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Recently, some people have been asking us if there was a possibility to become a contributor to this group. Unfortunately, there is no such rank here... But don't be sad, for we have an alternative: Supermembers!

Supermembers have some of the advantages that contributors in other groups have (like the ability to contribute artwork done by other people). But since this is a group about a character/world that is not quite known by everybody (yet), one would think we'd run out of submitting material pretty fast. So we decided to spice things up a bit.

To be a supermember, you have to show us your superhuman self, a kind of avatar/representation of yourself in the Supercrash world. But how can you prove you're worthy of the "Super" title? By filling this:

Superhumans Inc. Info Card by TheBourgyman

This is your admittance into the supermembers rank! Fill it according to the instructions (please read carefully the artists' comments), submit it to the group, and once it's approved, you're in!

But here's the interesting part: by being a supermember, your superhuman self also has the chance to appear as an extra (a minor, background character) in the Supercrash webcomic, whenever there is a huge amount of characters to showcase.

If you have any questions, just let us know by commenting here.

Thank you for reading!

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Sandman-Ivan's avatar
here is my update and re-entry

i also found the names of my powers =3
Geomancy and Sand Mimicry
Nepholim's avatar
Could I try and do it?
MonoSheep's avatar
Uh, I already did edit the character, is this correct one? [link] I already did change up a few mistakes. sorry
TheBourgyman's avatar
Yup, he has been added to the group!
MonoSheep's avatar
TheBourgyman's avatar
Yeah I knew beforehand, that was a typo...
ttnt's avatar
if we're not teenage anymore, can we be a superhuman ?
And also, are you speaking french ?( 'cause that would help here )
TheBourgyman's avatar
Ouais je parle français.

Pour l'âge, ça n'est pas un problème si tu n'es plus adolescent. Le personnage lui par contre doit l'être, alors tu pourrais tout simplement le rajeunir. ;)
ttnt's avatar
Donc faut changer l'âge, ok...
whoohoo! XD
cure de rajeunissement gratis alors!
merci beaucoup :D
Finalzidane-X's avatar
Awesome, it makes me wanna do mine. XD

As well Kenny.
TheBourgyman's avatar
DO IT! I'd like to see one from you. D:
mmm can i make two??
KnebulaNight's avatar
Kiru-pon262's avatar
Definitely doing it! I'll submit it within the day!
VortexQueen's avatar
What a great idea!! I'm definitely in! :D
NewbieGirlChibi's avatar
OK! I Will do It!!:D Hehe bourgy, great Idea... hehe and.. if you dont mind.. if you need more superheros in my comic.. i will be introducing my 3 Superhero Ocs... each One with EVERYTHING YOU NEED (age, height, supername, superpower, location And Other things) So Tell Me if you want Me To Link em (i will do it anyways hehe^^;)
TheBourgyman's avatar
Of course I don't mind you linking them here, that's what I was asking people in the first place. =P
NewbieGirlChibi's avatar
hehe.. want me to put em in your chart or Only with my stuffs?
TheBourgyman's avatar
YUp, send it to the club! You can only send to "Featured" anyway. I'll move it to "Supermembers" folder once it's in.
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