Arceus into a perpetual state of realistic lucid nightmare, where he was permanently cast into a metal state. Angered by this, the Sunblank Foundation headed to Darkrai's residence, the Darkland Prisons...and were never heard from again.

3 years later after the walls were brought up by the king of Fairy Types, the recently appointed Totem Ditto assembled a crack team of summoners under the governor's noses to summon a new hero to retrieve the former one as well as regather all the Plates each Governor had been tasked to hold onto. (however, due to Necroyzma's taint infecting Darkrai, the Plates have poisoned most of the weilder's minds and caused their individual reguions to become dangerous dungeons (like a small forest becoming a hazardous jungle with snake-like vines). Only by defeating the Plate Holder can each plate be purified.) However, all that extra summoning power backfired, as not just one, but several hundred former humans became pokemon on the small island known as Unitea. And given this is a 19 arc thing, in which I've done 8 or so so far, there are no deadlines for missions/events/tasks/bounties.

It also will give your characters upgrades like TMs/HMs, special armor/gear/weapons that the HM/TMs can merge with, Ability Costumes that allow stuff like underwater breathing or walking on hot surfaces, areas to evolve, unlimited friend zones (as long as you have the money to pay for recruitment forms (if you knock out a Pokemon, they become your friend after with a form, even if they are a Legendary) which are cheap), Z-Moves, Mega Evolution, Dynamax, houses, hoverboards/mechs/air balloons/caravans depending on which faction of the Calamitea Guild you choose, a retrieval service if your entire team faints, a reliable partner locally born on Unitea Island that you can pick moves/abilities for, and so much more. If you have any questions, concerns or criticism, let me know. I am also looking for moderators.

"Oh heroes from another world, please save us from destruction!"

Link below:

PMDBeyondIsekai | DeviantArt

Alright, you won me over. I don't know how often I'll upload to your group, but I love PMD, and will do a lot of things to make sure the fans of it keep going with their ideas. You've done a good job, keep it up.

And of course, if you have ideas or suggestions for missions/tasks/npcs/bounties, etc, just put it in the suggestions box and it'd be added in.

Sounds good, though as I said, there's no deadline. If you have friends who also like PMD, feel free to have them try it out as well since they can auto-join without a invite.

Thank you so much for the fav!! You are the absolute best :) also thanks for adding Prism and Ricky to the group! I am really kinda busy with their comic but on a break now and then i could have them take out a job!