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Megatron, leader of the Decepticons (Transformers)

(English) Megatron, leader of the Decepticons ― The Transformers
In a mixed style inspired by G1, the video games WFC-FOC and art of Josh Nizzi for the live action Transformers movies of Paramount.

(Français) Mégatron, chef des Décepticons ― Les Transformers
Dans un style mélangé s'inspirant de la G1, des jeux vidéos WFC-FOC et de l'art de Josh Nizzi des films Transformers en prise de vue réel de Paramount.
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Really cool mixed designs from each series,  it feels well balanced and not overly detailed. I wonder what his alt mode would like look? ^_^ Anyway great work!
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Thank you very much for the good compliment on my drawing JP-V, very appreciated. :) (Smile) 

For the alt mode, since for me the main Decepticons must fly, I did imagine him as a plane as he was in TF the last knight movie, with the wing part of his foot and the cockpit on reverse side of his chest.
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You're very welcome superhomme, well deserved.

That makes perfect sense for his alt mode idea, I can imagine it already, thanks for answering that.
Again great job and look forward to the next!